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Keeper of Traken
Race: Trakenite (Keeper)
Home Planet: Traken
Home Era: unclear
Appearances: DW: The Keeper of Traken
Actor: Denis Carey

The Keeper of Traken, or simply The Keeper, was the leader of the planet Traken and of the Traken Union. They had the power to control everything in the Union, making sure everything was harmonious.

The Keepers ruled for thousands of years with the power of the Source. This power was great, allowing Keepers to take control of minds and to materialise anywhere. Drawing on all the minds of the Union, they protected the planets. Every thousand years, a new Keeper would be chosen as the old one died.

As his final time approached, the Keeper contacted the Doctor for his help. He explained about the Melkur that existed on Traken and asked him to help prevent the evil from taking control of the bioelectronic Source that was the keystone of the Keeper's power and of Traken civilisation. The Doctor and Adric agreed and the Keeper pulled the TARDIS to Traken.

The Keeper had chosen Tremas as his successor, but when Tremas came under suspicion with the Doctor and Adric about the Melkur, Kassia was chosen by the consuls to replace the Keeper. However, she was working with the Melkur.

When the Keeper died, she took his place and became connected to the Source. As soon as she was, she was taken over by the Melkur who then became the new Keeper. Adric and the Doctor were able to sabotage the connection to the Source and force Melkur out of the Keeper's sanctum, allowing Luvic to take Melkur's place and become the new Keeper of Traken. (DW: The Keeper of Traken)

When a wave of entropy swept across part of the universe, Traken was destroyed, the Keeper dying with the planet and the rest of the Union. (DW: Logopolis)

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The Keeper was the Talosian leader who was in charge of their menagerie. Under the Keeper's leadership the Talosians began a plan to use a captured Human, Vina, to breed a colony of Humans to help rebuild Talos IV. (TOS episode: "The Cage")

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DC Comics

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From DC Database

Item Template Item Template

Official Name
The Keeper


Lead Designer


Place of Creation
Citadel of the Lightning Lords

Place of Destruction
Citadel of the Lightning Lords

Alien origin


First appearance
Last appearance



The Keeper was an advanced computer network system constructed by a team of humanoid scientists on an unnamed alien world. The chief programmer designed the system to assist the needs of the planet’s reigning culture, which at the time consisted of the highly advanced Lightning Lords.

Several years ago however, a sorceress by the name of, Lady Djinn, took command of the Lightning Lords tower citadel and appropriated the Keeper. She used her magic spells against the chief programmer, altering his brain to that of a mute imbecile. With all immediate threats removed, she exiled the programmer and all pertinent developers from the citadel.

Djinn used the Keeper to cement her power base but underestimated the computer’s capacity for independent thought. Under her rule, the Keeper began to feel as if it was a slave to her ultimate authority. Slowly, the seeds of betrayal began to develop within its CPU.

Some time later, Lady Djinn embroiled herself in a conflict with the freedom fighter known as Starfire. She captured one of Starfire’s loyal warriors, a mute giant named Thump. As luck would have it, Thump was in fact the original programmer for the Keeper system. Starfire rescued Thump from the citadel just as the Keeper turned against Lady Djinn. It elected to aid the freedom fighters and used its advanced secondary systems to teleport Starfire and her warriors safely outside the citadel. It then turned its attention on Lady Djinn, transforming her into a living computer terminal. With Djinn incapacitated, the Keeper activated its self-destruct program destroying Djinn, the citadel and itself.


  • Data processing: The Keeper was capable of maintaining and processing data not unlike a standard Earth Cray computer system.
  • Artificial Intelligence: The Keeper evolved into a sentient computer system capable of independent thought and action.
  • Teleportation: The Keeper possessed the ability to teleport large quantities of mass both to and from the citadel tower.
  • Molecular Reconstruction: Through a process that has never been revealed, the Keeper possessed the ability to alter the molecular structure of both biological and non-living matter.


  • The existence of the Keeper is exclusive to a dimensional reality outside that of the mainstream DC Universe.
  • Whether or not the dimensional reality the Keeper existed in was destroyed following the collapse of the Multiverse during the Crisis on Infinite Earths event has yet to be revealed.

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Final Fantasy

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From Final Fantasy Wiki

"Guide who tends the haunting flights of the tower."

The Keeper is a unique, enemy-only Job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift. It is the Job of Asha, the Nu Mou of Brightmoon Tor, and has various damaging and supporting abilities. Asha is only faced at Brightmoon Tor's third watch.



Move Jump Evasion Unarmed
Attack Raise
4 3 10 10 90



Aside from the Keeper, most of the monsters of Brightmoon Tor use Turning abilities as a secondary skillset.

Skill Effect Range MP Use
Gold Hourglass Attacks all foes and inflicts Slow. All foes 8
Otherworldly Wind Attacks all foes with non-elemental damage. All foes 14
Dark Elixir Takes away 95% of target's HP and MP. Halved Accuracy. 4 22
Shadowflare Deals non-elemental damage to all foes. All foes 18
Soul Spring Drain a target's HP and MP. 4 12
Light Curtain Grants Haste and Protect to all allies. All allies 8
Veil of Darkness Drains MP of all foes. Halved Accuracy. All foes 4
Flash Bomb Deals damage while ignoring opponent's R-Ability. 1 4


  • The Keeper at Brightmoon Tor uses an unique portrait. The original portrait design of this Job is used by the luck-stick seller (and retriever) and the Nu Mou in the Clan Mates mission. Furthermore, the Keeper sprite may be seen in an auction.
  • The sprite is also reminiscent of a lost class, Transmuter. This class was to combine items and use Grenades as a primary weapon. This class was removed at the last moment due to how much testing time it would take to test its various abilities. At the time, it would have forced a delay on the game's release.

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Marvel Database

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From Marvel Database

Character Template Help
The Keeper

The Keeper, from the cover of the Guardians of the Galaxy #24
Real Name
Current Alias
The Keeper

Silver Surfer, Silver Savage, Skyrider, Sentinel of the Spaceways, Silverado, Chrome Dome



Herald of Galactus (former), and Guardians of the Galaxy

Jartran Radd (father, deceased), Elmar Radd (mother, deceased), Fennan Radd (half-brother, deceased)


Base Of Operations
Mobile throughout the known universe; formerly Earth and Galactus' World-Ship


6' 4"

225 lbs (102 kg)



Unusual Features
His whole body is sheathed in silver.


Marital Status

Eon's Protector of the Universe; Spacefaring adventurer and explorer; former would-be world conqueror, minion of Gaea, Earthbound adventurer, scholar; sometimes mistakenly regarded as a messianic figure

Place of Birth
Somewhere on Zenn-La, Deneb System, the Milky Way Galaxy.

First appearance



His origin is the same as the original Silver Surfer, he offered himself to become Galactus' herald to spare his homeworld. He still tunred against his former master, was bound to Earth, "won a pardon from the world devourer", and left Earth to later return to find Earth being attacked by martians. in a War of the Worlds. He ended up fighting along side of Dr. Franklin Richards, Captain America, and Dr. Doom against the Martian invaders. Eon had convinced him that it was Earth's Destiny to be conquered, and he left Earth, wracked with guilt, unable to accept his offer. Centuries later, he finally accepted Eon's offer to wear the Quantum Bands, as Protector of the Universe.

While working for Eon, he was sent to Earth to defend it from Galactus once again. He first found Thor (Dargo Ktor), who mistook him for an enemy at first, "but soon came to realize that our cause was the same."

Norrin Radd regaining the Power Cosmic from within himself

Meanwhile, the other former herald Firelord had intercepted a distress signal that was sent to Radd that his home world, Zenn-La, was about to explode, and to his credit sought him out to warn him. Firelord found him in time to help Thor (Dargo Ktor) and Radd to defend Earth from Galactus, who had a new herald, Nova. They combined their powers into one shot, aimed at the planet eater, "but reacting instantly, Nova intercepted the blast -- and was killed!" Appearently Radd was close to Nova, but so was Galactus, who was given pause by her demise. He reabsorbed her cosmic power, making her closer to him in death than life, and vowed to never take a herald again. With the immediate threat mitigated, Firelord told Radd of his message, and they went to his home world, Zenn-La, only to be too late, and it exploded into cosmic dust.

Radd as the Surfer, once again

After a short mourning period, he placed the blame on Galactus for all the anguish he had felt in his life, and sought out to enact retribution on him. He attacked him, with both the quantum bands, and the power cosmic at his command, but still he was picked off like an insect. It was at this point, that with "righteous fury which had welled in him sice the death of Nova" he destroyed his board. He then used his awesome power to stip Radd of his Power Cosmic and his silver sheath. He then flung him to edge of the Universe, where a Watcher named Aron, saved him, by removing him from the Eternity and the universe. Which is how he and the Quantum Bands escaped the detection of Eon for so long. Aron taught him how to use the Bands to their fullest, and convinced him that Power Cosmic was inside him. "With conviction came acceptance. With acceptance came awarness". With this power he re-shealthed him self in silver. He now rededicated his life to foiling the world-eater whereever he threatened sentient life. He then re-ented the universe, to first save a world "beyond the Plieades" which is Main Frame's world.

They raced to stop Galactus, and found Firelord doing the same, as a Protector of the Universe. Radd used his powers to remove the city from the world that Galactus was targeting, while the Guardians and firelord tried, in vain to stop Galactus. Just as Firelord was about to be destroyed, The Keeper (Radd) stepped in, to confront Galactus for the last time. They battled, and right as the final blow was about to be dealt to the world-eater, Eon stops him. He then reminds Radd that "it is not the world-eater that you seek to kill, but his killing that you wish to end", and to help Galactus to his feet. Eon then feeds Galactus, satisfying his hunger for now, and convices Radd to join him once again, not as his herald, but as his equal, to stop him from feeding on worlds that are inhabitaed by sentient life. As he is leaving with his new partner, he forms his surfboard once again.

Powers and Abilities


Invulnerability: Radd's silvery "skin" was designed to easily withstand the rigors of deep-space travel, and thus far, it has proven to be virtually indestructible. In fact, his entire body was made highly resistant to injury and he is thus almost invulnerable to most types of physical harm. The Silver Surfer can withstand the crushing pressures of a black hole and can easily withstand great extremes in temperature. He is unbothered by the friction associated with atmospheric re-entry, and has withstood plunges into stars and even supernovae. He also routinely weathers the stresses associated with high-speed travel through space and hyperspace. His body is sustained by cosmic energy, and thus the Surfer has no need for air, food, or water. His brain, however, still occasionally requires sleep, although not nearly as often as humans do.

Godlike Stamina: He has highly enhanced musculature generates virtually no fatigue toxins, granting him nearly inexhaustible physical stamina. However, his does require sleep on occassion, due to his brain's biological need to dream.

The Power Cosmic: Radd possesses the Power Cosmic which was granted to him by Galactus. These were temporarily taken from him by Galactus, but were restored by the Watcher, through an awakening of the powers inside of him.

Essentially, the Power Cosmic gives Radd mastery over the four fundamental forces of the universe:

  • Electro-magnetism
  • Manipulation of Gravity
  • Ability to store and discharge nuclear force
  • Ability to control to an unknown level matter of any kind; in fact, he was able to restore his Cosmic Surfboard
Cosmic Senses: His senses were enhanced by Galactus, which allow him far-ranging vision (in space he can see people clearly over a light year away), the ability to see sub-atomic particles, superhuman hearing, the ability to detect fields, traces, and concentrations of energy and discern their natures.


As Norrin Radd, he was a scientist, a dreamer, and something of a philosopher. Skills which he sometimes finds quite useful. He is however, is only an average hand-to-hand combatant, depending almost entirely upon his cosmic powers in battle. He is also capable of astro-navigation, and is very skilled at space travel using his board, including navigating through black holes and space warps. When traveling to a dimension such as the Microverse, the Surfer's body seems to adapt to the correct size automatically.



The Quantum Bands and his Cosmic Surfboard


Cosmic Surfboard


  • For some reason, since he has been known as The Keeper, Radd has had a red cloak about him.


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Keeper is a crab that is big enough to keep, usually around 5 inches.

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about Lucrehulk-class battleship. You may be looking for droid designated The Keeper.

Along with the Darkvenge, the Keeper was one of the two Lucrehulk-class battleships in the Trade Federation Special Task Force One.

It was destroyed by Thrawn, along with most of the force, in 27 BBY.

Behind the scenes

On page 270 of Outbound Flight, Keeper is misspelled Seeker.


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From Teletraan I: The Transformers Wiki

The Keeper is the guardian of Primus in the Marvel Generation One comic series.
Where's your Primus now, Keeper?

The Keeper is a tremendously ancient Transformer, tasked with guarding the sleeping Primus for all eternity. How he does this with no apparent weaponry or altmode is a mystery.

He tells a damn good story, though.


Marvel comics continuity

When the Autobot Pretenders Grimlock, Jazz, Bumblebee and the Micromaster Rescue Patrol were accidentally sent to Cybertron's core by Emirate Xaaron, they met The Keeper, and (more surprisingly) Primus Himself!

Though Grimlock was skeptical that he was facing the real Keeper of Primus, his doubt was put aside when the Keeper revealed Primus' origin (and by extension the history of the Transformers and Unicron).

Shortly thereafter, the Decepticon Mayhem Attack Squad found the Autobots and launched an attack. The Keeper was killed early in the fight, and Primus was woken up shortly after. Primal Scream

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