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Federation Starfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard at a High Council meeting in 2367.

The Klingon High Council was the legislative and ruling body of the Klingon Empire. An aristocratic oligarchy, the High Council was composed of the leaders of the twenty four most powerful Great Houses of Klingon society, and is presided over by the Chancellor. (TNG episode: "Sins of the Father")


In the novel Spock Must Die!, the ruling body of the Klingon Empire was identified as the Grand Senate of the Klingon Empire. This was overriden by TNG which showed it was the Klingon High Council.
In the novel The Final Reflection and FASA's RPG materials, an Imperial Council advised a sitting Emperor well into the 23rd century, but its aristocratic composition and relation to the Head of State were effectively identical to that of the later-made-canon High Council.


To make decisions the High Council works on a majority vote system, members put forth proposals and the entire council then indicates it support or opposition, if a majority support the notion it is passed into law. (TOS comic: "Losses")

The High Council advises the Chancellor on matters facing the empire. He leads the Council through force of will and his own considerable army. A master politician, he plays a delicate balancing game between different factions. (ST roleplay module: Aliens)


The High Council seized it's true power after the death of the last Emperor in 2069. The High Council was often been a hotbed of intrigue and dissent due to inter-House in-fighting which led the Empire to civil war numerous times over the centuries. (ST roleplay module: Aliens)

After the creation of the QuchHa' variety of Klingon in the mid-22nd century the superior ambition of the augmented Klingons led to them gaining control of the council in the 23rd century. (TOS comic: "Against Their Nature")

In 2267 when news of the destruction of the scout vessel IKS Vortha reached the council they looked to councillor Kahnrah, head of the house of the Vortha's commander, to decide their response. Kahnrah suggested sending a fleet to Organia to meet the Federation aggressors and defend Klingon interests. (TOS comic: "Against Their Nature")

Ayelborne forcing a peace treaty on the High Council

A short while later the Organia mission forced itself back onto the Council’s agenda when Ayelborne, leader of the Organians, appeared in the council chambers and forced a peace treaty on the Klingons and Federations, under threat of neutralizing their space forces. (TOS comic: "Against Their Nature"; TOS episode: "Errand of Mercy")

Gralmek's discommendation

In response to the Organian Peace Treaty the Council began to explore new tactics, such as espionage. The first under-cover operative, Gralmek, failed his mission and was taken into Federation custody. The Council was concerned that Gralmek would be a security risk and organised a prisoner exchange to retrieve him, he was then brought before the Council where the Chancellor gave him a dressing-down and the Council discommendated him. (TOS comic: "Beneath the Skin")

In 2293 a suggestion from Chancellor Gorkon that the Empire broker a peace agreement with the Federation, and turn to their enemy's for aid in the aftermath of the Praxis disaster split the Council. The vote rested on the decision of councillor Kahnrah, and members opposing Gorkon's proposal attempted to assassinate the councillor when it became clear he would vote in favour of Gorkon's plan.

Kahnrah making his entrance

Just as the Council began to consider other options, with the vote apparently deadlocked, Kahnrah made a dramatic entrance into the chamber, throwing the blood stained blades he had just been forced to use to kill his granddaughter (who had supported the opposition) across the chamber floor. Kahnrah made an impassioned speech giving his support for the Gorkon's plan and the vote was swung. Gorkon immediately made the order to send emissaries to begin the negotiations. (TOS comic: "Losses")

Known councillors

Due to the miniseries Vanguard, Errand of Vengeance, Errand of Fury, and Klingons: Blood Will Tell, an unusually large number of councillors serving during the mid- to late-2260s have been identified, and are grouped here.

Late 2260s

Later periods


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