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Dr. Bashir and Lt. Pazlar dine at the Klingon restaurant in 2370.

The Klingon restaurant was a restaurant on Deep Space 9's Promenade that opened in 2370. Run by a Klingon master chef named Kaga, the restaurant offered authentic Klingon food. Some of the restaurants servings include racht, krada legs, rokeg blood pie and zilm'kach.


Shortly after it opened, Doctor Julian Bashir and Ensign Melora Pazlar visited the establishment. When Kaga attempted to serve them half dead racht, Pazlar yelled at him, and he laughed - stating that he liked a customer that knew what she wanted. (DS9 episode: "Melora")

Later that year, Jadzia Dax brought Arjin to the restaurant, although he disliked the racht. (DS9 episode: "Playing God")

Several months later, Elim Garak told Bashir he was not in the mood for the noisy, crowded and vulgar Quark's, to which Bashir joked the Klingon restaurant was probably out of the question as well. (DS9 episode: "The Wire")

In 2372, the Klingon restaurant closed due to the Ferengi blockade of Bajor. Kaga was unable to get fresh food and his customers noticed the drop in quality due to the replicated food. (DS9 novel: The 34th Rule)

In 2373, Worf, Jadzia and Kira Nerys visited the restaurant due to the noisy maintenance going on in Quarks. (DS9 episode: "Empok Nor")

Later that year, the restaurant closed just before the Dominion took over the station, but reopened once Starfleet returned. (DS9 short story: "Three Sides to Every Story")

The following year, Kira wanted to visit the restaurant with Odo to get krada leds. (DS9 episode: "The Sound of Her Voice")

In 2376, Rodek visited the Klingon restaurant while on the station. (GKN novel: A Burning House)

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