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The Kiss was the alleged name of a Federation ship which was to travel to the rim worlds on the Federation-Romulan border to defend against an anticipated attack. Captain John Harriman gave Tal Shiar High Examiner Rokan the names of what he claimed were three Federation ships -- Kiss, Myas, and Limeball -- during a staged interrogation. (ST short story: "Shakedown")

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Claire forgives Charlie with a kiss. ("Live Together, Die Alone")

Lost is a trifecta of action, mystery, and romance, and that includes some kissing. There are several instances where the characters have shared intimate moments, both on the Island, in their lives prior arrival to the Island, and after their initial experiences there. But the kisses that occur on Lost are not always your normal romantic fare; sometimes they entail deception and manipulation.



The following main characters have kissed on the lips (romantic or non-romantic):

Characters Episodes
Boone & Shannon 1 episode
Charlie & Claire 3 episodes
Hurley & Libby 1 episode
Jack & Juliet 2 episodes
Jack & Kate 3 episodes
Jin & Sun 4 episodes
Paulo & Nikki 1 episode
Sawyer & Ana Lucia 1 episode
Sawyer & Juliet 2 episodes
Sawyer & Kate 7 episodes
Sayid & Ilana 1 episode
Sayid & Shannon 3 episodes

The full list of every kiss between any characters is given below:

Season 1

Kate kissing Sawyer ("Confidence Man")

Season 2

Jack and Kate's jungle kiss ("What Kate Did")
Sun shows Jin her new nightie.

Season 3

Sawyer kisses Kate at the quarry. ("The Glass Ballerina")
Juliet kisses Jack.

Season 4

Sayid and Nadia embrace after being reunited
Desmond and Penny kiss on Penny's rescue boat

Season 5

Kate kisses Jack. ("316")
  • Kate kisses Jack after telling him that she is going with him back to the Island. ("316")
  • Sawyer kisses Juliet the evening after she successfully delivers a baby boy. ("LaFleur")
  • Sayid and Ilana kiss passionately before she reveals she is on assignment to take him to Guam, and knocks him unconscious. ("He's Our You")

Season 6

Missing Pieces

See also

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1. A small, mound-shape, baked meringue, which often contains chopped nuts, cherries or coconut. The texture of a kiss is light and chewy. 2. The term also applies to small one-bite candies, usually commercially produced.

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This article is ambiguously canon.

The subject of the article originates in a source that has not been deemed to be definitively canon.

Kiss was a planet. It was the homeworld of the entertainer Lily Langtree.


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

More of a "tongue-transferral process."

A kiss is a peculiar sort of human bonding ritual involving (sometimes mutual) oral contact. The reasons for this strange phenomenon are usually beyond the typical Transformer's understanding, resulting in many an uncomfortable line of questioning. Are these fleshlings transmitting data? Is it an energy-transferral process? Why are they doing it in my back seat?

The plot thickens. When properly administered by the correct agent, a kiss can provide an incredibly potent power boost to Transformers, with occasionally unpredictable results.


Marvel Comics continuity

Looks like he's about to round third base as well.

It has been stated on a few occasions that the kiss is an act of atonement for past perceived misdeeds. However, this information comes from a very small dataset, specifically the individual human named Jessie. While in the company of Buster Witwicky, she has repeatedly described the act of kissing as "apologizing." Since the use of this term has not been observed in use by any other human (other than Buster himself, seemingly part of an attempt to encourage continued kissing from Jessie), the conclusions one can draw are strictly limited. Brainstorm! The Car Wash of Doom!

Kissing is not limited to the humans of Earth. The ritual is also practiced on Nebulos by the Nebulans Gort and Marita. The Autobot Highbrow was able to witness this event, which caused a short but violent war between their race and the Transformers. Clearly volatile emotions surround this act. Highbrow, at the time, was not able to ascertain whether kissing was akin to a binomial data transfer, and even after binary bonding with Gort, answers have not been forthcoming. Ring of Hate!

Generation One animated continuity


During the Golden Age, the Autobots were known to have engaged in kissing, as Orion Pax was kissed by his girlfriend Ariel. War Dawn

Astoria kisses Powerglide's face before parting. The Girl Who Loved Powerglide

The Junkions have adopted the human ritual of kissing, apparently after watching much of their television transmissions. One Junkion even kissed the Dinobot Grimlock. This act greatly confused the Dinobot leader, and caused him to reassert his status as "king". The Transformers: The Movie

Beast Era

The Maximal Silverbolt and the Predacon Blackarachnia have been nearly observed kissing at several opportunities, but none of our recording equipment has been able to successfully capture it at the exact moment of contact. Again, as on Nebulos (see above), the act created an amount of irritation amongst the participants' peers. The Agenda (Part 1) The after-effect of the kiss has been observed, however. When applied to the Maximal following Blackarachnia's Transmetal 2 upgrade, it seemed to disorient him for a moment and shoot small amounts of energy through his cranial module. Crossing the Rubicon

Let's not even get into Rattrap and Botanica. Spark of Darkness

And we aren't even going to touch Rattrap kissing Rhinox after he fell into his arms. The Agenda (Part 2).

Kiss Players

Oh God. You don't want to know. You shouldn't know. But your curiosity will get to you. Note: We apologize for any damage caused to your psyche or immortal soul.

Live- action movie

After dancing around it for some time, Sam and Mikaela's big screen kiss moment came at the end of the film where the two were found macking on Bumblebee's hood (note: he was in car mode) to the strains of Linkin Park after the scourge of the Decepticons had ended. Also occurring while Optimus Prime gave his stirring final speech.

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