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Kenny's Cave

World map: Point Lookout
inside: Herzog Mine
map marker: Kenny's Cave
cell name: DLC04Mine02
ref id: xx008122

Kenny's Cave is a location in Point Lookout. To reach Kenny's Cave the first time, you must go through Herzog Mine.

It leads to Miner's Rest, where Kenny resides. By completing the speech check, using Child at Heart, or retrieving Kenny's Bear, Kenny will invite the player to share his hideout. The bear can be found in the nearby Mirelurk and Swamplurk infested Blackdamp Shaft.

Once Kenny gives his approval:

  • The cot will grant the player the Well Rested effect.
  • Kenny will be available to play Hide and Go Seek and Tag.
  • The ladder to Point Lookout will be accessible.
  • All interactive loot items and storage will "go green" and be yours for the taking with no hostility or karma penalty.


  • Every 5 or 6 days a camera will respawn in his "shooting range."
  • Kenny's Cave is not required to get the achievement/trophy Bog Walker.
  • The cave appears to be Point Lookout's version of "ownable housing" as it requires a quest for use and grants the Well Rested benefit.
  • Kenny's Teddy Bear (Kenny Bear) can still be found and given to Kenny if you use the Child at heart perk at first. It can not be dropped though due to it being a quest item.
  • Use the Mister Sandman perk on Kenny. He will not die, making this an easy experience exploit glitch.
  • Leaving Kenny's Cave to Blackdamp Shaft and re-entering while Kenny is doing target practice will cause the camera and lunchbox (And possibly the other targets) to respawn in their respective places on the shelves. You can do this 5-6 times during his target practice sessions. (Tested on Xbox 360)
  • There is one shelf left of the cabinet that you cannot take the items off of due to an invisible wall (unless you use the camera turning trick- hold LB and turn the camera left or right when pressed up against the shelves. The option to pick up items from that shelf should appear).
  • The Trunk at the foot of the bed (not next to the Dresser) appears to be safe for storage. On XBox 360, after gaining Kenny's trust, the Trunk has been used for storage and all items were still there after several in-game days including several quest completions, sleeping, and many times entering/exiting the cave to swap items in/out of the trunk. Needs confirmation.


Kenny's Cave appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Point Lookout.

Point Lookout (add-on)

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