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The Knight of Ardougne is found in the East Ardougne market place. Their maximum melee hit is 6. Most are found attempting to chase away thieves. They will protect all stalls from the silk stall and up.

Knights of Ardougne can be pickpocketed at level 55 Thieving, giving the player 50 coins and 84 Thieving experience. Failing to pickpocket will result in being hit for 3 damage. They are a good source of Thieving experience for player with 55 to 65 Thieving. After that, players should steal from Menaphites using a Maple blackjack.

A good strategy for thieving these knights is:

  1. Head to Ardougne marketplace.
  2. Attack a knight.
  3. Lure the knight into a house with stairs, there are several of these around the area.
  4. Close the door of the house once the knight is safely inside.
  5. Head up and down the stairs and equip any bow or crossbow but no arrows or bolts (This is to save you the convenience of having to run up and down the stairs each time you click "attack" instead of "pickpocket").
  6. Pickpocket the knight.

Note:It is advised not to stand on spot where there is only one possible exit route,as the knight can then not stand on the spot.




100% Drop

  • Bones

Other Drops

  • Clue Scroll 1 (Extremely Rare)


  • Knights of Ardougne wield steel longswords as was evidenced when the appearance of all longswords changed with an update on august 18th 2009

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