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The King Black Dragon (colloquially "the KBD") is the 23rd strongest monster in RuneScape, but was the strongest monster available to kill when released. Recently, the King Black Dragon has lost popularity since the loot it drops can be acquired from monsters that are easier to kill . He is still fought, however, by clans or individuals looking to pass time or just for the experience of killing it. Even though easier monsters drop the same loot, the KBD drops high-priced items very often so it still can remain a good source of money.

The King Black Dragon was the highest level monster in the game until 7 September 2004 when it was replaced by the Kalphite Queen. Afterwards, he was the highest level monster in the Wilderness, but was soon replaced by the Chaos Elemental. Afterwards, it was the highest level Dragon, but was replaced by the Mithril Dragon. He is now the highest level chromatic dragon. The King Black Dragon is still the highest level monster in RuneScape Classic.

The King Black Dragon can also be killed for Slayer if a player's task is Black Dragons.


The King Black Dragon Lair

The King Black Dragon lair is just wide-open space. There is nowhere to hide.
A player fighting the KBD.
King Black Dragon (Birds-Eye view)

The King Black Dragon Lair is a multi-combat area, allowing groups of players to fight him simultaneously. The lair is a level 44 Wilderness dungeon near the Lava Maze. The dungeon may be accessed via a ladder in a fenced area on the west end of the Lava Maze containing four Lesser Demons. The ladder leads to an area with poison spiders, and a lever which will teleport the character to the King Black Dragon's lair. The lair itself isn't in the Wilderness, but players are in the Wilderness until they pull the lever. If a player gets teleblocked, they can't pull the lever. Players also do not need to leave via ladder, as teleporting can be used to exit the lair.

It is common to use the obelisks located throughout the Wilderness, which will teleport you randomly to other obelisks in various places within by activating them, one of them being in level 44 Wilderness at the Frozen Waste Plateau, and another one being found south of the Lava Maze, which are both right near the KBD lair. The only danger when using this method is players may be teleported to a multicombat area and be confronted by multiple revenants at once. This is especially notable at the obelisk near the Rogue's Castle, as 2 or more Revenant knights and Revenant orks have been known to patrol nearby together, and since it is in deep Wilderness, it is very likely players may get poisoned by them, as well as being teleblocked, preventing players from using the obelisks. Also, the Chaos Elemental CAN come close to the obelisk, so it is advisable to turn off auto-retaliate when using the obelisks.


The King Black Dragon only uses melee when fighting, but he has very high defence, and also uses 4 different types of dragon breath attack that have fairly devastating effects, which makes him a well-rounded and difficult foe. His 4 dragonbreath attacks consist of the following:

  • Regular dragonfire. (All adult dragons have it.)
  • Shock-like breath that can reduce your stats.
  • Ice breath that can stop players from moving or attacking.
  • Poison breath that will deal 8 poison damage.

All of these breath attacks are long ranged, including the regular dragonfire. They can also cause severe damage to those without the proper protection. When a player is using both an Antifire potion and Anti-dragon shield, the King Black Dragon can hit up to 25 with his 3 unique breaths, though his normal breath will hit from 0 - 20. Killing him becomes easier if the group forms a circle around him as he cannot attack everyone at the same time, and needs to pause between attacks in order to choose a target.

Suggestions for Fighting

Whether you are in a group or alone, you must NEVER FORGET to bring an Anti-dragon shield/Dragonfire Shield as dragons, including the King Black Dragon, can deal well over 50 damage to a player that is not wearing his or her shield.

Taking an Anti-fire shield or a Dragonfire shield is an absolute must as it protects the player almost fully from the dragon's fire breath. Using an Antifire potion in conjunction with an Antifire shield or a Dragonfire shield completely protects the player from the dragon's breath. There are no specific levels required to fight this monster, but for players who wish to Melee in a team, having a combat level in the mid 90's should be enough and for players who wish to Range in a team, having a ranged level in the mid 70's will suffice.

Remember that the amount of kills you can get per trip depends on the levels of the people on your team, and the amount of people on it. Teams with two players and the levels stated above may only get one, or two kills in one trip, whereas teams with higher level players and/or more players will invariably get more kills each trip.

With a Team

Killing the King Black Dragon in a group of two or more people makes it much easier than doing it alone due to the damage taken being split in half. This is almost the same as you fighting a dragon half the level as the King Black Dragon, because you get half the hit you would normally get (if going with a team of 2) The most effective way of dealing damage is by using melee or range. For those looking to use regular combat against the dragon, it is recommended to use the Protect from Melee prayer while using and Antifire shield. To evade the fire breath completely, use an Antifire potion with your shield. It is highly recommended to use Super attack and Super strength potions to take less damage and make the fight faster. A typical inventory for a person using melee has the following items:
A basic Melee setup
  • One click teleport(in case things go bad or just to leave after you are done)
  • Antipoison potion as the KBD can poison you sometimes
  • Stat boosting potions for Attack and Strength
  • Antifire potion
  • Prayer Potions
  • Food (Monkfish or higher is strongly advised)
Using range is also effective to deal damage. Rangers should remember that using a Crossbow is the only way to range while wielding a shield, so it is the only way to range this tough beast. Rangers are also advised to use Antifire potions so as to completely negate the effects of the dragon's fire. Additionally, rangers are also advised to take a Ranging Potion to boost their level throughout the fight, thus having a higher chance of hitting the Dragon. Rangers are not required to use prayer because they do not take melee damage, but prayers to boost your Ranged level such as Eagle Eye may be used. This inventory is typical for a ranger:
A basic Ranged setup
  • One click teleport(in case things go bad or just to leave after you are done)
  • Antipoison potion as the KBD can poison you sometimes
  • Stat boosting potions for Range
  • Antifire potion
  • Food (Monkfish or higher is strongly advised)

The Melee and Ranged setups are very basic and you can switch numerous parts of it to better suit your levels (like using an Amulet of Fury instead of an Amulet of Glory or using Karil's instead of Black dragonhide armour).


Warning: Soloing the King Black Dragon is very dangerous and should NOT be attempted by players with low levels and important (to them) items.

Before you attempt to kill the KBD alone, remember that all its attention will be focused on you, so do not rely on the experience from trips to kill the King Black Dragon in a team, to work for a solo trip.

For a rough estimate, you should at least be level 100-110 combat to get at least one kill by using melee and if you are ranging, then your range should be around the high 70's or low 80's. Please remember that these are very rough numbers; the KBD can be killed with lower stats, but the lower your level the harder it becomes and even at these levels, its not easy to do. Melee users should use Prayer retaining armour such as Initiate armour or Proselyte armour and the Protect from Melee prayer as well as Super attack and Super strength potions. Rangers are advised to use Karil's armour and at least Ruby bolts with a Ranging potion.

Barrows armour is recommended.

Melee users as well as rangers are advised to use the inventories previously stated with a few changes, these items are more of a necessity than a recommendation:

  • A one click teleport (ectophial will work)
  • Stat enhancing potions
  • Antifire potion or Extreme antifire potion
  • Antipoison (Super anti-poison gives you temporary immunity to poison so if you can bring it, bring it)
  • Food (at least Sharks)
  • Summoning pouches for a combat familiar or Beast of Burden (not necessary but very helpful)
  • Dragon Dagger (melee only, use at start of fight and when special bar recovers)

Remember that when you solo, the dragon will focus only on you, increasing the damage done in comparison with a team, so you must watch your hitpoints, as well as your prayer points very carefully.

Those with the herblore level to make super anti-dragonfire potions are highly recommended to wield a Zamorak spear.  Its stab bonus makes it very accurate and if using extreme potions and turmoil it has been known to crash teams of up to five level 99 rangers.  The KBD is far weaker to stab then anything else, even range.

Advised levels


  • 85+ Strength
  • 85+ Attack
  • 85+ Defence
  • 90+ Hitpoints


  • 70+ Strength
  • 70+ Attack
  • 70+ Defence
  • Any health within reason


  • 90+ Ranged
  • 90+ Defence
  • 90+ Hitpoints


  • 80+ Ranged
  • 70+ Defence
  • 70+ Hitpoints


100% Drop


Arrows and Runes



Charm drop percentages
No Charm


10 - 13%

7 - 9%

55 - 61%

2 - 4%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 900 kills.
4 charms are dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)




  • The King Black Dragon can talk, as seen in A Tail of Two Cats. During the final cutscene he is visited by Bob. During the chat between the King and Bob, a range player attempts to solo the King, but fails horribly and dies in a one hit K.O. (He had no fire protection.)
  • The Three Headed Dragon from Learning the Ropes is very similar in appearance to the King Black Dragon, other than the green scales.
  • All of the fighters on the right art picture have no protection shown except for the warrior, which is being eaten by the right head. (It is hard to tell but you can see the picture of an anti-fire shield.) However it's worth noting that they could be using Anti fire potions, instead of a shield. A thing to notice is that according to the picture, the king is somewhat far from the fighters, and the shield is still bigger than the warrior himself. The warrior is using what looks like a Dragon Platebody (or maybe a Chainbody?) and a Dragon Longsword (before the 09 graphical update). The ranger is using a magic longbow. The mage looks like she's wearing blue mystic robes, this is however unknown.
  • The King Black Dragon makes an appearance as a playable monster in the FunOrb game Armies of Gielinor.
  • The different forms of dragon breath the King Black Dragon is similar to the boss Gleeok from the video game "The Legend of Zelda" and the boss Trinexx from "The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past" which each head would shoot out different kinds of balls, Fire, Ice and sometimes close combat.
  • Although it's examine text reads: The biggest, meanest dragon around, the Mithril Dragon is still bigger, and it packs a punch to players.
  • Many players like to call the King Black Dragon the KBD (King Black Dragon)
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