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The Kikuichimonji (菊一文字 Kikūhitomoji) is a recurring weapon in the Final Fantasy series, usually taking the appearance of a katana.



Final Fantasy

The Kikuichimonji is a sword equippable by the Thief and Red Mage classes and their upgrades. In the GBA remake, Kraken of the Four Fiends and Rubicante in the Hellfire Chasm both drop the Kikuichimonji when defeated.

Final Fantasy III

The Kikuichimonji is a Dark Sword used by the Dark Knight class and the ninja class. Like all Dark Swords, it is super-effective against dividing enemies. You can get as a reward for defeating the Shinobi enemy in Falgabard's waterfall.there are also about 2 of them in the Falgabard cave.

Final Fantasy IV

Edge wielding the Kikuichimonji in Final Fantasy IV DS.

The Kikuichimonji, also known as the Kikuichimoji, is a katana used by Edge. It is the strongest katana that Edge can buy, with the Murasame and Masamune (as well as the Sasuke's Blade and Mutsonokami in the GBA version) being stronger than it. One can be found in the Sylph's Home in the DS version, while one can be found in the Feymarch. It provides 50 Attack and 40 Accuracy.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

The Kiku-ichimonji is a weapon for all of the ninjas, and provides 40 Attack and Accuracy, as well as +5 Strength. It is found in Eblan Cave during the final Chapter.

Final Fantasy V

The Kikiuichimonji as seen in Final Fantasy V.

The Kikuichimonji is a high-level katana. It may be bought in the Phantom Village.

Final Fantasy VI

The Kiku-ichimonji is a low-level katana for Cyan.

Final Fantasy XI

The Kikuichimoni appears a generic mid-level Great Katana for Samurai with no exceptional traits.

Final Fantasy XII

The Kiku-ichimonji is a katana-class weapon. It can be bought in Archades.

Final Fantasy Tactics

The Kikuichimonji is available as a Draw Out skill for the Samurai, dealing impressive damage in a straight line from the user.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

The Kikuichimonji is a Katana used by Assassins and Ninja. It teaches Nightmare and Metal Veil, respectively.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

The new Parivir Job class can use the Kikuichimonji, along with the recurring Assassin and Ninja Jobs.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

The Kiku-Ichimonji is a level 53 katana that boasts +37 Attack and increases EX intake rate by +2m.


Kiku-ichimonji are the collective name of Japanese swords made by thirteen swordsmiths in the thirteenth century.

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