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"Uh-huh! That’s right! We’re sphere hunters."

The Kinderguardians is a group of Sphere Hunters from Final Fantasy X-2. The three members of the Kinderguardians are Pacce (younger brother and former guardian of summoner Isaaru), Hana, and Taro. They first meet the Gullwings in Zanarkand during Chapter 1, where the trio hunts for the "prize". However, the Kinderguardians were later granted with various items, but no spheres. Confused, the Gullwings continued deeper, and exploited Isaaru's plan to make Zanarkand Ruins into a tourist attraction. Later, should the sphere containing Veganagun's records be given to New Yevon, in later chapters, the Kinderguardians will grant players the Cat's Bell accessory. Late in the game, the Kinderguardians are located in a labyrinth dungeon in Bevelle, Via Infinito. The trio does not enter the dungeon, instead, they would stand near a Save Point, watching the Gullwings progress through the dungeon. By the end of the game, there seems to be dozens of members.

In the International version's Last Mission, the Kinderguardians are known to guard the Chocobos along with Clasko.


  • The names of two of the Kinderguardians, Hana and Taro, both reference their small role in the plot. In Japan, they use the names Hana and Taro Yamada as the equivalents for Jane Doe and John Doe. This could mean that they were specifically created to be placeholders in the Kinderguardians.
  • The name Kinderguardians refers to the German word "Kindergarden", meaning "Playground for kids", referring to the fact that all of the Kinderguardians' members are kids.

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