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A cat, or feline, is a type of predatory mammal. They possessed a killing instinct and claws; they were born in litters and are known for hunting mice. Cats, and cat-like creatures, can be found on a variety of planets. (NA: Human Nature)


Earth Cats

There were many species of cats found on Earth, including house cats, tigers and the sabre-toothed tigers. The cats of Earth went extinct sometime before the year 2157 (NA: Lucifer Rising), with tigers dying out before 2148 (NA: St Anthony's Fire). The Doctor once claimed that the cats on Earth weren't native to the planet, but were in fact aliens, and that rather than the rather prosaic names Humans tend to give them, their actual names were much grander like "Great Hunter Grimalkin Greycoat Lionheart". Donna believed he was having her on, however. (IDW: Autopia)

Gallifreyan Cats

Cats could also be found on Gallifrey. (NA: Human Nature) One of the Presidents of Gallifrey had a pet cat. The cat was eaten by a mouse that had been enlarged by the Rani during an experiment. (DW: The Mark of the Rani)

Cheetah World's Cats

The kitlings and the Cheetah people were two species of cat-like creatures found on the Cheetah World. (DW: Survival)

Sapient cats

Several species of sapient species were cat-like in appearance.

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Kitten (Super Friends)
Real Name

Super Foes; later Super Friends




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In the continuity of the Super Friends comic book series, Kitten was a member of the Super Foes and a teen sidekick to the Cheetah. She later betrayed the Super Foes and helped the Super Friends to defeat them.

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Kitten is an allied monster.



Level Stats Resistance (%) Base XP Characteristics Aggro range
Life AP MP Resist Neutral Resist Earth Resist Fire Resist Water Resist Air AP loss Resistance MP Loss Resistance Initiative Wisdom Strength Intelligence Chance Agility
1 80 6 5 10 10 15 -30 -30 0 0 N/A 0 80 30 0 40 N/A
2 90 7 5 15 15 20 -25 -25 0 0 N/A 0 85 30 0 40 N/A
3 100 8 6 20 20 25 -20 -20 0 0 N/A 0 90 30 0 40 N/A
4 110 9 7 25 25 30 -15 -15 0 0 N/A 0 95 30 0 40 N/A
5 120 10 8 30 30 35 -10 -10 0 0 N/A 0 100 30 0 40 N/A
6 140 10 9 35 35 40 -5 -5 0 0 N/A 0 110 30 0 40 N/A


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The different kittens.
Gertrude offers six different colours of kittens.
A player with a kitten.

A kitten is a pet players can receive from the quest Gertrude's Cat. It is one of the three little kittens that are Fluffs's offspring. Additionally, if the player has completed the Icthlarin's Little Helper quest, he or she will have an Amulet of Catspeak. It is possible to have a conversation with any type of kitten or cat while wearing this amulet. When the player drops the kitten, it will follow that player around. If the player runs too fast for your kitten, it will reappear right next to him or her once it goes off of the mini-map. It appears as a Pet kitten whilst in your inventory.

The character will say "I think it's hungry." when the kitten reaches a hunger percentage of 84% and "I think it's really hungry!" at 94%. Then, the player will have to feed it a fish (cooked fish is fine) or a bucket of milk. If the player neglects to feed it until the hunger percentage reaches 100%, it will run away. Also, if a player neglects the kitten by not stroking it, it will run away. The character will say "I think it's feeling lonely."

Note: Feeding milk to a hell-kitten reverts it into a normal kitten.

If a player tries to use an Alchemy spell on a kitten, it says "I can't use that on a defenceless kitten!"

If players right click the kitten then clicks interact, they can stroke the kitten, shoo the kitten, or chase vermin. If players click "stroke", then they will pet the kitten and give it attention. If the player clicks "shoo", he or she will shoo away the kitten and lose it forever. If the player clicks "chase vermin", your kitten will kill a nearby rat, if there is one. However, kittens have a hard time catching rats (roughly a 15% success rate). After 2-4 hours, the kitten will become a cat, which are much better at catching rats (roughly a 70% success rate). Players can train their Kitten or Cat at the Rat Pits and can also challenge other players there.

Eventually it will become an overgrown cat, which is unable to catch rats. However, once it becomes an overgrown or a regular cat, it can be sold in West Ardougne for 100 death runes (or 200 death runes if you have an Ardougne cloak).

Players who want a Wily cat can earn one by completing the Rat Catchers quest. This also allows a player to name the cat. However, the cat must continually chase rats, butterflies, or kalphite larvae, or else it'll become a Lazy cat. Lazy cats can be retrained to their former wily selves by chasing rats.

Kittens grow at a rate of 1% per 5% hunger in about 1 minute, meaning you only need around 10 fish to grow your cat.

Also, if the player wants another kitten, he or she can get one from Gertrude for 100 coins, but only if they don't have any kittens or cats already (Overgrown, Wily, or Lazy cats are exceptions). Wearing the activated Ring of Charos allows the player to choose the colour of the kitten, which is a medium task in Varrock achievement diary.

You can give your kitten a ball of wool to play with, which it will toss in the air and paw around.


A hell-kitten!
A hell-kitten!

Hellkittens can be obtained after starting the Evil Dave section of the Recipe for Disaster quest. To turn a kitten into a Hellkitten, the player should take the kitten to the basement in the house of Evil Dave's Mother and have the kitten "Chase Vermin". After it has killed a sufficient amount of hellrats (about seven), the kitten will become a Hellkitten.

Hellkittens will grow into Hellcats and Hellcats will grow into Overgrown Hellcats. Hellcats can be wily or lazy.

A Hellkitten can be changed back into a regular kitten by giving it milk, by talking to Dave's mum or by talking with Wendy after finishing the purple cat subquest (it will turn the cat purple though, and it can't be reversed).

Purple kitten

A purple kitten

To obtain a purple kitten, you need to have completed Swept Away. Then, talk to Wendy to start the subquest to obtain Magic unguent. After that, you can take a kitten to Wendy to make it purple. You must have the kitten in your inventory and use the cat with her. Warning: If a Hell-kitten is put up for the colour change, it will revert to a normal cat.

Raising Your Kitten

The old inventory image of a pet kitten.

To grow your kittens into cats, it may take a few hours or so. To use the time productively, it is recommended that players take their kitten when training repetitive skills, such as Woodcutting, Mining, and Smithing. It is highly recommended that players take their kitten with them when power-training Fishing, as they will grow while you are fishing, and if they are hungry, you can give them unwanted fish, such as Tuna.

Feeding your kitten any kind of fish, cooked or raw, will reduce the pet hunger percentage down to zero. This means it is best to feed your pet something when the hunger percentage is around 90% to minimise cost. Some people choose to use the Menagerie in their Player-Owned-Houses to feed the kittens, or the Bucket of milk in their larders.

Kittens are subject to glitches from numerous activities around Runescape. These glitches cause them to run off at low levels of hunger. It is possible that "make x" activities cause these glitches, because they not only stop hunger/lonely messages from showing up to the player, but also seem to mess with the hunger levels of kittens, causing the incorrect level of hunger to be displayed, or hunger to be rapidly accelerated. This can cause a kitten to run off within minutes of having been fed or stroked and with hunger levels as low as 40%.

This behavior has also been observed when using a monkey greegree on ape atoll, while playing free-for-all clan wars, and smithing in Varrock.

You can check on your kitten's current status by right clicking on the summoning icon and selecting 'follower details', this will take you to a page similar to the summoned familiar's details which will show you the kitten's current hunger and percentage growth towards being a cat

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The cat (Felis catus) is a small mammal from Earth. The cat was domesticated by Humans thousands of years ago and have since been kept as pets.

During the days of sail on Earth ships often carried a ship's cat, which was tasked with catching and killing any vermin that might have gotten aboard the vessel.

Alien visitation during Earth's distant past may have inspired the ancient Egyptians' worship of cats. The Caitians, Kzinti, Tzenkethi or Felisians might have been responsible, or a combination thereof. (Star Trek: Liberty)

Carol Murphy once joked that she was remain a spinster until she grew old when she would move into a creep old house and keep dozens of cats. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "No Rest for the Wicked")

In 2374, when Captain Jonathan Masters met Q, Q turned Masters' phaser into a kitten when the Starfleet officer pointed the weapon at him. (Star Trek: Swiftfire: "Q, Time and Again")

In the 2370s, Hilary Preston kept a cat named Frobisher as a pet. Frobisher would often sit on the couch near the door in Preston's ready room aboard the USS Tucker. Preston considered him an excellent judge of character because she has taken a disliking to anybody that Frobisher has hissed at upon entering the room. (Star Trek: Daedalus: "Krotek Nor")

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A cat was a type of domesticated animal that made vocalizations that sounded like "meow." Ken occasionally wished he possessed a cat or a dog instead of his pet mooka, Zeebo. The spukamas was a common housecat on Corellia. The pittin was another domesticated cat-like creature, as was the felinx. Like cats, they came in many colors and enjoyed batting at strings. Reekcats were another species.

There were also several sentient feline species in the galaxy, such as the Tinnell, the Cathar, and the Togorian. Some cat-like sentient species, such as Orryxians and Catumen, were often nicknamed "Cats."

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