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Kennan Taanzer
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"Keenan's a good boy. He's very brave."
Crys Taanzer

Kennan Taanzer was the Human Jedi youngling who escaped Order 66 with K'Kruhk and Chase Piru. Kennan was the son of Crys Taanzer.



Battle of Nadiem

Kennan and his fellow younglings.

During the Clone Wars Kennan's home planet of Nadiem was attacked by the Confederacy of Independent Systems. His father was killed, he received a minor wound, his home was destroyed, and the chances of him and his mother Crys being evacuated were slim. However, a Jedi healer was on the planet during the fighting. The Jedi treated the boy's injuries and was impressed by how calm he was. The Jedi then had his Padawan test Kennan's blood, which revealed his Force sensitivity. The Jedi offered to designate Kennan for priority evacuation, if his mother agreed to give him over to the Jedi Order, assuring her that her son would reach safety at the Jedi Temple within two days. She agreed, but she later regretted her decision after Order 66, believing that she had guaranteed her son's death.

Dark Times

"Concentrate on staying on our feet, Jiro. Focus on staying alive."
―Kennan speaking to Jiro

Although Crys thought him to be dead, Kennan actually survived Order 66. Taanzer was a member of the Soaring Hawkbat Clan. The clan was stationed a the Bogden Jedi Training Facility on Bogden 3. They were awaiting transport back to the Coruscant Jedi Temple, which had been delayed due to the battle there. When masters K'Kruhk and Sian Jeisel arrived with their clone troopers, Order 66 was issued. Several of the younglings were killed as their masters defend them, but K'Kruhk and Piru ultimately escaped with half a dozen younglings to parts unknown. Two months afterwards Taanzer was living with the group of younglings in exile under the tutelage of K'Kruhk.

Kennan was present when Lumbra and his men came to the youngling's camp. When they noticed that the broken ship had a piece that they needed, Lumbra proceeded to take it. As he approached the ship, fellow youngling, Seddwia, jumped at him saying that it was their ship and to leave it alone. Lumbra grabbed Seddwia by the arm and pulled her away, starting a conflict. Chase Piru jumped to her rescue, but was shot and believed dead. When Lumbra realized they were Jedi younglings, they were chained up and on their way to be turned into the Galactic Empire.

It was only the timely intervention of K'Kruhk and Piru that saved Kennan's life and that of the younglings at the expense of Lumbra and his men. But this soon proved to be a double-edged sword; Kennan's mother, Crys, did not survive to see her son again. She had fallen victim to the unlocked and long forgotten Rakghoul Plague.


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