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Spot stealing is the intentional act of occupying an area another player is using for personal gain which involves immediate disruption to the other player. Spot stealing takes on multiple definitions depending on the situation. It may involve a player ruining another player's training pattern by using the resources they had been using (increasing waiting time for resources to respawn), or else using the same resource at the same time (lowering the experience earned). This differs from Spot sharing, where another player uses an area nearby for the same intention of the other player but with no drastic disruption to the other player. Both are quite often found immoral by the community, more so Spot stealing than Spot sharing. Spot stealing is not against the rules.


In combat

Kill Stealing or KSing (called PJing in PvP circumstances) is the combat form of spot stealing, where the act of stealing another player's monster kills happens (or player kills in a Multi-combat area in PvP worlds).


Double Killing

The Double Killing method is commonly used by rangers in a single-way combat, since their weapons have a high attack speed. The ranger will hide in a safe-spot and alternate clicking on two monsters so that he/she attacks monster1, then monster2, and repeats. If the weapon speed if high enough (1.8 seconds per hit), he/she will be attacking both monsters and other players cannot attack the monster, therefore resulting in double experience for them but longer waiting times for other players. This method is frowned upon, similar to nerfing. Hill giants in the Edgeville Dungeon are commonly used for this tactic.


Nerfing, or half-killing, is common in a single combat zone with monsters that drop rare and/or expensive items. The method is more of a item stealing method rather than spot stealing. It involves a player watches the health bar as he/she is attacking the monster and after it has less than half health left, they go on to another monster. Since the monster now has less than half health, the original player who had been attacking the monster gets the drop. In members, it is very common in single combat areas, especially where dragons are found as the "nerfer" may receive a clue scroll or similar rare/expensive item.

Situation examples

The following are common occurrences of the above methods. The name "Bob" will be used as the stealer, and "Kate" as the victim.

Kill Stealing 1

  • Kate is training in the single-combat Experiment cave on 2 experiments and has developed a killing pattern, so she is able to alternate between them until the other respawns.
  • Bob appears and kills the monster Kate is not fighting.
  • Kate's pattern gets mixed up, and she has to wait for a new monster to respawn, therefore receiving less experience than before.

Kill Stealing 2

  • Kate starts soloing a Cockroach soldier in a multi-combat area.
  • Bob shows up, who is a higher level, and attacks the cockroach Kate is soloing on.
  • Kate is receiving less experience.
  • Bob hits more than Kate, and therefore receives the monster's drop.


  • Kate is ranging blue dragons in the Taverley Dungeon, which is single combat.
  • Bob is meleeing another, and he weakens the dragon to less than half health before running to an idle one and attacking it.
  • Kate finishes off and kills the dragon Bob originally had, although no drop appears.
  • Bob receives the drops of the defeated dragon which he half-killed AND the 2nd one he went on to.


Some players try to avoid the issue by using the following methods:

  • Working out who gets which monsters to kill so each player gets an equal, fair amount of experience to both players.
  • Switching to another world. Note: Worlds with the least amount of players are likely to have more in the particular area for the same reason. Worlds with moderate amounts are more likely to be empty. Avoiding Loot share worlds is also a good idea
  • Switching to a PvP world, as it is very likely that no one will be there. But this is risky, as the trainer may be attacked by a player killer, resulting in loss of items.
  • Deciding to visit another, less-populated area instead or sometimes in heavy populated worlds and there is less people there.

Common areas

The following areas in RuneScape are the common places for spot stealing to occur.

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