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Real Name
Current Alias

Killer Watt





First appearance

Spider-Girl #9
(June, 1999)



Killer-Watt's first public appearance was a bank robbery. The super-hero Spider-Girl intervened but was defeated and saved by the mysterious adventurer, Darkdevil. Killer Watt next struck at the musical concert. He had worked as a roadie for the band when an electrical accident gave him his powers. Spider-Girl was able to defeat him and he was taken into custody. It's unknown precisely how Killer Watt found freedom and became a member of the Revengers, but he was a member of that team when the overtook the Avengers Mansion. However, despite their ambush of the Avengers, the Revengers were defeated with the assistance of several of the Avengers' allies.

Powers and Abilities



Killer Watt is capable of generating and manipulating electricity. This allows him to generate electro-concussive blasts, fly and channel electricity through matter.


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Killerwatts are Slayer monsters that require level 37 Slayer to kill. Players must wear insulated boots to fight them; otherwise, they will get hit for up to 14 damage by the thunderclouds inside the area. Note: as soon as you select it as an attack target it will run towards you and attack you as if it were aggressive, sometimes attacking you first. They are a fairly underrated monster, with common Nature rune drops and the occasional air/fire battlestaff drop. At around 70 Defence or Magic, they do not hit as often, especially against black dragonhide armour.

Warning: Killerwatts are much more dangerous than what their combat level may suggest; they can attack very frequently, and are very accurate. Only fight them when wearing armour that has a high magic defence bonus.



Killerwatts can be found on the Killerwatt plane, which is found by stepping through a portal on the top floor of Draynor Manor.

Note: The killerwatt plane is filled with flashing lights, so players with eye problems or epilepsy should either play in low detail, turn off the flickering effects in the graphic settings, or not go in there at all.

In the Enlightened Journey quest, it was revealed by the balloon travelling screen that killerwatts also inhabit clouds. However, players cannot engage them in battle here.

Strengths and weaknesses

Killerwatts use both ranged and melee, and can hit very rapidly. On distance they will always attack with ranged so if you can, use the Protect from Missiles prayer and pack several vials of Prayer potion. Wearing dragonhide armour can help resist some of the Melee attacks. As they attack extremely rapidly, eating while killing them is not recommended as the killerwatt can hit more than you can eat.

Slayers without decent magic-resistant armour or the patience to have to possibly make a second trip generally change, skip or remove this monster. However, it can be argued there are many less worthwhile tasks that could replace these, such as Harpie Bug Swarms. However, the player might get a worthwhile, or high exp task such as Lesser demons and Turoths.

If you let the killerwatt hit you with a melee attack before you hit them, they will only attack you with melee. They still attack fast, but with only melee damage to worry about it should be a lot easier. However, this will not be true if you melee them and then run and try to use ranged. Simply click on a faraway killerwatt and click on the ground near you to make sure he hits you first. Being in walk mode will prevent you from running up to him and hitting him first. Keep in mind even though you're wearing armour protecting you from magic, using protect from magic won't do anything; Protect from melee will work when they're not ranging.(You'll know if they're ranging if it sounds like air strike).


100% Drop


Magic Staves





Please add your charm drop rates to the next template:

Charm drop percentages
No Charm


10 - 17%

1 - 4%

2 - 5%

0 - 2%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 256 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)


  • The name is a play on "kilowatt", a unit of power, with the word "killer" included to imply its hostility.
  • If a storm cloud moves onto the square of a Killerwatt you are fighting, the Killerwatt will disappear, and your character will appear to be fighting empty space.
  • When you go to attack Killerwatts, you stay in place and they will come to you if their feet aren't showing, otherwise, if their feet are showing you will go to it.
  • During the Enlightened Journey quest, it is revealed that Killerwatts live in the clouds over Gielinor
  • "Killerwatt" is a supervillain that harnesses electricity in MARVEL comics 2 (The time of Spider-girl).

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