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Kill Razor
location: Boneyard
given by: Jon Zimmerman
reward: 2000 caps
related: Free Adytum from the Regulators
Get weapons for the Blades

Kill Razor is an unmarked quest in Fallout.


Upon entering the L.A. ruins known as the Boneyard, a guard will suggest that the player do some work for Jon Zimmerman in order to be afforded safe passage through the town. Jon is located in the southern area of Adytum and requests that the player kill Razor.

Razor is the leader of the Blades and is located north of Adytum. Upon executing Razor, the Blades become hostile. Fortunately for the player the Blades are for the most part unarmed or armed with weak melee weapons. If the player is of moderate level he will be able to take out the Blades with ease. Most of the Blades will miss repeatedly or hit for 0 damage when attempting to attack the player wearing T-51b Power Armor. Looting their corpses can provide a large number of Stimpaks. Virtually every Blade has a little stash of caps, making this a relatively lucrative and easy mission.

Return to Jon Zimmerman and the Regulators to receive your reward. If you tell Mayor Zimmerman that you made Razor suffer, he will give an extra 500 caps.


If you Kill Razor and the rest of the Blades the Gun Runners will become hostile to the player, making it impossible to access Zack's weapons shop.

Quests in Fallout
Los Angeles Boneyard

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