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The Third Battlegroup was a Klingon Defence Force battlegroup that took part in the Dominion War. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)

When the Klingons broke the ceasefire negotiated earlier in 2373, the Third engaged Federation forces along the border, deploying forces to Federation planets and outposts. Korvat III was on of those planets. Twelve ships from the battlegroup, including four assault transports attacked the planet. This force was all but destroyed by a cruiser wing from the 24th Tactical Wing, only the IKS N'Vark survived to rally reinforcements. ("Chariots of Korvat")

In early 2374 the Third battlegroup, under the command of General G'tor and numbering two hundred and forty-three warships, joined Starfleet's Fifth fleet in the Guyra system. The battlegroup quickly went on the hunt for Dominion targets. The battlegroup stumbled across a meeting between the Jem'Hadar and Son'a and attacked. Despite have the numerical superiority the Klingons were outmanoeuvred and was facing possible defeat.

However a freak accident saw both fleets trapped in a static time bubble. The Third battlegroup was eventually freed by Starfleet forces, who also assisted in turning the tide on the Jem'Hadar and the Klingons were able to rout the Dominion force. General G'tor declared the battle a major victory for the Klingon Empire. ("Regression")

The Third would also play a major role in the Battle of Guyra. One hundred and thirty-six vessels from the Third were involved in the battle, providing a third of the defensive force in the system. Though in the end the battle would be a disaster and resulted in major losses to the battlegroup with eighty-six ships lost, including their flagship and commanding officer. ("Over the Horizon", "Moral Actions")

The Klingon Defence Force would pull the Third off the front lines and returned it to Klingon territory to be repaired and reinforced a few weeks after the battle. The fleet was briefly replaced by the Ninth battlegroup. ("Pressure Points")

The battlegroup was comprised of Vor'cha-class, K't'inga-class, K'Vort-class, K'vort Cha-class, Brakt-class, Kel'var-class, Felg'ra-class, Torath-class starships and the venerable Bird-of-Prey. ("Regression")

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