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Series: The Next Generation
Author(s): Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Publication information
Published: Paperback - 1996
Pages: 217
ISBN: ISBN 0671002570
Date: 2370


Introduction (blurb)

The Klingon Empire remains the Federation's most fearsome and uneasy ally, but can any human fully understand the heart and soul of a true Klingon warrior? During crucial negotiations on Deep Space Nine, Gowron, leader of the Klingon High Council, tests human understanding of the Klingon way by sharing the powerful story of one warrior's quest for honor....


Pok is a young Klingon caught up in the dangerous complexities of clan politics. When his father is murdered in his own home on the day of Pok's Rite of Ascension, Pok must find the assassin and close the circle of vengeance. But as he searches for the truth amidst strange aliens and treacherous friends, Pok discovers that every day can be a good day to die and that only his own warrior's training stands between him and the business end of a d'k tahg knife!




B'Etor, daughter of Ja'rodReginald Barclaycha'DIch, son of hiJaKChaqIConpapBeverly CrusherDataJadzia DaxD'cIqDerndRacla, son of VokSkrain DukatGowronEdward JellicoKira NerysGeordi La ForgeNibo HoqOdoJean-Luc PicardK'TarLer'atLursa, daughter of Ja'rodMeskaPok, son of TorghnQua'lonQuarkQughWilliam T. RikerRocIaRomBenjamin SiskoSurghSutterSvaDT'lakT'RokT'VarTellotTorghn, son of KmpokDeanna TroiuQvamVokWorf
Referenced only 
Argan, son of T'lakDevilDulahiJaKJanar, son of SeegathKmpokKolanSeegath, son of SeethSeethT'lak


Bajoran • Birani • BolianCardassianCaxtonianFerengiHumanKlingonPakledRomulanSaurian • Talaran • Yridian


BalkaBalka system • Balor 6 • BItuHpaConway minesDeep Space 9Earth • Galor • Qo'noSRigelSan FranciscoSoltaris systemTaganika


IKS BortasIKS BotkaUSS Enterprise-DUSS HornetUSS MerrimacIKS TaganaToofa

Governments and organizations

High Council of the Klingon EmpireHouse of DurasHouse of IngkaHouse of SepIchHouse of TignarKlingon EmpireStarfleetUnited Federation of Planets

Klingon culture

Battle of dumath • Battle of lagon • Battle of negan • Battle of reth • Battle of teh • bIyem'a • Black Fleetbloodwinebregit lung • bup • cha'nobchontay • Chut Ouj • DaH • DevwI • gaghGaTH'kghojmeH taj • Ha'DIbaH • heart of targ • HighoS • Hivje'mey • HoHwI' • HuH • Klingon bread • lop'no • Lug ratlh • moD • naOjej • ngaSwI • nom • nuchpu' • nugh tlhegh • petaD • petaQ • pItlh • puqloD • Qapla' • QI'yah • Qul TuqRite of AscensionRiver of BloodRiver of Painrokeg blood pietIghTKnag • torghen • veQverenganvItHay • wej • yIn Tagh • yltamchoH


Acta crystalaleArgainin soupBrandycigarDaboEarl GreyGalorine credit slipJibetian ducklingknifelatinumNectiOoghmeyOra • pain stick • PeletRomulan aleRomulan assassin probesaladsteak • Talaran berry • Tautean saladtlhIngan jIHwaterwheeze beetlewine


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