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Galactic Basic Standard

Average height

1.2 to 2.0 meters

Hair color


Famous members

Dorsk 80, Dorsk 81, Dorsk 82, Dorsk 83, Kaell, Kaell 115, Kaell 116

The Khommites were a Near-Human species hailing from the planet Khomm. Circa 1,000 BBY the Khommite people achieved a level of cloning technology far surpassing that of the rest of the galaxy. Believing that their society had achieved perfection, people of Khomm began the cloning of "perfect" individuals, allowing their society to remain unchanged for the next millennium. Khommites' digestive systems were so specified that they could only eat processed food wafers.

Viewing Force sensitivity as an undesirable fluke, the Khommites endeavored to remove the trait from their species. Despite this fact the trait would occasionally surface, as in the case of Dorsk 81, a Khommite Jedi Knight. The Khommites were rigidly conformist in their views, and saw any disruption of the status quo as a threat to their way of life.

In 12 ABY, Admiral Daala ordered an attack on Khomm, when it was discovered that the Jedi Dorsk 81 and Kyp Durron had visited the planet. Colonel Cronus carried out the order with Crimson Command, devastating the planet and its population, forcing the Khommites to do something they had not done in centuries—adapt.

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Behind the scenes

In Darksaber, the Khommites are described as genderless; however, individual Khommites are consistently referred to as "he."



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