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Knife (ナイフ Naifu) is a common recurring weapon in the series. It is often the weakest weapon in the game, excluding some other weapons such as Excalipur, and is often the very first weapon of the Dagger subclass of weapons. Oftentimes, it is a character's starting weapon, and will provide no special bonuses whatsoever. It can usually be used by every character in the game.




Final Fantasy

Knife is the first weapon available to buy in Corneria, and can be used by everyone. It has an Attack of 5 and an Accuracy of 10.

Final Fantasy II

Knife is the first weapon that can be bought in Altair and Gatrea for 150 gil. It provides 3 Attack, 75% Accuracy, and 2% Evasion.

Final Fantasy III

Knife can be used by several classes, including Red Mage and Bard. It provides 8 Attack, and is Luneth's starting weapon.

Final Fantasy IV

Knife, formerly known as the Spoon, is the most powerful Throwing weapon in the game, inflicting an instant 9,999 damage to any target. Only one can be acquired in the game, and must be done before going to the Moon for the first time by going to the Sylph Cave, talking to Yang, then returning to Fabul and getting the Pan from Yang's Wife, then using the Pan on Yang and returning the Pan to Yang's Wife, who will then give the player this weapon.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Knife is the weakest dagger in the game, used by Rydia, Calca, Brina, and Ceodore. It has an Attack of 7, and is the default weapon for Calca and Brina, and can also be made in Kokkol's Forge by using 1 Kokkol Ore.

Final Fantasy V

Only one Knife exists in this game, being the starting weapon for Lenna. It has a mere Attack of 4.

Before Crisis -Final Fantasy VII-

Knife is the starting weapon for Knife (Female).

Final Fantasy XI

Knives are type of dagger. Unlike in other games, they typically have higher damage output than daggers of the same materials, but cannot be wielded by mages.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Knife is the weakest dagger in the game, boosting a mere +3 Attack.

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