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1.3 meters[1]

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New Republic era

―Khabarakh clan Khim'bar

Khabarakh of clan Khim'bar was a Noghri, and instrumental in the liberation of his people.



"Do not worry. I will keep you safe."
―Khabarakh to Leia
Chewbacca assaults Khabarakh in the cockpit of the Noghri's shuttle

Sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn to capture Leia Organa Solo, he and his teammates in Commando Team 22 traveled to Kashyyyk. There his teammates were killed by Wookiees, but when he came close to Leia, his highly acute sense of smell helped him recognize her as Mal'ary'ush: the biological daughter of Darth Vader, whom the Noghri considered their savior. Khabarakh agreed to take Leia, who had promised him the New Republic would help the Noghri people, to Honoghr. Although Chewbacca had previously agreed to stay on the Millennium Falcon, he changed his mind and insisted on accompanying Leia to Honoghr. Khabarakh agreed to this, stating that "The Wookiee code of honor is similar to our own." However, the unexpected appearance of a Star Destroyer sent Chewbacca into a rage, as the Wookiee believed himself and Leia betrayed; Chewbacca and Khabarakh scuffled in the cockpit for a while, and though Khabarakh was a skilled warrior, Chewbacca's pure strength overwhelmed the Noghri, and he was forced to use a stun weapon to save the lives of his passengers and himself. With Chewbacca subdued Khabarakh sent out the recognition code, albeit late.

His reappearance on Honoghr, however, drew the attention of Thrawn, who thought him dead on Kashyyyk and believed that he was interrogated and released after divulging some Imperial information. Thrawn wanted to find out exactly what the information was. Khabarakh showed Chewbacca several Noghri styles of combat, teaching him a bit in the lull. Furthering Thrawn's belief that he was interrogated was that Imperials found Wookiee hair in his ship. Khabarakh was arrested for treason, and was imprisoned in Nystao, but was freed when Leia revealed the Imperials' treachery in poisoning their world.

When Luke Skywalker came to Honoghr seeking the aid of the Noghri, Khabarakh and Ovkhevam greeted Luke at a new area of clean lands and helped him repair his ship. Luke reflected that he didn't really need the help but that the sooner the Noghri people got over their insisted debt to the Skywalkers, the better.

Later, Khabarakh was part of the elite guard who were chosen to protect Leia and the Solo twins. After the death of Thrawn, he returned to his planet to help rebuild it, with the help of the New Republic, as Leia had promised.



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