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Inner Rim Territories


Azurbani system

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Galactic Basic Standard


Kiffu was a planet in the Inner Rim Territories, near the Rimma Trade Route. Kiffu was the larger sister world of Kiffex. When the two worlds' elliptical orbits would bring them close together, large electrical storms would be generated in Kiffu's atmosphere. The Kiffar harnessed the lightning to provide electrical energy.

It was part of the Galactic Republic since at least 3,000 BBY. It was ruled by the Sheyfs of Clan Vos from 332 BBY to 22 BBY, when the planet was conquered by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars.

Over the years, many energy spiders where smuggled onto the planet from Kessel.

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Behind the scenes

Contrary to official map placements, Twilight and Darkness place Kiffu in the Outer Rim Territories.


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Sheyf Tinté negotiates with Count Dooku on Kiffu.

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