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This article is about the Jedi Knight and Jensaarai Kelbis Nu. You may be looking for the New Republic pilot Koobis Nu.
Kelbis Nu
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26 ABY, Eriadu[2]

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―Kelbis Nu using his last words to save others

Kelbis Nu was a male Rodian Jensaarai, in service to former Imperial Moff, Leonia Tavira. In this capacity, he ambushed the Jedi Knight Corran Horn, losing the encounter. Freed from servitude to Tavira, Nu became a member of the New Jedi Order. He fought against the Yuuzhan Vong, and was killed by the Peace Brigade on Eriadu.





"You did what you felt was right to save others from being hurt."
Luke Skywalker comments on the actions of the Jensaarai

The Rodian Kelbis Nu grew up on Susevfi as part of the Sith sect, the Jensaarai. There, he constructed his own orange-bladed lightsaber and a suit of cortosis armor, and was promoted to the rank of Defender. He worked with four other Jensaarai Defenders stationed on ex-Moff Leonia Tavira's Star Destroyer, the Invidious, detecting potential traps set for the dimunitive woman. Tavira was holding the Susevfi population hostage to ensure co-operation from the Jensaarai.[1]

The Saarai-Kaar; Nu's leader while a Jensaarai.

While Nu was serving Tavira, she kidnapped the wife of Jedi Knight Corran Horn. In order to track down his wife, Horn infiltrated one of Tavira's pirate squadrons, the Khuiumin Survivors. He then haunted the base, disguising himself as a Jedi Knight. Tavira dispatched five Jensaarai—including Nu—to apprehend Horn. They tracked him down on Courkrus and trapped him in an alley, unaffected by Force illusions he conjured against them. Just as Kelbis and the other four were about to attack Horn, Jedi Master Luke Skywalker appeared (guided by the Gand Ooryl Qrygg) and helped defeat the Jensaarai. While three of the Jensaarai attacked Skywalker, Kelbis and another fought against Horn. Corran quickly defeated them both, catching Kelbis by the wrist and knocking him out with a blow from the end of his lightsaber pommel to the right side of his head.[1]

Using a ysalamir to confuse them, and the presence of Skywalker as intimidation, Horn interrogated Nu and the other Jensaarai until they revealed their origins and the location of the Jensaarai base. While Skywalker and Horn traveled to Susevfi to defeat Tavira and rescue Mirax, the five Defenders, including Nu, were kept on Courkrus in the custody of pirate Jacob Nive, remaining under the Force-neutralizing presence of a ysalamir.[1]

Corran and Luke went on to defeat the Jensaarai and convince their leader, the Saarai-Kaar, that the Jedi were not evil as they had believed. Luke then extended an invitation for the Jensaarai to join the Jedi and train at the Praxeum.[1] In due course, Kelbis Nu took up this offer and became a Jedi Knight in the New Jedi Order.[3]

Jedi Knight

"He's gone."
"He can't be. I was going to save him."
―Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila discuss Nu's death.

As a Jedi Knight, Kelbis took an active role in the Yuuzhan Vong War. It was while monitoring Yuuzhan Vong fleet movements on a trip to Yag'Dhul Station that he realized Nom Anor was a Yuuzhan Vong agent. Fleeing, he was caught on the Outer Rim Territories planet Eriadu by members of the Peace Brigade. In a parallel to his encounter with Corran Horn years earlier, Nu was cornered in an alley by five assailants; two armed with blasters and three with stun batons. His former opponent and now fellow Jedi, Corran Horn, was on Eriadu at the time but detected Nu's presence too dimly in the Force to be able to help him. Anakin Solo and Tahiri Veila, however, were much closer and came running to his aid. While managing to chase off the Peace Brigade thugs, they were too late to save his life. Straining with his last breath, Kelbis managed to whisper to the young Jedi the Vong's next target, "Yag'Dhul"homeworld of the mathematical Givin.[2]

Though it cost him his life, this information would be enough to enable a Givin/New Republic victory at the Battle of Yag'Dhul. Kelbis Nu, Jensaarai Defender and Jedi Knight, died nobly in the defense of innocent lives.[2]

Personality and traits

Kelbis Nu was a dedicated Jedi, devoting his final breath to conveying important information to Anakin Solo.[2]

Powers and abilities

As a member of first the Jensaarai,[1] and then the Jedi Order, Nu was Force-sensitive.[2] His training as a Jensaarai enabled him to see through the Force illusions which Corran Horn once tried to use against him on Courkrus.[1]

Behind the scenes

Kelbis Nu was created by Greg Keyes for a brief appearance in the novel Edge of Victory II: Rebirth. Later, Dan Wallace provided some backstory for Nu in Who's Who in the New Jedi Order, an article in Insider 57 article. This identified Nu as a previously anonymous Rodian member of the Jensaarai, from Michael A. Stackpole's I, Jedi. (Wallace also erroneously spelt Nu's first name "Kubis" in his article.) Dan Veesenmeyer and Russell Walks illustrated the Insider article, providing the only canonical depiction of the Jedi Knight.[3]

In the computer game Jedi Academy, a number of Rodian Jedi fight in the Battle of Korriban. It is possible that one of these Rodians could be Kelbis Nu.[4] Of the Rodian Jedi known to be members of the New Jedi Order, both Jovan Drark[5] or Toile Senn[6] could also be present at the battle, but neither has been established in this period yet (another young Rodian, Twool, is in training during the Dark Nest Crisis).[7]


  • I, Jedi (First appearance) (Retcon)
  • Edge of Victory II: Rebirth (First identified as Kelbis Nu)


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