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Knave, flanked by Miles and Lisa Pacifist

Knave (ナーヴ, Nāvu) is one of the characters of Final Fantasy: Unlimited.

He is the leader of the Comodeen, the rebel faction against Earl Tyrant, but is a romantic by nature. He wields a bazooka and a gattling gun.


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Ai Hayakawa, Yu Hayakawa, and Lisa Pacifist stumbled upon Knave and his organization whilst chasing Fungo. He introduced himself to the trio and explains that the Comodeen are attempting to restore order to Wonderland. His eyes were set on Lisa, whom he unsuccessfully attempts to recruit. Shortly after, Makenshi and Kaze go to blows in the Comodeen base, effectively destroying it.

We do not see Knave again until Fungo led Lisa and the Hayakawa siblings to the Comodeen's northern base. After a brief reunion, they all boarded Cid's submarine, Jane. It is here that they were transported to Pist Shaz XI's Ocean Puzzle. When faced against Somosan and her riddles, Knave—alongside Lisa and Miles—volunteered to answer them. He failed, however, and was turned into a gooey puddle. It was later thanks to Lisa solving Somosan's puzzle that he was restored to his former self.

When the group happened upon Memory Lane, Knave was one of the many adults who had fallen into a nostalgic trance. It would not be long, though, before the effect would be destroyed, thanks to Kaze and Kupo Moogle destroying the radio tower that transmitted the memories.

Toward the end of their journey, Jane is attacked head on by Earl Tyrant, who has now transformed into Chaos. It is thought that Knave, along with the rest of the Comodeen, died though this is later disproved during the end credits—which shows them arriving via Cid's Sylvia to carry the survivors from Gaudium to safety.


A knave is defined as an unprincipled, untrustworthy, or dishonest person. While these traits may not seem befitting of one such as Knave, this could be interpreted as Earl Tyrant's views on the man.

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