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Kluya and Cecilia shortly after Theodor's birth, in the Nintendo DS remake.
"I will bestow you with hallowed light, formed of my very soul. Though in doing so, I condemn myself to sorrow greater still."
—Kluya's Voice on Mount Ordeals

Kluya, also known as KluYa, is a non-player character in the game Final Fantasy IV. While he is never seen in the initial releases, the Nintendo DS version lets the player actually see him for the first time.


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Cecil speaking with Kluya at Mount Ordeals while becoming a Paladin.

Kluya is a Lunarian from The Moon, and is the brother of Fusoya. He became very interested in the Earth, and eventually settled there. He fell in love with a human called Cecilia and fathered two children: Theodor Harvey, who was born out of Darkness, and Cecil Harvey, who was born out of the Light. He brought with him to earth the Lunar Whale, which he sealed near Mysidia, and taught mankind technology and magic, including the ability to build airships and the Devil's Road.

On one night Kluya was outside troubled by something and stared at the moon, only to see his son Theodor outside at his side. Theodor noticed that his father loved looking at the moons and asked Kluya "Why do you stare at the moon?"; Kluya simply replied "I'll tell you when you're older." He told Theodor to go back to bed and then leaned his head down in grief. The next morning, Kluya's friends and family find him dying outside his home. A villager told Theodor and Cecilia he was attacked and mortally wounded by villagers that disagreed with his teachings, and intended to use magic to wage war. Theodor attempted to cast Cure, but was unable to do so (and Kluya was so badly injured that it would have likely made no difference if he had). Cecilia later died in labor giving birth to Cecil, and Theodor, who was being controlled by Zemus and became Golbez, took his brother and abandoned him outside Baron.

Kluya was alluded to for the first time in Mount Ordeals, although the player does not know this yet. A mysterious light that appears when Cecil undergoes the trials to become a Paladin calls him "my son." Cecil does not learn who this actually is until he arrives on the Moon. At this point it becomes apparent that Golbez and Cecil are related, as well as them both being related to Fusoya.


  • In the Dawn of Souls and 20th Anniversary remakes of the original Final Fantasy, KluYa is one of the automatic names the player can choose for the Red Mage Job.

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