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Average height

1.7 meters (average)


Kiffar tattoos

Famous members

Quinlan Vos[1], Sintas Vel[2], Parla Tentase[3], Tonnika sisters[4], Droo Rawk

The Kiffar were a species of Humans from the planet Kiffu. As such, they were sometimes mistakenly called "Kiffu".

Notorious Kiffar include Quinlan Vos, Jedi Master[1]; Sintas Vel, former wife of Boba Fett; and the Tonnika sisters Brea and Senni.



About one in a hundred Kiffar had the ability to read the memories of inanimate objects, including formerly animate objects like corpses, by touch (psychometry). It was not, however, normal for a Kiffar to be able to read the living. Quinlan Vos was a rare exception to this rule because of his training under Count Dooku.[5]


The Kiffar resided on the planets of Kiffu and Kiffex, and their skin came in as many varying shades as that of Humans.

Visually, they were comparable to any Human except for their distinct facial markings. These markings, applied as tattoos when young, were passed down through families on the mother's side, except for on those rare occasions where an individual's mother was not a Kiffar, in which case the father's markings were taken on. Such was the case of Korto Vos, the son of Kiffar Jedi Master Quinlan Vos and Human mother Khaleen Hentz.[6] Clan membership seemed to be passed down on the father's side, although it is unclear what occurred when the father was not a Kiffar, in the case of Ailyn Vel.

The traditional colors of the facial tattoos were red, yellow, and green. Various patterns and designs were used to identify the clan.

Behind the scenes

Jan Duursema has written on her forum that Kiffar markings are not applied as paint. She says, "Yes, the Kiffar tattoos are permanent tattoos and not paint. They do use both a design and color system to identify the clans. We have dealt mostly with the Vos clan who have the yellow tattoos--though I recall one of Quin's cousins having a more greenish tattoo."[7]


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