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Kill the Shi Emperor
location: San Francisco
given by: AHS-9

If you choose to be a Hubologist and follow their teachings, the assasination of the Shi Emperor is the First Quest given by AHS-9, the Hub Leader (dressed with a tuxedo) or AHS-7, the recruiter (dressed with a dark purple tunic).

You have to go to the Shi Temple (west of San Francisco) and kill the Emperor (who actually is a supercomputer that the Emperor's "advisor" uses to direct the Shi) by formatting "him".

This is a very evil quest, because everyone in the city will attack you, so you'll have to kill everyone...


You can get this quest from either AHS-9 or AHS-7. After recieving the quest leave the Hubologists Side of San Fransisco and go south-east. After entering the Shi Empire H.Q keep going until you get to the door leading into the throne room. After you get in to the throne room go to the door to the left of the Emperor's adviser keep going down the next area till you reach a force field. From there open up you're skilldex and select your repair skill. Now select a little white beam between the force field generators. I f you're repair skill is not high enough to open it I would recommend getting Vic. Once inside kill the two guards and access the terminal then select the option of formatting him. Next run out of the room. I advise you go in with good weapons a power armor do to the fact that the guards are equip with Gauss Rifles. But after killing the guards exit and make a run for the Hubologists side of San Francisco and talk with AHS-7 or 9 to complete the quest.

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