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Kilika before Sin's attack.

Kilika is an island off the southern coast of the Spira mainland and the first stop on Yuna's pilgrimage. It can only be reached by boat or airship. The island consists of a small port and village, a large jungle and a Temple of Yevon. It is famous for being the home of High Summoner Ohalland and the Kilika Beasts, the local blitzball team.


Kilika Village

Kilika after Sin's attack.

Final Fantasy X

Kilika is attacked by Sin shortly before the party arrives, causing much devastation to the village and its population. After Yuna performs the Sending for the first time, she and her Guardians head through the tropical scenery of the island to the temple of Yevon, encountering a Sinspawn along the way.

Outside the temple, Tidus and Wakka encounter the Luca Goers, a rival blitzball team, and the arrogant summoner Dona and her guardian Barthello. After going inside, Tidus and Wakka pray for victory at the upcoming blitzball tournament in Luca before entering the Cloister of Trials to obtain Ifrit. Since Tidus is not officially a guardian yet, he has to stay outside. However, Dona and Barthello push him onto the elevator which descends to the Cloister, hoping he would get into trouble. Shortly after Tidus catches up with the others, Yuna emerges with a new aeon.

Kilika in Final Fantasy X-2.

Final Fantasy X-2

With the absence of Sin, Kilika has been rebuilt and is once again a bustling port town. The town has been greatly affected by the politics of New Yevon and the Youth League. Due to the animosity, New Yevon has barricaded the Jungle paths, disallowing passage to or from the Temple, thus separating many families. Dona and Barthello, for example, are split up because Dona is a member of the Youth League while Barthello is allied with New Yevon.

The final mission of Chapter 1 occurs at Kilika when rumors of an Awesome Sphere being hoarded by New Yevon surface. This sphere's contents and the decision of what to do with it shapes the storyline of Final Fantasy X-2.

Kilika Temple

Kilika Temple

Kilika Temple is located on the far side of the forest north of the village. It is built atop a fire mountain and the Fire-elemental Aeon Ifrit can be obtained here in Final Fantasy X. The fire of the temple changes color depending on whether there is a summoner praying inside or if the temple is being visited by priests and Yevonites. The Fayth of this temple was a former Crusader.

When they first arrive at the temple, Tidus is forced to wait at the entrance to the Cloister of Trials by Kimahri, as he is not an official guardian yet. However, Dona and Barthello force him into the Cloister in the hopes of getting him (and Yuna by extension) into trouble.

In Final Fantasy X-2, the temple area is used as base of the New Yevon Party of Kilika Island.

Temple Aeon

  • Ifrit (Fire-elemental, hound-like aeon)

Temple Trials

A series of puzzles involving fire, the Destruction sphere of Kilika is required to get Anima in Baaj Temple.

Open Areas

  • Kilika Village
  • Kilika Harbor
  • Youth League Fort (Final Fantasy X-2)
  • Temple of Ifrit

Secret Areas

  • A small plateau overlooking the village and jungle where Cactuars like to hang out.


Final Fantasy X

Kilika Village Shop

Weapon/Armor User Cost
Hunter's Sword Tidus 250 gil
Rod of Wisdom Yuna 250 gil
Scout Wakka 250 gil
Cactuar Scope Lulu 250 gil
Hunter's Spear Kimahri 375 gil
Seeker's Shield Tidus 150 gil
Seeker's Ring Yuna 150 gil
Seeker's Armguard Wakka 150 gil
Seeker's Bangle Lulu 150 gil
Seeker's Armlet Kimahri 150 gil

Final Fantasy X-2

Port Merchant

Item Cost Chapters Available
Potion 50 All
Hi-Potion 500 CH 3+
Phoenix Down 100 All
Antidote 50 All
Eye Drops 50 All
Echo Screen 50 All
Soft 50 All
Holy Water 300 All
Twist Headband 3,000 All
White Cape 3,000 All
Silver Glasses 3,000 All
Star Pendant 4,000 All
Beaded Brooch 10,000 CH 3+
Glass Buckle 10,000 CH 3+

Temple Merchant

This shop is only available during Chapters 3 and 5.

Item Cost
Potion 50
Hi-Potion 500
Phoenix Down 100
Antidote 50
Eye Drops 50
Echo Screen 50
Soft 50
Holy Water 300


  • Search for the Squatter Monkeys (FFX-2).

Enemy formations

Kilika Forest

Kilika Temple steps

Other Appearances

Itadaki Street Portable

Kilika appears in Itadaki Street Portable as an area, as seen in Final Fantasy X.


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