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Kir Kanos
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1.83 meters[2]

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"I fight for no causes but my own, and what I did, I did for no man but myself."
―Kir Kanos — (audio)Listen (file info)

Kir Kanos was an Emperor's Royal Guard and the final loyal member of the guard after their ultimate betrayal at Yinchorr by their fellow guardsman Carnor Jax. After swearing an oath to hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice, Kanos became the most wanted man in the galaxy, after a massive bounty was put on his head by the Imperial Remnant. However, his skills helped him stay alive, and he eventually caught up with Jax and engaged him in a final duel. Kanos slew the would-be Emperor, avenging his brothers.

However, Kanos then set out to eliminate everyone that had helped accelerate Palpatine's ultimate death, specifically targeting the Imperial Ruling Council. With a sizable bounty on his head, Kanos went undercover as Kenix Kil, eventually making a name for himself in bounty hunting circles. It was with this alias that Kanos was finally able to infiltrate the council and execute the traitors within, especially Xandel Carivus, who planned to take the throne. With his main work complete, Kanos continued to search for traitors to the Emperor, hoping to one day face Luke Skywalker and avenge the Emperor's death.



Early life

"I assure you that I'm no more of royal lineage than yourself."
―Kir Kanos

Nothing is known of Kir Kanos's life before he joined the Galactic Empire, but whatever his experience had been, it served him well during his trials to become a Royal Guard.[5] As with all of the Emperor's Royal Guard, Kanos was a stormtrooper whose exemplary performance caused him to be a standout among his squad.[6]

Training on Yinchorr

"It's a big galaxy, Carnor Jax. The squall exists only here on Yinchorr."
―Kir Kanos
Kir Kanos and Carnor Jax witness the arrival of Palpatine to the Imperial Royal Guard Academy.

Recognized for his skill, Kanos was removed from his squad to receive special training that would make him a Royal Guard. Alongside forty-three other recruits, Kanos arrived on Yinchorr, the home of the Imperial Royal Guard Academy. On this wasteland of a world, Kanos and his fellow soldiers were exposed to the roughest conditions and forced to fight constantly, in a dangerous arena known as the Squall. It was in the Squall that Kanos first came to know the ambitious soldier known as Carnor Jax. Jax and Kanos were often sparring partners within the Squall, with Jax almost always the victor.[3] Both of them were trained early on by Myn Kyneugh.[7] As their training progressed, Kanos and Jax came to be known as two of the most skilled recruits, surely destined for a place in the Guard.[3]

However, Kanos was soon to discover several more trials before his advancement. Although he and Jax were obvious standouts, another soldier, Burr Danid, was more highly praised as the best among the recruits. When Palpatine visited the academy in a special visit, Danid was presented as the foremost student among Kanos's class. Kanos and Jax watched as Danid was used in a demonstration with the Emperor's favorite disciple, Darth Vader. Vader and Danid dueled within the Squall as the other recruits watched, but it was not a fair fight. Danid was easily outmatched by the Sith Lord's ferocity and skill, and he was easily overpowered. Vader showed no mercy as he brutally slew the young man, throwing his wounded body into the depths of the Squall. Kanos was visibly shocked by the merciless demonstration, but understood the lesson being taught. Only the best could be given the honor to defend the Emperor.[3]

As the training continued, Kanos became among the best in his class.[8] The original class of forty-three was eventually reduced down to only a few. The remaining men were put into pairs so that they would learn to rely on their "brothers" for support, aid, and companionship. Kanos was paired with fellow recruit Lemmet Tauk, and they grew to depend on each other during a year long stint in which they trained and lived together. Kanos and Tauk were overjoyed when they were selected as the final four recruits to survive the training. Alongside Carnor Jax and his partner Alum Frost, Kanos and Tauk came before the Master Instructor of the Academy, Ved Kennede. He informed them that their training was almost complete but for one final test.[4]

The final test

Kir Kanos: "Good luck, Tauk."
Lemmet Tauk: "And you, my friend."
―Kir Kanos and Lemmet Tauk immediately before their final test.
Kanos passes his final test, killing Lemmet Tauk.

In pairs, the potential guardsmen were to be brought before Palpatine to complete their training. Jax and Frost went first, while Kanos and Tauk waited outside. Although Tauk was visibly nervous for the test, Kanos steeled his nerves, trying to calm his good friend. When the doors opened, the two men strode forward into the Emperor's chamber, coming face to face with the leader of the Galaxy. A spatter of blood decorated the floor, and he could see Carnor Jax peering out at him from behind Palpatine's throne. After being congratulated for their accomplishments, the Emperor ordered that the two men fight for him.[4]

Kanos and Tauk hesitated, but at the demand of Vader, the two men crossed blades. As their training took over, Kanos quickly took the upper hand. Battering aside Tauk's weaker defense, Kanos kicked the man back and drove his blade through Tauk's stomach. As Tauk's slowly dying body fell backwards, Kanos locked eyes with the man one last time, realizing that he had just killed his best friend. With Tauk's corpse lying at the feet of the Emperor, Palpatine congratulated his newest guardsmen and departed the facility.[4]

Kanos quickly ran to the body of Tauk, trying to apologize for his ultimate betrayal. However, Vader was watching and informed Kanos that he should never regret a command from the Emperor. Vader ignited his lightsaber, preparing to teach Kanos a lesson. Although Kanos was able to get his hands on his blade, he was no match for Vader, who cut a large swath through Kanos helmet, giving him a distinguishing scar that he would carry for the rest of his life.[4]

The life of the guard

A young Kir Kanos.
"You have passed your final test. You will serve your Emperor well."
―Darth Vader

Now formally inducted into the Royal Guard, Kanos served with distinction for several years, but matters outside his control would eventually change his life forever.[5] Kanos was not one of the guard to be assigned to the Death Star II, and so escaped death when the Emperor was killed for the first time during the Battle of Endor. Without an Emperor, Kanos carried on alone for several years, leaving active duty, but still trying to live up to the Emperor's ideals. However, the Emperor was soon to return in a clone body, and Kanos loyally returned to active duty, once again taking up the helm as a respected Royal Guard.[5]

Unfortunately, this service was to be short lived. Due to the efforts of the Jedi Luke Skywalker, Palpatine was finally killed on Onderon while his spirit dissipated into Chaos, leaving no chance for a potential return. Many of the guard perished during the ultimate destruction of the Emperor's throne-world of Byss, and most of the rest were killed serving aboard the Eclipse II. Kanos and approximately twenty others who had lived returned to Yinchorr and the Imperial Royal Guard Academy. Led by Master Kennede, the group lay in mourning for ten full days.[9]

However, on the tenth day, they were interrupted by a lone guardsman, badly injured and strained from his long journey from Onderon. The guardsmen had overheard a confession from the Emperor's physician on Onderon, implicating Carnor Jax in a conspiracy to kill the Emperor. Jax had bribed the physician to tamper with Palpatine's clones, ensuring a quick death and forcing Palpatine to confront Skywalker on Onderon, finalizing his death. Realizing that Jax was not present in the database and had not died in battle, the remaining guard swore death to the traitor. However, just at that moment, the gathering was interrupted by a legion of stormtroopers.[9]

Kir Kanos battles stormtroopers.

Opening fire on the Emperor's Royal Guard, a battle broke out within the facility, with the guard badly outnumbered. Although the guard succeeded in killing a great number of stormtroopers, they were unable to overcome the superior numbers being thrown against them, and were soon withered down to only two. Alongside Kile Hannad, Kanos was backed against a corner, and the two men soon realized that there would be no one left to exact revenge on Jax. The two men quickly played a game of chance to decide who would be allowed to escape, with Kanos being the one chosen. Kanos evacuated the facility as Hannad covered his retreat. After escaping, the building exploded in a violent fashion, leaving Kanos the only loyal remaining Royal Guard. He quickly found a way offworld and was determined to fulfill the oath he had taken.[9]

The quest for revenge

"It seems I have no choice. For now, let our common enemy unite us—"
―Kir Kanos
Kir Kanos fights stormtroopers during the First Battle of Phaeda.

Riding in a disguised Skipray blastboat, Kanos remained constantly on the move, briefly staying on Zaddja before leaving a trap for pursuing troops and moving on. Jax had placed an incredibly large bounty on Kanos's head, and he was forced to make his way towards backwater worlds, eventually arriving on Phaeda. After bribing the dock master, Kanos went to take a drink in the local cantina. While there, he tried eavesdropping on several Imperial officers, eventually instigating a confrontation. Kanos killed the men, and then executed an entire squad of stormtroopers that came to their defense. Kanos quickly departed the scene, eventually being helped by New Republic sympathizer Tem Merkon. Merkon brought Kanos back to his hideout and allowed him to stay in his underground room.[3]

Kanos was soon contacted by New Republic agents on Phaeda led by Mirith Sinn, who transported him back to their base. Although he despised the New Republic, he understood that they shared a common enemy and agreed to join them for a time. Sinn was intrigued with Kanos, and tried to engage him in conversation, resulting in a mutual attraction that fostered between the two. However, the romance was cut short, as the location of the base had been betrayed to the Empire by Tem Merkon, and Kanos's livelihood was once again put in jeopardy. Forced to take to the field, Kanos took part in the ensuing battle, routing the Empire's forces under Colonel Xexus Shev and helping win the day for the fledgling New Republic. Although Kanos was safe for the moment, he knew the Empire was closing in on him, and he requested a ship from Mirith to leave the planet. Sinn provided him with a Scimitar assault bomber, and Kanos quickly departed.[4][9]

The final showdown

"Carnor Jax, for your part in the assassination of Emperor Palpatine, and for the murder of your fellow guardsmen, I condemn you to death!"
―Kir Kanos — (audio)Listen (file info)
The Emperor avenged.

Arriving back on Yinchorr, Kanos rigged the bomber as a trap and waited for Jax to arrive to face him. Just as he had expected, the Imperials finally arrived in the system, and Jax and his complement of Blackhole stormtroopers quickly advanced on Kanos's position. Kanos's skill was with him, and he quickly dispatched the Blackhole troopers, setting the stage for a final duel between the two men. Within the Squall, the arena where Jax had always been the victor, Kanos and Jax engaged in their final duel. Kanos's ferocity quickly gave him the upper hand, but he was merciful to his opponent, letting him regain his footing after initially disarming him. This mercy was not returned, however, as Jax took the opportunity to use the Force to smash a boulder into the back of Kanos's head.[10][11]

With his helmet damaged, Kanos removed the headpiece, returning to the fight with renewed ferocity. Jax almost succeeded in plummeting Kanos into the depths of the squall, but the timely arrival of Mirith Sinn and her bodyguard Sish Sadeet saved Kanos from a quick death. Realizing that Kanos cared for Sinn, Jax threatened the New Republic agent with a blaster shot, hoping to swing the balance in his favor. Unfortunately for Jax, Kanos did not hesitate, battering aside the weapon and thrusting his blade deep into the would-be Emperor's chest. The NR agents were appalled at the sudden execution, hoping to keep Jax alive as a political prisoner. Sadeet tried to stop the execution, but as Kanos swung around, the Trandoshan was impaled on Kanos's sword, killing him.[11]

Sinn cried out in terror for the death of her friend, but Kanos was remorseless, reminding her that he was only with them because they shared a common enemy and he had no love for the New Republic. Kanos left Sinn to bury her dead friend, declaring that there were others who would pay for their part in the death of the Emperor, the Imperial Interim Ruling Council.[11]

Life as a bounty hunter

Boss Banjeer: "N-no…it can't be…all those men…how could they fail?"
Kir Kanos: "How could they not? Their only motive was money. Mine was pure. Revenge."
―Kir Kanos and Boss Banjeer immediately before Banjeer's death.
Kenix Kil, the bounty hunter alias of Kir Kanos.

With the death of Jax, the Ruling Council was spurred to offer an even greater bounty for Kanos's head than before. With such a huge amount on his head, Kanos needed an alias, and he began to relegate himself to backwater worlds once again, trying to keep the focus off himself. Back in his Skipray blastboat, Kanos eventually arrived on the planet of Baramorra. After scouting the area, Kanos found that the planet was ruled by Boss Banjeer, the nephew of Admiral Banjeer, a member of the Imperial Interim Ruling Council. Banjeer had several bounty hunters under his employ and hoped to capture Kanos for his uncle.[12]

Kanos realized that the best way to hide was to take up the guise of a bounty hunter himself, and he quickly purchased a unique suit of armor and fashioned himself as Kenix Kil, an anagram of his name in the secret battle language of the Royal Guard. Kanos then contacted the son of his mentor, Tav Kennede, to help him solidify his new persona. He asked Tav to buy him equipment for use in the destruction of the Imperial Council and to meet him on Baramorra in two days. In the meantime, Kanos decided to learn as much as he could from Boss Banjeer while posing as Kenix Kil.[12]

Kanos reported to Boss Banjeer's camp, and after impressing him significantly, he told Banjeer that he knew the location of Kir Kanos. Kanos then led the majority of Banjeer's hunters on a wild goose chase far away from the camp to "capture" the wanted man. After bringing the men far away, Kanos revealed his true persona and killed the bounty hunters, effectively crippling the hunting operation in the sector. Because Boss Banjeer was a member of Admiral Banjeer's family, Kanos saw fit to kill the man, destroyed his base single-handedly, and then personally killed Boss Banjeer.[12]

After Tav arrived, Kanos left the planet in an X-wing, leaving his Skipray to a young mechanic on the world. Kanos had decided to learn how to fly the fighter craft so that he could understand the skills possessed by Luke Skywalker, as he saw him as the true enemy, having believed he killed Palpatine.[12]

Life under Grappa

"I know you've had your fingerprints removed and that your helmet filters make a voice identification impossible. You're a man without an identity, without a past."
―Grappa the Hutt

After making several stops,[12] Kanos decided to use his new persona as Kenix Kil to disappear into the underworld. He had his identity erased to keep anyone from learning of his true identity and took careful precautions that no one would see his face under his helmet. Hearing that a Hutt named Grappa was in need of bounty hunters, Kanos decided to take him up on employment. Kanos flew his X-wing to Grappa's base on Genon, and after meeting with the Hutt, he took up a commission to capture customs officer Tarrant Snil.[13][14]

Kir Kanos dominates the men under Tarrant Snil.

Snil was located on the planet G'wenee in the city of Lay Pa-Sidian, and Kanos left immediately to apprehend his quarry. After arriving, he was immediately accosted by men loyal to Snil. Several other hunters had failed to capture the customs officer, and he was confident that Kanos would have the same difficulty. However, Kanos's skill with his double-bladed vibroblade was too much for Snil's men, and he quickly killed the entire band. Kanos took Snil hostage and presented him to Grappa, much to the Hutt's delight. Grappa declared a party in Kanos favor, but it was soon interrupted by a mysterious call over the HoloNet. As Grappa quickly departed the celebration, Kanos got a quick glimpse at the mysterious visage of Nom Anor.[14]

While working for Grappa, Kanos noticed that Mirith Sinn was also under the Hutt's employ. He sent Tav to keep watch on the woman to make sure that she had not discovered his secret. Updates from Tav eventually confirmed that Sinn had probably called off her vendetta against him, as she was certainly not spending her time searching for the killer of her friend. However, Kanos decided that he had overstayed his welcome at Grappa's. Someone familiar with the battle language of the guard (possibly Vin Northal) had deciphered the anagram of Kenix Kil and traced it to Kanos. As soon as Grappa had received word of the new information, Kanos was long gone.[15]


Kir Kanos: "We'll follow this trail. At least it's running in the right direction."
Mirith Sinn: "You talk like you have a plan.'"
Kir Kanos: "I always have a plan."
—Kir Kanos and Mirith Sinn
Kir Kanos fires on the Zanibar, disrupting their ceremony.

At the same time, Mirith Sinn had been turned over to members of the Zanibar race by Grappa. Although Kanos had said that he held no remorse for killing the Rebel commander's friend, he felt that he deserved to repay her for causing her such grief. Commandeering an A-wing from Grappa's base, Kanos set out for Xo, the Zanibar homeworld, to rescue Sinn.[15] Kanos followed the Zanibar transport ship carrying Sinn, and landed on the planet, stashing the ship in the dense underbrush outlying the main Zanibar city. Kanos then infiltrated the city and incapacitated a Zanibar priest, taking his place in one of their archaic ceremonies.[16]

The Zanibar were known to capture organics and submit them to barbaric rituals, which seemed to consist of cutting up the person and flaying them while they were tied to a large metal hoop. As Kanos arrived at the ceremony, the Zanibar were about to cut up Lieutenant Massimo, the man who had betrayed Sinn to Grappa, but had been betrayed in turn. While the Zanibar were busy with Massimo, Kanos made his way deep into the ceremony building, finally finding Sinn and freeing her. However, the Zanibar quickly realized that their other sacrifice had been released, and they raised the alarm.[16] Kanos opened fire on the Zanibar priests, killing one of them, and inadvertently freeing Massimo from the ceremonial hoop in the process.[17]

Sinn and Kanos ran from the Zanibar village and back to the ship, with the Zanibar in hot pursuit. Since the A-wing was only a one-seater ship, Kanos was forced to stand on the wing of the craft while Sinn flew the craft through the atmosphere. Unfortunately the atmospheric flight slowed down the craft, and the Zanibar's own craft quickly caught up with the A-wing, crippling it and forcing Sinn to crash-land the ship into a tree. Although the two remained unharmed, they were trapped in the dangerous Xo wilderness with no means of escape.[16]

Survival and reform

"You were taught what they wanted you to believe. It's time you started seeing the truth. Stop reacting as you were trained to, and start thinking about why you're doing it. Listen to what your heart tells you to do."
―Mirith Sinn
Kir Kanos fights off a beast in the jungles of Xo.

Kanos and Sinn trekked across the dangerous wilderness together. The pair had to constantly work together to keep from being eaten by the hostile wildlife. They were able to survive the day by constantly watching each other's backs, eventually reaching an ancient temple in the center of the wilderness by nightfall. Settling down to spend the night, the attraction that Kanos and Sinn had begun back on Phaeda began to blossom again. Sinn tried to convince Kanos once again that the Empire was evil, telling the story of how her peaceful husband was killed by the Empire. Kanos began to slowly show a change of heart, finally thinking for himself for the first time in many years.[16]

After spending the night together, Kanos and Sinn awoke to see a Zanibar raiding party that had come to recapture the Humans for their ceremony.[16] Trapped and outnumbered, Kanos tried to hold off the Zanibar, using the ancient temple as cover. Luckily for Kanos and Sinn, Tav Kennede arrived in Kanos's X-wing to save the day. Unfortunately, as soon as Sinn had climbed aboard, Kanos was wounded by a stray blaster shot and was unable to get to the ship. Kanos ordered Kennede to leave him and get Sinn away, and despite Sinn's protests, Kennede followed orders. Kanos was taken captive by the closing Zanibar as Kennede took Sinn off-world.[18]

Luckily for Kanos, even the barbaric Zanibar had heard of the massive bounty on the Imperial Guard's head, and decided to turn him in for the reward. The Zanibar brought Kanos back to Grappa and arranged for Grappa to deal with turning over Kanos to the Imperials. Kanos remained in a cell as the Hutt negotiated with the Imperials. However, as Kanos prepared himself in incarceration, a New Republic taskforce led by Mirith Sinn infiltrated Grappa's headquarters and rescued Kanos. The Royal Guard was brought back with the Sinn to New Republic space in time to witness the Battle of Ord Cantrell.[18]

Showdown with the "Emperor"

"There can be no mercy for the enemies of the Emperor!"
―Kir Kanos
Kir Kanos dominates Xandel Carivus.

Kanos followed Sinn to a meeting with Baron Ragez D'Asta, where she revealed to him that his daughter, Feena D'Asta, had been replaced with a clone. Although D'Asta was shocked with the revelation, Kanos reacted immediately. He declared Feena's clone a traitor to the Empire for being involved on the Imperial Interim Ruling Council and prepared to execute her. However, Sinn convinced Kanos to spare her life, as she had been forced to participate in the plot by Black Sun. Although he decided to spare the woman, Kanos still resolved to execute the rest of the council.[19]

The newly proclaimed Emperor, Xandel Carivus had holed up inside his throne room on Ord Cantrell, and with the help of Sinn, Tav Kennede, and Baron D'Asta, Kanos infiltrated the throne room and engaged Xandel Carivus's Private Guard. They were no match for Kanos's skill, and although they were able to wound Tav, Kanos quickly dispatched all of them. Carivus tried to make an escape out the back door, but Kanos cut him off, smashing his face into a bulkhead before accusing him of betrayal to his Emperor. Although Carivus tried to plead for his life, Kanos would hear nothing of it, and he coldly executed the next would-be Emperor.[19]

Although Carivus was dead, the rest of the Imperial Ruling Council members had been locked in cells by Carivus. Sinn commented on the fact that they would be easy pickings if Kanos wished to have them killed as well. However, Kanos remarked that there had been enough killing for one day, implying that he would leave the judging of the council up to the New Republic. Kanos's change of heart had left him confused, and he prepared to leave New Republic space and Sinn behind. Although Sinn declared her love for him and pleaded with him to stay, Kanos realized that his devotion was still to the Emperor, and he left the scene in his X-wing.[19]

Further exploits

"I'm glad to see that you haven't lost your famous daring. It will make your death that much more entertaining, Kenix Kil—or, I should say, Kir Kanos!"

Kanos eventually decided to go back to bounty hunting, resuming his alias as Kenix Kil. After capturing a small pointy-eared individual and turning him in for the bounty, Kanos was offered the bounty for a notorious cyborg pirate. The pirate was holed up in a fortress guarded by several advanced droids. After arriving, the robot sentries herded Kanos's X-wing into the fortress, forcing him out of the cockpit. Kanos was confronted by the cyborg pirate, who revealed himself to be none other than Lieutenant Massimo. He had escaped the encounter on Xo but had sustained major injuries following his fall from the ceremonial ring caused by Kir Kanos. Massimo had been forced to get prosthetic replacements for his right arm and right eye.[17]

To get revenge for the hideous state that Kanos had placed him in, Massimo had set himself up as a pirate, with the ultimate goal of destroying Kanos. Discovering the true identity of Kenix Kil, Massimo bribed the bounty commissioner into sending Kanos his way. As Massimo's bots descended on Kanos, however; the Royal Guard quickly caused the two assassins to destroy each other, leaving Massimo defenseless. As with many of his other victims, Massimo pleaded for Kanos to spare his life, but the response was the same as it had ever been, and he left the traitorous lieutenant dead within his own fortress.[17]

Kir Kanos moves to execute Massimo.

After this, during the Orinda campaign, Kanos heard that the scientist Sigit Ranth, who had been responsible for creating sabotaged clones of Palpatine and involved in the conspiracy to kill the Emperor, had surfaced in active duty for the Empire. Ranth was involved with a scientific team on the planet Dathomir researching the Infinity Gate, and Kanos quickly departed there to execute the traitor. However, Ranth departed before Kanos could locate the man, and he became stranded on the planet. Since flying craft were strictly regulated to prevent the escape of the Nightsisters, Kanos had to search for an alternate means of escape. Using the alias of "Burr Danid" after his fallen comrade, Kanos posed as a shuttle pilot in order to secure passage off-world. When Rebel heroes on a mission to rescue witches of the Dreaming River Clan and to apprehend the rogue Jedi Dal Konur arrived on Dathomir with a damaged ship, Kanos offered to help them get the ship repaired and help save the Dreaming River Clan if they would allow him to leave with them off-world. The Rebels agreed, and after a hectic rescue in which Kanos donned his armor several times to cut down Imperial troops, Kanos was eventually able to escape and continue the hunt for Ranth.[20]

Final fate

"If the time comes that I bring Luke Skywalker to justice and you get in my way, I won't feel any compunctions about cutting you down."
―Kir Kanos

Kanos's further exploits have been undocumented, and he was last seen continuing his hunt for Sigit Ranth.[20] However, Kanos still operated behind the scenes, making sure that plans for a possible recreation of the Guard under Admiral Daala and the clone Major Tierce met with failure. The information Kanos received from this sabotage eventually led him to undermine the Four unnamed Imperial Royal Guards that were heading the Second Imperium, perhaps keeping them from uniting with the greater Imperial Remnant.[2] An eventual reunion with Mirith Sinn was also undocumented, but she had implied that she had fallen in love with him in their last encounter.[19] Kanos also vowed to hunt down and kill Luke Skywalker for his role in the death of the Emperor, and it was unknown if a showdown ever took place.[12][20]

Personality and traits

Kir Kanos and Mirith Sinn kiss.
"I'm sorry, but we both know that your heart still belongs to the New Republic…and my allegiance is still to the Emperor"
―Kir Kanos

Kir Kanos was a cold and brutal individual. He was known to kill without mercy, and felt little guilt about this—if any at all.[11][12][17] Kanos had developed these characteristics through a brutal upbringing filled with harsh lessons and images of death from the very start of his career in the Empire.[3][3] He was also an extremely loyal and dedicated warrior to the point of fanaticism, and mourned for almost ten days following the death of his highly respected Emperor. Kanos felt a unique sense of connection with Palpatine, and his one visit to the Academy at the same time as Kanos's training resulted in the Emperor of the Galaxy briefly meeting eyes with Kanos. Due to this, Kanos looked up to the Emperor as a father and was driven by revenge following his death.[3][9]

Although Kanos seemed uncaring and emotionless to many, he was also known to show brief moments of tenderness, and his self-constructed armor was occasionally broken through to reveal Human emotion. After he had killed Lemmet Tauk, Kanos was genuinely filled with remorse. However, the compassion he tried to show to his fallen brother was met with the harshest punishment by Vader, resulting in his distinguishing scar.[4] While voyaging across the jungle of Xo with Mirith Sinn, Kanos began to have his first traitorous thoughts, and his faith in the Empire was wavered when Sinn confronted him with what she believed to be undeniable proof of their evil and cruel ways. Sinn had a legitimate effect on Kanos, and he seemed to entertain leaving his quest to avenge the Emperor to be with Sinn. However, his devotion to the Emperor was too great, and he eventually parted with her.[16][19]

Behind the scenes

Kanos in his Royal Guard armor

Kanos was roughly based on a character that Randy Stradley planned for an unwritten story of Marvel Star Wars. Like Kanos, the earlier character was an Imperial Guard who was out to avenge Palpatine's death; and like was planned for Kanos in the proposed Crimson Empire III, he would have eventually fought Luke Skywalker.[21][22]

According to Stradley, when writing Crimson Empire they worked under the idea that all Royal Guards were clones, with the shot of the unmasked Jax supposed to show that he and Kanos were from the same prime clone.[23] However, the establishment of Jax's father, and the fact that other Royal Guardsmen have been developed, seem to have vanquished that concept (unless they are all oblivious GeNode clones).

In the audio drama version of Crimson Empire, Kanos was voiced by Patrick Coyle.

It is interesting to note that the Imperial Knight (Star Wars: Legacy) uniform is very similar to Kir Kanos's Royal Guard armor.

The Nightsaber role-playing adventure contains statistics for Kanos which indicate that he is Force-sensitive. Although this is never explicitly stated to in the comics, and Kanos himself may be unaware of the fact, it would be supported by:

  • the authors intended him to be cloned from the same genetic source as the Force-sensitive Carnor Jax
  • The Dark Side Sourcebook states that all Force-sensitive Royal Guard candidates were singled out for special training on Yinchorr
  • his ability to deflect blaster-bolts off his vibrostaff
  • his defeat of Carnor Jax, identified as a Sovereign Protector and Sith apprentice, in single combat
  • his prediction that a damaged TIE/In starfighter would crash into its own forces
  • a panel of Crimson Empire seems to show him pulling a vibrostaff into his own hands (although Jango Fett was able to do the same with his blasters using magnets).
  • Jax's possible allusion to Kanos's undiscovered abilities during their battle ("Your rage blinds you to your true potential, you have no idea what you are really capable of," etc.)
  • concept art for the series showed him holding a double-bladed lightsaber.


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