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A Kindred Warrior type

Demons are winged beastmen in Final Fantasy XI. They are found mainly in the Valdeaunia Region, as well as a larger family of beastmen that incorporate other such creatures as Imps and Ahrimen.


It is said that their damage-absorbing outer shell was once armor that was enhanced by an evil enchantment. In addition to their highly advanced fighting skills, they are also known to possess high levels of intelligence, which they have used to acquire various types of potent magic. Due to their pitch-black color and ominous appearance, the inhabitants of Vana'diel came to call these beastmen "Demons;" however, Demons refer to themselves as "the Kindred." This, along with many other questions about their origins, still remain unanswered.

During the Great War, the Demons served as the Shadow Lord's elite guard, ruling over the other beastmen with fear. To ensure the other beastmen were following orders, many of the Demons would act as messengers, traveling to and from Castle Zvahl. When the Great War was over, the Demons vanished. However, with recent rumors of the Shadow Lord's return, there have been Demon sightings in Valdeaunia. While there are many theories about their origin, the most popular one is that the Shadow Lord made a pact with them after traveling deep into Hell.

Species of Demon

  • Ahriman
  • Dvergr
  • Gargouille
  • Imp
  • Kindred
  • Soulflayer
  • Tauri

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