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Kevin Webster
Occupation Mechanic
Born 3rd September 1965
Residence 4 Coronation Street
Father Bill Webster
Mother Alison Webster
Sibling(s) Debbie Webster
Carl Webster (half brother)
Spouse(s) Sally Seddon (1986), (2002)
Alison Wakefield (2000)
Children Rosie Webster (1990)
Sophie Webster (1994)
Jake Webster (2000)
First appearance 19th October 1983
Duration 1983 to present
Played by Michael Le Vell

Kevin John Webster, played by Michael Le Vell, is one of the long running characters in the series.


Kevin is a mechanic who first appeared in 1983, working for Brian Tilsley. His father, Bill Webster, and his sister, Debbie, later joined him. Initially his life consisted of little more than working by day and drinking with friends Terry Duckworth and Curly Watts in the evening, he dated one or two girls but then he met the love of his life, Sally Seddon, in 1986 and they wed. The Websters bought Elsie Tanner's house at Number 11 after she left for Portugal in the middle of the night in early 1983.

In 1986 Kevin became a hero as he broke the window of the Rovers Return Inn to drag Bet Lynch to safety after a fire destroyed the pub. Although Sally pushed him to buy the garage several times, Kevin wasn't ready to be his own boss and was quite content to work for someone else, much to Sally's chagrin. Eventually though, the opportunity and price were right and he went into partnership with Tony Horrocks.

Kevin has two daughters by Sally, Rosie and Sophie, whom he adores. Kevin made a go of the business but it was to be the downfall of his marriage in 1997 when Tony's mother, Natalie Horrocks, took over her son's share of the business and moved in on Kevin at a vulnerable time. Sally was away nursing her sick mother and Natalie had no compunctions about seducing a married man. Kevin and Sally divorced after the affair. In the end, Sally took Kevin back, mainly for the girls' sake but that wasn't to last. She was then seduced by Greg Kelly, the estranged son of Les Battersby, and this time, Kevin threw her out. Greg used her money (inherited from her recently deceased mother) and then abused her. THe affair ended quickly, but Kevin refused to take her back.

Despite his lingering feelings for Sally, he married Alison Wakefield, a machinist from the factory who was pregnant with his child. The night before Kevin was to marry Alison, he and Sally had a one night stand for old times' sake. Although Kevin married Alison, the secret came out before Sally married Danny Hargreaves, who then left her. s Alison commited suicide after the death of the baby. In 2001, Kevin had a short relationship with district nurse Molly Hardcastle whom he rescued from the brink of suicide as she was worried about financial debts.

Kevin and Sally later remarried, mainly for security on Sally's part. Kevin still loved Sally, and hoped that despite her claims otherwise, she still loved him. Kevin owns and runs a garage with help from Tyrone Dobbs. Previous employees Tony Horrocks, Tommy Harris and Dennis Stringer have all come to a bad end; Tommy was murdered in the garage.

Through the years Kevin has often overlooked Sally's misdemeanors. Although she nearly ran off with a decorator, Kevin asked her to marry him anyway, and she agreed, again, seemingly for the sake of her girls. Sally had another affair with her boss, Ian Davenport, in 2005 which Kevin again overlooked, pretending to believe Sally's lies that nothing actually happened.

In early October 2006, Kevin's father Bill Webster telephoned Kevin to say that he would pay for all the Websters to visit Paris for Kevin and Sally's upcoming 20th wedding anniversary. Sally also invited Craig Harris as she thought Rosie wouldn't want to leave him. But Rosie and Craig ran away and planned to get a train to Germany. However Rosie couldn't do it and Craig left on his own.

In November 2007 Fiz began to tell him that she thinks that John Stape and Sally are having an affair. Circumstances have appeared to confirm these suspicions: for example, when both of them were at Freshcos at the same time, Sally got something in her eye and John tried to help her get it out which looked like they were kissing. Whilst Sally has developed a crush on John, it is Rosie (who was aged 16 at the time) who's having an affair with John, not Sally.

On 25th December 2007 Kevin was arrested for assaulting John after Rosie and John's affair was revealed after John gave Fiz and Rosie the wrong presents.

On 11th January 2008 he was sentenced to prison for 28 days. He served 14 days of the sentence due to good behaviour.

Kevin and the family have now moved into 4 Coronation Street after they swapped houses with the Peacock's.

When John returned to the street in July 2008 Kevin acted up, he began to snap at his friends as of seeing John but stuck up for Fiz when he attempted to reconcile with her, Kevin has also been feuding with Tony Gordon, who began manipulating Rosie to try and get Kevin to sell the garage to him. On 7th July 2008, Kevin sent Tony away and told him that the garage is not for sale. Tony later invested in Kevin again, this time with Jimmy Dockerson, Kevin responded angrily but forgot about Jimmy until When Kevin realised he was losing clients, he confronted the specific garage mechanic alon with Jimmy before confronting Tony concerning the situation, although Sally and Rosie denied Kevin's proof and Kevin later discovered that his tow truck had been stolen whilst heling a pretty woman fix her car.

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