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Kidneys, an internal organ, have played an important part of several characters' lives.




John Locke

After being "found" by his estranged mother, John Locke met his father, Anthony Cooper. The two began to bond, until Locke discovered Cooper was on dialysis, and that it was unlikely that he would receive a transplant in time. Locke, a match, agreed to do the transplant with Cooper. However, after the surgery, Cooper disappeared, leading Locke to realize that Cooper had conned him for the kidney. ("Deus Ex Machina") Locke developed anger issues because of the "theft," attending support groups and finding other attendees' problems insignificant when compared to his own. ("Orientation")

Locke's bullet wound. ("Confirmed Dead")

Years later, while on the Island, Sayid Jarrah questioned Locke about his scar from the transplant. Locke lied, calling it a war wound. Several days later, Locke was shot in the abdomen by Benjamin Linus. ("The Man Behind the Curtain") Locke recovered incredibly quickly from this wound, attributing this speedy recovery to the island as well as the fact that the bullet had gone through the space where his kidney had once been. Locke states that if his kidney had still been there, then he would have likely been dead, which is quite ironic due to the pain that having his kidney stolen had caused him in the past. ("Confirmed Dead") Actor Michael Emerson later hinted in an interview that this was why Ben shot Locke in that area. (Season 4 Arrives!)

Ben Linus

Ben on the operating table ("I Do")

Jack, while conducting surgery on Ben Linus to remove a spinal tumor, decided to use the leverage he had to help free his captive friends, Kate and Sawyer. Jack made a small incision on Ben's kidney sac, which would be fatal within the hour if Jack did not suture him up. ("I Do") This allowed Kate and Sawyer time to escape, despite the interference of the Others. After making sure that the two were safe, Jack sutured up the nick on Ben's kidney and Ben recovered. ("Not in Portland")


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One of the Varity meats, the kidney is a glandular organ. The most popular kidneys for cooking are beef, veal, lamb and pork. They're easily distinguishable because beef and veal kidneys are multi-lobed while lamb and pork are single-lobed. In general, the texture is more tender and the flavor more delicate in younger animals. The kidneys from younger animals are pale while those from older animals become deep reddish-brown; they're also tougher and stronger flavored. Look for kidneys that are firm, with a rich, even color. Avoid those with dry spots or a dull surface. Before cooking, remove skin and any excess fat. Soaking helps reduce the strong odor in kidneys from more mature animals. Kidneys may be braised, broiled, simmered or cooked in casseroles, stews and dishes like the famous Steak and Kidney Pie. All kidneys are a good source of protein, iron, phosphorus, vitamin A, thiamine and riboflavin.

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"There are organs known as 'kidneys,' [...] One on either side of the lower back, just above the hips. A strike there causes considerable anguish, often so severe that the victim is unable to cry out."
Nom Anor to Shimmra

Kidneys were organs located near the lower back on Humans.[1] Although naturally having both a left and right kidney,[2][3] Humans could survive with only one.[1] Kidneys could be transplanted[4] and even cloned[5] if needed.

Hitting a person in the kidneys caused extreme—often disabling—pain for the victim.[1] Older Humans often suffered from Zithrom's Disease, which resulted in shrunken kidneys, among other symptoms.[6]

Kidney stones could accumulate within the kidneys and be passed from the body.[7]

Yuuzhan Vong typically lacked kidneys.


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