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Claire forgives Charlie with a kiss. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Lost is a trifecta of action, mystery, and romance, and that includes some kissing. There are several instances where the characters have shared intimate moments, both on the Island, in their lives prior arrival to the Island, and after their initial experiences there. But the kisses that occur on Lost are not always your normal romantic fare; sometimes they entail deception and manipulation.



The following main characters have kissed on the lips (romantic or non-romantic):

Characters Episodes
Boone & Shannon 1 episode
Charlie & Claire 3 episodes
Hurley & Libby 1 episode
Jack & Juliet 2 episodes
Jack & Kate 3 episodes
Jin & Sun 4 episodes
Paulo & Nikki 1 episode
Sawyer & Ana Lucia 1 episode
Sawyer & Juliet 2 episodes
Sawyer & Kate 7 episodes
Sayid & Ilana 1 episode
Sayid & Shannon 3 episodes

The full list of every kiss between any characters is given below:


Season 1

Kate kissing Sawyer ("Confidence Man")

Season 2

Jack and Kate's jungle kiss ("What Kate Did")
Sun shows Jin her new nightie.

Season 3

Sawyer kisses Kate at the quarry. ("The Glass Ballerina")
Juliet kisses Jack.

Season 4

Sayid and Nadia embrace after being reunited
Desmond and Penny kiss on Penny's rescue boat

Season 5

Kate kisses Jack. ("316")
  • Kate kisses Jack after telling him that she is going with him back to the Island. ("316")
  • Sawyer kisses Juliet the evening after she successfully delivers a baby boy. ("LaFleur")
  • Sayid and Ilana kiss passionately before she reveals she is on assignment to take him to Guam, and knocks him unconscious. ("He's Our You")

Season 6

Missing Pieces

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