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Kill the rat god
location: Trapper Town (Klamath)
given by: Slim Picket
reward: 300 experience +50 Karma

There's a big problem in Trapper Town, the west end of Klamath. Slim tells you he thinks there's something in the caverns below controlling the rats that have been infesting the place.

You can get the key to the warrens door in one of several ways, including:

  • Sleeping with Slim (Female chosen one only)
  • Stealing the key from him
  • Picking the door lock
  • Killing him and taking it
  • Convincing Slim to give it to you
  • Feeding the dog near Klamath's town center a piece of Meat Jerky (he'll cough it up and follow you around)
  • Clicking barter, then trading for the key (it has a value of 0, so just add $1 to your side and he'll accept.)

At any rate, once you get into the warrens, battle your way down through the caves until you reach the second sub-floor. There you'll face Keeng Ra'at, the brains behind the invasion. The giant rat has a very large amount of HP, and is a difficult creature to kill especially since you will most likely be at a very low level when you come across it, and with very weak weaponry. One rather slow-paced but simple tactic to defeat him is to take one shot at the Keeng Ra'at with a ranged weapon, and then make use of the rest of your Action points to get as far away from the rat as possible. This means that when it's the rat's turn to fight, it ends up using most if not all of its AP catching up with you and thus cannot fight back. It is worth pointing out that there is a 10mm Pistol on a corpse north of the Keen Ra'at's lair, as well as some 10mm ammo well hidden in the pile of bones to the east which will no doubt make the fight easier.

Fallout 2 Restoration Project changes

  • There is now another way of killing Keeng Ra'at. Be observant of the scenery.
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