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Final Fantasy Enemy
King Mummy
King Mummy PSP
Japanese キングマミー
Romaji Kingumamī
NES Name Wizard Mummy
PS Name King Mummy
GBA Name King Mummy
PSP Name King Mummy

The King Mummy, also known as the Wizard Mummy, is an enemy in the original Final Fantasy. They are simply stronger mummies, and do not pose a significant threat.


They appear as a random encounter in the Citadel of Trials and the Mirage Tower, appearing along with other Mumies in the Castle, and along with Cockatrices and Pyrolisks in the Tower. They also appear at the Waterfall Cavern, along with mummies and Cockatrices/Pyrolisks, depending on the situation. When they appear as random encounters, they appear with Mummies, but they also guard the inside of a room in the Waterfall Cavern, appearing with Cockatrices and Pyrolisks.

Overall, they are not hard to defeat. If they appear in groups of mummies, feel free to use a Fire or Diaga spell to kill them quickly. If they appear with the Birds, the Cockatrices should be your primary target, as they can Petrify your characters.

Overall, King Mummies are just stronger mummies that appear in big groups to slowly weaken the player's party. These enemies do not have special abilities or magics, even if the NES name says otherwise.

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