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Marvin Aborca Sotelo (Born March 3, 1987) who usually goes by M.A. Sotelo or "Knife" Sotelo, he is better known by Knife, Knifer, or Knifey. He is an American gangster as well as a rapper, producer, occultist, writer, and record executive from East Los Angeles, California. He is also the only rapper of Filipino and Spaniard descent to be labeled under Chicano rap since the genre is mainly rappers of Mexican descent. Although his style is generally considered Chicano rap, his ambiguous ethnicity may have caused him to declaim the genre, preferring to style himself as a "Maravilla rapper" or "Greenlight rapper", in the Philippines he coined his music Chavacano rap since Filipino rap is heterogeneous, encompassing rap in languages such as Tagalog, Chavacano, Spanish and Ilocano, as well as English. Knife is considered by many to be a driving force in bringing back the Gangsta rap scene and is regarded as the first (LaVeyan) Satanic rapper in the world. He was a pioneer of New South rap and a crusader of Alternative music, being one of the first rappers to embrace an antisocial persona without explicit irony.




Knife's first songs were composed in 1999. Raised in Los Angeles, California, in the start of his career, he was on Triumphant Records as a guitarist of UrBin Chaos from East L.A. He then became a rap performer and was praised in Guerilla Underground. Knife at one point turned to turntablism after being inspired by the band Slipknot, after listening to Rage Against The Machine Knife wanted to start doing lead vocals and knew UrBin Chaos would hold him back, hence the solo career. An honorary member of Ruthless Propaganda, he called himself "Knife Dogg," rapping alongside Dirty Red and even doing a song with former Ruthless Records member Tairrie B.

That same year, Knife was featured on a single of Eazy-CPT's mixtape which instantly showcased the young rapper's talent, the song even featured the late Eazy-E. In 1999, he recorded and released his first self-titled album known as The Black Album, which became a good success within the genre, and featured his debut single "Full Clip." Knife is currently signed to ADP Records, notably popular among indie rap audiences, Knife became one of the label's premiere acts.

Style and technique

Known mostly for his flow rather than lyricism, Knife's style and technique can be described as complex yet dark and aggressive. His flow is sometimes interwoven at a high speed melodic pace or slow harmonic pace. He also tends to ride the beat that he's rapping over. Sometimes there are very few choruses separating his verses from one another. In the beginning, circa 1999 compilation album, Knife used a pseudo-Mexican patois delivery with his trademark style, though he rarely does this now. Knife's subject matter has both spiritual and occult undertones (e.g., "A Spartan In Wake," "Eastside Story," "Loyal 2 Da Game," and "Exodus"). At first, his subject matter was always exclusively about Maravilla, gang violence and smoking marijuana. Today, however, his subject matter includes other topics such as urban socio-political issues although Knife still raps about gang life and stays true to his style. Besides minor changes to subject matter and sound, his lyrical style, locution, and overall methodology remain intact.


On April 20, 1999, during an interview with Guerilla Underground of Los Angeles radio station KillRadio which airs every Monday PST from 12pm -2pm called "The Civil Disobedience Project", Knife announced his retirement from music. This was during the promotional period for his second album, 1999, and its lead single, "Are You Ready". The rapper declared himself a Satanist and continued with school in Los Angeles, where he would later study at ULC. Knife received an honorary Ph.D from Templar University of the Order of the Chevalier and addresses himself as Dr. "Knife" Sotelo. He is a priest of both the Satanic Chapel and the Sinagogue of Satan in Mountain View. He was also a former Church of Satan member then later became a member of the Unholy Orthodox Church in the California suburb of North Highlands.

His Return

In September 2003, up and coming DJ Portia Surreal (known as The Topless DJ) helped release an internet-only enhanced CD for Knife called Hood 4 Life, featuring four new tracks (with two of the songs being produced by DJ Portia Surreal) and two videos (live show and behind the scenes video). It was only available for a week.

After his four-year absence, Knife recouped and returned to music and Triumphant Records with G's Up, and the like-titled single, which contained a sample of Lil Scrappy's G's Up Mixtape. Despite returning to secular entertainment, the rapper still claimed the status of a priest. Though, the album contained only 3 curse words and was not derogatory in any way toward women.

Two years after his G's Up hit indie airwaves, Knife disbanded Scrub Records and it was later rumored that Knife had defected to Three 6 Mafia formerly "Triple 6 Mafia." After much speculation, he appeared at a concert in the Fine Line Music Cafe wearing a Triple 6 Rap shirt. In addition to being produced by Three 6 Mafia's own DJ Paul on Knife's So Satan album with "A Spartan In Wake". Knife's current single is titled "Reppin' My Block", from his album, Money Sex Power, released on 07/07/07; recently, Ronnie Neeley made it official that Knife is signed to ADP Records. Knife, a gangster rapper, was surprisingly signed to the label in late summer 2007 after the artist expressed his distaste with the Scrub Records imprint label SC Records after his East Los Most Wanted album (presented by DJ Clueless) didn't sell to expectations. Recently, a couple videos of Knife's sermons have been posted on MySpaceTV. In the sermons, Knife speaks about how "Man is God and God's are liars" which brought him back to music to preach this truth as evident on the song Eastside Story, which made a huge reference to the Devil. The videos are not dated and it is uncertain when they were filmed.

An independently produced documentary titled "What is INDIE?" features Knife in a cameo appearance, debuted in Canada on May 25, 2007.


Albums (Studio)

  • Money Sex Power - (2007)
  • East Los Most Wanted - (2007)
  • Still Satan - (2007)
  • Marvelous City - (2006)
  • Brown and Proud - (2006)
  • Battle of East Los Angeles - (2006)
  • So Satan - (2005)
  • The Black Album [Remastered] - (2004)


  • Money Sex Power [EP] - (2007)
  • The Statements [Single] - (2007)
  • Fuck Love Revisited [Single] - (2007)
  • Rest In Peace (Remix) [Single] - (2007)
  • High Times - [EP] (2005)
  • G's Up - A Maravilla Extra [EP] - (2004)
  • Hood 4 Life [EP] - (2003)
  • Frecuenze X (Remix) [Single] - (2001)


  • East Los Most Wanted (Demo) - (2006)
  • The Double Black Album (Demo) - (2006)
  • Greatest Shits (Live Promo CD) - (2006)

Material on compilations

  • We Want Eazy [Mixtape] - (2007)
  • Livin' Eternal-E [Mixtape] - (2007) (Ruthless edition)
  • Wager (Soundtrack) - (2005)
  • Anthology - (2002)
  • Heroes Del Tekno Vol. 2 [Compilation] - (2001)
  • Makinator IV [Compilation] - (2001)
  • 1999 [Compilation] - (1999)


  • Money Sex Power [Sonific Downloads / LP] - (2007)
  • Unreleased Demos [MySpace Downloads / LP] - (2007)
  • Greatest Shits - (2006)
  • The Double Black Album - (2006)
  • The Black Album - [Self-released] (1999)
  • The Covers - [Demo Tape] - (2000)

Related Artists

Appearances on Songs

  • Eazy-E
  • Blayza Jay
  • Dem6n6l6gy187
  • Mr. Lil Man
  • Malicioso
  • Tommy Grafitti
  • Killa C
  • Hassan Ansari

Involvements with Knife


  • He hates the name, Marvin, and wouldn't allow anyone to call him that to his face if he didn't know you. [1]
  • Knife is a former member of the Church of Satan. [2]
  • Knife is a gang member of the High Times Maravilla gang in East Los Angeles. [3]

External Links

  • Official Website
  • MySpace Page
  • Discogs

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A knife was a bladed mêlée weapon used by many humanoid races and cultures. Because of their effectiveness compared to other blunt hand-held weapons, knife weapons are usually common in cultures that have developed the ability to work metal, and often remain in use even after projectile weapons are developed.

Even before the development of metal, many primitive cultures were known to craft knives from stone. The phrase "stone knives and bearskins" was used by Spock to describe the technology available in the 1930s era. The phrase describing primitive artifacts was fresh in James T. Kirk's mind when he found a aged sheaf of old-style letters from his father after returning to Earth shortly after the time travel to the 1930s. (TOS episode: "The City on the Edge of Forever"; TOS novel: Final Frontier)

The Romulans were fond of using knives. (TOS novel: The Romulan Way)

Notable situations involving knives


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From The Vault

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A sharp-bladed cutting and stabbing weapon.

The Knife is a melee weapon found in Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout Tactics, and Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel. Other than this basic variant, other available knives are Combat Knife and Throwing Knife.


Fallout and Fallout 2

damage: 1 - 6
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Swing (AP: 3, R: 1)
Thrust (AP: 3, R: 1)
min. Strength: 2
hands req.: 1
weight: 1 pound
value: $40
prototype id: 4

The Knife is a decent little melee weapon in Fallout, but you'll start with better melee weapons in Fallout 2. It also functions as a more valuable loot item, making it a helpful find.



Fallout 2

Fallout 3

Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 4
DPS: 12
attacks/sec: 3
crit dmg: 4
crit chance: x 1
skill: Melee Weapons
AP: 20
item HP: 100
repair: Knives
weight: 1
value: 20
base id: 00004334

The Knife is a Melee weapon in Fallout 3 and is affected by the Melee Damage Bonus from Strength.


  • Knives can be found on random Wastelanders and Raiders, in kitchens, hospitals and many other places across the Wastelands.


  • Ant's Sting - Obtained by siding with the AntAgonizer in The Superhuman Gambit, Ant's Sting is slightly stronger than the regular Knife, and deals poison damage over time.
  • Ritual Knife (Point Lookout add-on) - Even more powerful than the Ant's Sting, the Ritual Knife only uses 12 AP for each VATS attack.
  • Toy Knife (Point Lookout add-on) - Using even less AP than the Ritual Knife, 10 compared to 12, the Toy Knife uses the lowest amount of AP for any weapon in Fallout 3. However, it does very little damage, much less than the regular Knife.

Fallout Tactics

damage: Swing: 1-11
Thrust: 1-15
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Swing (AP: 3, R: 1)
Thrust (AP: 4, R: 1)
min. Strength: 1
hands req.: 1
weight: 1 pound
value: n/a
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Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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Weapons of Fallout
Weapons of Fallout 2
Weapons of Fallout 3
Weapons of Fallout Tactics
Weapons of Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel

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Final Fantasy

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Knife may refer to:

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This is the icon in GTA IV
The Knife in GTA Vice City
The Knife in GTA San Andreas.
The Knife as seen in Grand Theft Auto IV

The Knife is a melee weapon in the Grand Theft Auto games.



The knife is a moderate weapon that allows the player to attack without a firearm and, in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, allows stealth kills that don't attract unwanted attention. It takes up the "melee" weapon slot.

In GTA San Andreas some prostitutes wield the knife. It is used in many missions in the game like Madd Dogg's Rhymes, Amphibious Assault, The Da Nang Thang, Dam and Blast and Vertical Bird. The Knife is more than just a simple melee weapon. If CJ is crouching and is aiming behind an opponent, he will execute a stealth kill, quietly slitting the victim's throat, useful when the player is trying to avoid detection and doesn't have a Silenced 9mm. The Knife only produces one wanted star when used to stealth kill a police officer.

The GTA IV rendition of the Knife resembles the knife portrayed by Sylvester Stallone in the Rambo movies, and is similar in size and shape to the Buck-184 Buckmaster survival knife. It can be purchased from Little Jacob for the staggering amount of $100. Alternatively, it can be picked up from Eddie Low during his second encounter. It can also be taken from the second enemy in the mission Bleed Out. Although silent kills like in GTA San Andreas are not in the game, 5 to 6 strikes with the knife will kill an opponent, and it will not warrant the player a wanted level. This can easily kill an enemy on single player or multiplayer because 6 quick taps of the Y button on Xbox 360 while locked on with this will either kill or almost kill anyone. Armor does not protect against knife attacks. And, obviously, it can NOT be fired from cars.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

Grand Theft Auto IV

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Locke's throwing knife as seen at Lost: The Auction

Knives occur frequently on Lost. Below is a list of significant appearances. Most notable is Locke's knife collection, and its introduction in the episode "Walkabout". As yet, it is unknown how Locke acquired his knife throwing skills and why he had so many knives with him if he was only going on a walkabout tour in an wheelchair.

One of these knives are also featured in the extra featurette "Terry O'Quinn: Throwing from the Handle" on Disc 7 of the Lost: The Complete Third Season (DVD).

Various knife collection

Knives Description
Locke's Knife
Clockwise from the left the knives in the suitcase are: * Full Size USMC Ka Bar with serrated edge * Tekna Wilderness Edge * United Cutlery Sentry Tanto * Master Jaguar * United Cutlery Delta Defender * Buck Nighthawk* Master Bowie
Locke's Knife
Locke also has a Spyderco Harpy knife clipped into his jacket
Sawyer's Knife
"Walkabout" Throwing the Master Bowie Locke informs the survivors of Flight 815 how to survive by his simple answer: "We hunt". Trivia: This scene was humorously lampooned in a commercial by KFC Hawaii.
Locke's Knife Variety
"Hearts and Minds" Locke whacks Boone over the head with the handle of a knife, knocking him out cold. After tying him up he leaves the Master Bowie knife just out of Boone's reach. In a vision, with Shannon's safety in mind, Boone is able to contort himself just enough to get Locke's knife and to cut himself loose.
Locke's Knife Variety
"Special" Locke teaching Walt to throw the Master Bowie, telling him to "use his mind's eye."
Locke's Knife Variety
"Three Minutes" Locke uses a knife to cut off his splint.
Locke's Knife Variety
"Further Instructions" Hurley catches a Tigershark knife thrown by Locke
Locke's Knife Variety
"The Man Behind the Curtain" Locke cutting a mango with a knife while speaking to Ben
Locke's Knife Variety
"Through the Looking Glass" Locke throws the Tigershark knife at Naomi, hitting her in the back.
Locke's Knife Variety
Locke's promotional image for season 4 prominently features a knife in a sheath at his side
Locke's Knife Variety
"The Beginning of the End" Naomi holds Kate at knifepoint with the Tigershark knife she took out of her own back
Other's Knife
"The Other 48 Days" Ana Lucia finds an US Army knife on one of The Others. She believes it to be around 20 years old. This knife resembled a knife owned by Kelvin Inman.
Other's Knife
"Two for the Road" Ana Lucia slides the US army knife to Ben, to cut himself loose.
Jack's Knife
"Homecoming" Jack using a knife to cut fruit in the caves as Kate arrives to talk to him
Goodwin's Knife
"The Other 48 Days" Goodwin cutting fruit for Ana Lucia in a tense moment where he holds the knife close to her as he hands her fruit, when she already suspects he is an imposer.
Ana Lucia's Knife
"The Hunting Party" Ana Lucia eating, and cutting some mango for Vincent.
Juliet's Knife
"Left Behind"Kate spots a knife in Juliet's pocket and tries to steal it. Later, she attempts to use the knife to pick the lock of her handcuffs.
*"One of Us" Sun and Hurley preparing food with knives at the survivors' camp.
Ben's Knife
"The Brig" Ben hands Locke a knife, suggesting to kill Cooper "the quicker, the better."
Mugger's Knife
"Greatest Hits" Nadia's mugger brandishes a knife.
Richard's Knife
"Cabin Fever" There was a knife among the items that Richard Alpert showed the young John Locke
Jacob's knife
"The Incident, Parts 1 & 2" Jacob used a long-bladed knife for many of his tasks on the Island.

External links

  • Lost's Lost Luggage - thread at lost-tv forums describing the exact brands of the various knives and sheathes that Locke used

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About Knife

A sharp-edged instrument used for cutting, peeling, slicing, spreading and so on. Most knife blades are made of steel, but a material called ceramic zirconia is now also being used. Knife handles can be one of many materials including wood, plastic-impregnated wood, plastic, horn and metal. The blade should be forged carbon or high-carbon stainless steel that resists stains and rust and gives an excellent cutting edge. A good knife should be sturdy and well balanced. In the best knives, the end of the blade (called the tang) extends all the way to the end of the handle, where it's anchored by several rivets. Knives come in a variety of different sizes and shape -- each with its own specific use. A French knife (also called chef's knife), with its broad, tapered shape and fine edge is perfect for chopping vegetables, while the slicing knife cuts cleanly through cooked meat with its long, thin, narrow blade. Knives with serrated or scalloped edges make neat work of slicing softer foods such as bread, tomatoes and cake. The pointed, short-bladed paring knife is easy to handle and makes quick work of peeling, removing cores, etc. Knives used for table service are usually named after their use, such as dinner, luncheon, fish, butter and steak knives.

Usefull For

Buying Knife

Other usual names for Knife

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This article is about a tool mostly used in Fletching. For the Ranged weapon, see Throwing knife.
This article is about a tool mostly used in Fletching. For the Melee weapon, see Dagger.

A Knife is a tool used for a large variety of tasks, mostly for making logs into bows using the Fletching skill. This is also an excellent tool for cutting through webs, especially to the Mage Arena in the deep wilderness. Knives can be bought in the Catherby general store and found on a table in the Musa Point general store. There was a notorious glitch involving knives in RuneScape Classic.



Uses for knives are as follows:

Spawn Points

Knife spawn points are as follows:

  • Lumbridge castle's kitchen cellar.
  • House south-west of Seers' Village bank.
  • The general store in Karamja.
  • North of Rellekka near the Rock Crabs, though hard to see due to size.
  • Second floor of the Varrock general store.
  • First (ground) floor of Sorcerer's Tower.
  • Lumbridge, behind the axe store
  • House north-west of Catherby bank (the house with a water source: sink).

Where to Buy

Stores that sell knives are as follows:


  • In the early days of RS Classic, free players could pick up a knife and throw it.
  • The Knife bug in Runescape Classic had a glitch which allowed players to wield a knife, giving very high strength bonuses that made players with level 1 Strength hit in the 10s (10-20). This glitch was later fixed.
  • Sometimes in RuneScape HD, when you click the knife, it looks like an item before you wield it, yet nothing happens.

See Also

Wikipedia has an article about:

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Knife redirects here. You may be looking for knives as weapons.
Ozrei N'takkilomandrife
Biographical information


Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Chronological and political information

Rebellion era[2]


Nagai fleet[4]

"I am a leader of my people, and a servant of their people. I love my world. For Nagi—for the Nagai—I would do as bad as I have done again, or worse, without regret or hesitation."
―Ozrei N'takkilomandrife

Ozrei N'takkilomandrife, also known as Knife, was a Nagai and one of the foremost Nagai leaders during the Nagai-Tof War in 4 ABY. He commanded several of the early missions into Alliance territory. The son of scout Krai H'voc, Ozrei first encountered Han Solo, Lando Calrissian, and Chewbacca when he tried to set up a slave ring on Kashyyyk, using Chewbacca's family as hostages to keep the Wookiees in line. Knife appeared several more times during the conflict, even being temporarily captured at one point. However, he soon escaped to lead the Nagai throughout the rest of the war.

During the invasion, Knife learned of his half-brother Bey and immediately befriended him, not showing any sign of discrimination. When the Nagai finally allied with the Alliance near the end of the conflict, Knife had a hard time adapting to the new allegiance, picking fights with Alliance warriors. However, the joining of the two forces proved fruitful, and they managed to defeat the Tof threat. With the conflict over, Knife returned with the Nagai fleet to their conquered home planet of Nagi to free it from the Tof ruling there.



Early life

"Did you know, I found out I have a little brother just about your age?"
―Bey to Han Solo
Ozrei lifts his glass to his allies.

Ozrei N'takkilomandrife was born in the Unknown Regions to a prominent Nagai scout named Krai H'voc and an unknown Nagai male. Ozrei advanced through the ranks of the Nagai military, eventually attaining the rank of commander. He was well known for his loyalty and efficiency, skills he utilized during the Nagai struggle against their perpetual enemies, the Tof.[1] Before Ozrei had even been born, and during the height of the Galactic Empire's rule over the galaxy, his mother, Krai, became the first to scout Imperial territory, residing on Corellia for a time. Krai found the Galaxy ripe for conquest, as it was engaged in a fierce civil war.[1] After learning all she could about the Galaxy and its people, Krai left Corellia and returned to her people, telling them to wait until the war had ended so that they could attack the weakened loser.[3]

During Krai's stay on Corellia, Krai gave birth to a half-breed son named Bey and abandoned him following her return to the Nagai.[1] After Ozrei's birth and subsequent advancement into the Nagai military, Bey finally discovered his long-lost mother in the Unknown Regions, discovering her other family, including Ozrei. When Ozrei heard of his half-brother, he welcomed him with open arms, accepting him into the family.[3] At the same time, news of the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War reached the Nagai people. The time for their invasion had finally arrived. Ozrei was sent as an advance scout to enter the new territory and create a slave trade to disrupt the newly forming government, the Alliance of Free Planets.[1] Knife's new brother Bey was sent as well, to serve as a spy for the imminent arrival of the Nagai fleet.[3]

The invasion begins

Han Solo: "That's really low, Knife. What kind of scum are you anyway?"
Ozrei N'takkilomandrife: "Scum who is tired of the sound of your voice."
―Han Solo and Commander Knife
Ozrei silences his Wookiee captive.

Commander N'takkilomandrife was sent to the planet of Kashyyyk, where he quickly made friends with several Wookiees desperate for money.[1] Because of the Wookiee's unique tongue, they were unable to pronounce Ozrei's name, and they took to calling him Knife in Shyriiwook for his skills with his Tehk'la blades. Knife formed a slavery ring headed by himself and the Wookiee Vargi, ready to restart the business that had flourished under the Galactic Empire. Vargi was the brother of Mallatobuck, the wife of Chewbacca, a famous hero of the Rebel Alliance. Vargi informed Knife of Chewbacca's importance to the new galactic government, and Knife made plans to ransom Chewbacca's family and capture the mighty Wookiee, believing that it would do much to demoralize local resistance to the new slave trade.[2]

However, as soon as Knife had kidnapped Chewbacca's wife and his young son, Lumpawarrump, he was notified that the Wookiee had just arrived on the world in the Cobra with Generals Lando Calrissian and Han Solo. Knife took Vargi and met up with the companions at the spaceport, requesting that he and Vargi accompany them back to Chewbacca's home for drinks. However, when they arrived, Chewbacca became immediately suspicious, seeing that his family was not present. After the party entered the home, Wookiees under Knife's command entered with weapons trained on the Rebel heroes, with Chewbacca's family in tow. Knife informed the group that he would be selling them into slavery and took Chewbacca out into the city to parade his captive around.[2]

Ozrei is knocked unconscious during the Skirmish on Kabray.

Unfortunately for Knife's plan, Solo and Calrissian were able to get away from their captors and incited a riot. Chewbacca personally defeated Vargi in one-on-one combat, and the Wookiees rose up against Knife's loyal allies. Assessing the situation, Knife decided to cut his losses and quickly retreated from the area. Knife found Calrissian's ship, the Cobra, with its defense systems offline, and he commandeered it, speeding back to the Nagai.[2]

Further exploits

"So Knife got clean away…in a fast ship! Well you can count on one thing, Lando…I'm gonna track him down, and set up a little rematch, as soon as I can!"
―Han Solo

Although he had temporarily escaped a bad situation, Knife was back on the move. On Saijo, Knife hired a rebel named Durne to foster a fight between two factions of Rebels in the Cantros system.[1] Durne was highly successful, and the two sides, each believing that the other was working for the Empire, slowly wiped each other out. The catastrophe was only stopped when the Rebel heroes Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker were able to reveal the deception.[5]

With several bases now established, the Nagai invasion intensified. Knife was put in charge of a task force of commandos to attack a diplomatic conference on Kabray and capture several prominent Alliance leaders.[1] Knife and his team quickly took several Alliance members captive, including Solo and Organa, who were present at the meeting. Knife put the leaders in a contained cell until he could transport them back to his commanders. Unfortunately, when Knife entered the cell, he was attacked by Jahn, a Zeltron teenager who had been working under Organa. Jahn knocked Knife unconscious, and a fight broke out between the prisoners and Knife's men, resulting in a victory for the Alliance.[6]

Ozrei and his warriors are led away as captives of the Alliance.

Knife and his team were taken captive following the attack. Zeltron teenagers who had taken part in the attack herded the group back to a ship to be taken to a holding facility on the Alliance base on the forest moon of Endor.[6] As a prisoner on Endor, Knife had his brain scanned by telepathic Hoojibs. The Hoojib operatives, led by Plif,[7] discovered information that the Nagai fleet was about to begin an attack on the Endor base. The Alliance tried to evacuate the forest moon, but were too late, and a climactic battle began.[1]

The Second Battle of Endor

"Mercy to the enemy isn't our way, Bey. I thought you understood that."
―Ozrei N'takkilomandrife
Knife is wounded by Han Solo.

Meanwhile, Knife's half-brother Bey had been secretly passing the Alliance's battle plans to the Nagai leadership. Bey helped a group of Nagai make a secret landing on Endor, and they quickly released Knife and his men from their captivity. Knife took charge of the group along with an attack force of Maccabree warriors, and prepared to annihilate the Alliance's base while the majority of their forces were engaged in space against the Nagai fleet. Knife commanded Lieutenant Hol B'shaki to begin the attack while he went to reunite with Bey.[3]

However, Knife found Bey locked in battle with Han Solo, who had discovered Bey's part in working for the Nagai. Bey's martial arts and overbearing presence eventually disarmed Solo and left him sprawling on the forest floor. However, Bey hesitated to execute Solo, showing mercy, a distinctly un-Nagai trait. Seeing that Bey was about to violate the strict Nagai code of honor, Knife stepped in, preparing to kill Solo himself. Unfortunately for Knife, Bey could not allow his brother to kill Solo, and he lunged towards him, just as he was about to take the shot. Knife was knocked off balance and turned his blaster on Bey instead.[3]

Knife declared Bey a traitor, but before he could pull the trigger, he received a blaster shot in the torso, once again stopping his decisive blaster shot. As Knife clutched his deadly wound, Solo advanced on the Nagai, having stopped him in his tracks. However, Bey rushed to Knife's side and threatened to shoot Solo if he would not leave the scene. Solo left to return to the Endor base and help stop the Nagai offensive while Bey tended to Knife's wound. Bey was able to get his half-brother back to the Nagai fleet, but after Solo was able to reveal the Nagai's plans to Alliance command, the battle was lost and the Nagai retreated.[3]

Back to command

Den Siva: "My time is yours to command, sir…and may I say how good it is to see you up and fully recovered from your wound? We were all very worried, you know."
Ozrei N'takkilomandrife: "Ah, yes…my wound. You know, Den…it's amazing how much pain and injury a body can endure, yet continue to live…sometimes even against its own inclination."
Lieutenant Den Siva and Commander Ozrei N'takkilomandrife
Knife turns his weapon on his brother Bey.

Knife was gravely injured by the blaster wound and was taken off of active duty for a time. As such, he was not present for the Battle of Iskalon, spending his time recovering aboard a Nagai cruiser. Upon his recovery, Knife took to interrogating captured Alliance soldiers, subjecting them to torture with his knives.[4]

Unfortunately, Knife's return was just in time to hear that the Nagai's old enemies, the Tof, had finally tracked them to their new location. Knife received word of the Tof's slaughter of Nagai forces at the Battle of Trenwyth, and awarded posthumous commendations to all the soldiers lost in the battle. However, the reports of every soldier being killed were premature, and it seemed that one Nagai pilot had survived. Wing commander Taikotelai Akikoma reported to Knife's ship to make his report on the battle. However, Tai revealed that he had only survived by receiving help from Alliance operatives. Knife condemned this action, declaring that accepting mercy was as bad as showing it, and violated the Nagai code of honor. Knife hurled one of his Tehk'la blades deep into Tai's chest, killing him and showing a powerful lesson to his subordinates.[4]

Although Knife's subordinate, Lieutenant Den Siva, was shocked at the action, Knife was unaffected and ordered Siva to begin the invasion of Zeltros immediately.[4] Unfortunately, the invasion went poorly, with the Tof catching the Nagai off-guard and capturing several of them.[8] Only with the help of Alliance members on the world were the Nagai force able to defeat the Tof. Lieutenant Siva realized that the Tof had now become the major threat and decided to begin negotiations for a possible alliance.[9] Knife was upset with the turn of events, but his superiors accepted the alliance, creating a tentative truce.[10]

The Battle of Saijo

"Prince Sereno! You are now a prisoner of war! Surrender and tell your subjects to do likewise—in the name of Nagi—and the Alliance of Free Planets!"
―Ozrei N'takkilomandrife
Knife executes a Tof in Sereno's palace.

With the two sides now allied, the Tof were slowly pushed back, eventually isolating them on their forward base on Saijo.[1] There the Alliance began a type of siege warfare, slowly moving towards the palace of Prince Sereno, the Tof leader. Knife was stationed alongside Luke Skywalker, Den Siva, Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Mandalore Fenn Shysa, as well as Alliance operatives Dani, Maggie and Trif. The diverse group eventually found themselves holed up in a destroyed Saijo settlement on the outskirts of the Tof-erected palace. While there, Knife proved a difficult ally, trying to incite a fight with Solo as well as insulting his fellow Nagai, Siva, for being weak-willed. Knife was concerned about what would happen following the conclusion of the battle, believing that the Alliance would betray them at the mission's end. However, Skywalker did much to quell Knife's fears.[10]

Eventually, Luke split the group up, taking only Siva, Solo, Knife, Organa, and Dani to infiltrate the palace. As they slowly approached the main Tof structure, Siva and Skywalker witnessed a group of Nagai prisoners being herded into the palace by their Tof captors. The group quickly captured the Tof and decided to create a ruse to get into the palace. Threatening their Tof prisoners, they posed as captives and were able to enter Sereno's throne room. As soon as they arrived in the room, the group found Sereno in an audience with the Dark Lady Lumiya. The Tof prisoners could not continue with the deception in front of their leader; however, Knife executed the Tof before he could betray them and took Sereno captive, holding him at blasterpoint.[10]

As a fight broke out in the chamber, Lumiya stunned Knife with a blaster shot and tried to finish him off. However, Lumiya herself was shot by Leia Organa, preventing a fatal shot. Lumiya was able to regain the upper hand over Organa through use of the Force, but she was outnumbered by her foes. The time she had spent subduing Organa gave Knife's brother time to come to their rescue, whereupon he disabled Lumiya with a blaster shot to the back. Knife was touched by his brother's actions, finally finding the strength to forgive him for his betrayal on Endor.[10]

After the war

Knife is wounded by Dark Lady Lumiya during the Battle of Saijo.

Knife joined Bey and the rest of the Alliance heroes in celebrating an end to the Tof threat, but he realized that his homeworld of Nagi was still under Tof control. Knife accepted an alliance with Mandalore Fenn Shysa and his Supercommandos to continue the fight against the Nagai's sworn enemy. The Alliance of Free Planets offered the planet of Saijo to the Nagai as a potential new homeworld to rebuild and live on, as well as full membership in the new government.[1] However, the majority of the Nagai, along with Knife, knew that they had a duty to their homeworld and the fleet departed with the Mandalorians to fight the Tof back in their home system.[1]

Personality and traits

"I need no one to speak for me Den…I think Solo knows, in his heart, that I am not the monster he would like to believe me."
―Ozrei N'takkilomandrife

Ozrei N'takkilomandrife was a particularly brutal being, having no regrets for his actions as long as they served his strict moral code.[10] Knife held no qualms about torturing an enemy or even killing a subordinate if he found them to be lacking the strength that should be shown by a Nagai.[4] He was also fairly unforgiving, holding a deep hatred for Han Solo for foiling his plots on Kashyyyk and Kabray,[7] making it difficult for him to work beside him during the final battle on Saijo.[10]

Holding such strong loyalty to his race, the betrayal of his half-brother Bey on Endor, affected Ozrei deeply. During his slow recovery, he appeared to suffer depression. Statements he made to Den Siva even suggest he may have lost the will to live at one point.[4] However, his strong will pulled him through this period, although he still had a hard time forgiving Bey. Ozrei even began to distrust anyone who was not a full-blood Nagai after the event.[10]

Ozrei and Han Solo finally lay aside their differences at the end of the Nagai-Tof War.

However, following the Battle of Saijo, Knife's mentality changed, finding respect for the members of the Alliance after they laid their lives on the line repeatedly to protect his own.[10] He was even able to ask the Mandalorians for help in the Nagai's next campaign against the Tof.[1] Knife was a strong-willed enemy, not succumbing to potentially deadly wounds that he sustained during the Battle of Endor, and quickly pressed himself back into active service after recovering.[4] While Knife proved a formidable enemy, he was also a powerful ally, which he proved during the battle of Saijo, succeeding in capturing the Tof Prince and surviving Lumiya's assault, helping to end the Nagai-Tof War.[10]

Behind the scenes

Leia Organa: "We also saved a lot of lives. The killing is over now."
Luke Skywalker: "Is it? I hope so. But I'll feel a lot better if we can just find out who Durne was really working for."
―Luke Skywalker and Leia Organa pondering over the identity of Durne's employer.

Knife was created by Mary Jo Duffy for use in Marvel Star Wars. Knife was used throughout a storyline involving the Nagai invasion of the Star Wars galaxy. Knife went unused until 2000, when he was referenced in Rich Handley and Joseph Bongiorno's article University of Sanbra Guide to Intelligent Life: The Marvel Series which among other things revealed Knife's true name of Ozrei N'takkilomandrife. Additionally, the article also named Knife's mother, Krai H'voc as well as finally confirming that Knife was the person who had hired the traitor Durne in Star Wars 93: Catspaw.

Knife, with his pale skin and haircut, somewhat resembles Frankenstein's monster from the 1931 film Frankenstein.


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Dropped by: Apprentice Sheng, Assassin, Barbarian Headsplitter, Barbarian Skullhunter, Ghoul, Minotaur Mage, Smuggler.
Buy from: Players.
Sell to: H.L. (Outlaw Camp) 1 gp
Notes: The weakest swords in the game and is primarily used for training, either with another player or by slow-killing weak monsters with it. It's also the lightest melee weapons, making it valuable for destroying obstacles when trapped. It's considered very rare on Rookgaard, as it is only dropped by Apprentice Sheng.
Skill vs. Creature vs Player
Avg Max Avg Max
40 8 16 4 8
60 13 25 6 13
80 17 33 8 17
90 19 37 9 19
100 21 41 10 21
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