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Kaze was the name used by a male Human terrorist in the 21st century. He styled himself as a modern ninja, though his political beliefs and goals were indeterminate. Kaze was a member of the Easter Rebellion, a small terror cell led by a man named Easter.

In 2045, Kaze took part in an abortive mission to capture a pair of extraterrestrials who had been stranded on Earth. However, their snowmobile broke down in an Antarctic blizzard, and shortly after, he and his colleagues were captured by authorities, and "re-educated" via memory wipe. (TOS novel: Strangers from the Sky)

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Final Fantasy

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"I know nothing of ideals. As long as I get to finish things, I couldn't care less what happens to this world, or who dies!"

Kaze (風, Kaze, lit. "Wind"), also known as Black Wind (黒き風, Kuroki Kaze), is one of the main characters in Final Fantasy: Unlimited. In Unlimited, Kaze is a wanderer with amnesia. The only person Kaze can remember relatively clearly is Makenshi, who is supposedly responsible for the destruction of his home world. He is the wielder of the incredibly powerful Magun, which uses Soil bullets to call forth summons. Kaze also carries a conventional gun that uses normal bullets. It sometimes works against monsters, but is generally ineffective against any stronger opponents, such as lords of Gaudium.

Kaze is voiced by James Hudson Brownlee in the English dub of the animé, and Nobutoshi Kanna in Japanese.



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Final Fantasy Unlimited: Before

Kaze's original home world, Windaria, was destroyed by Chaos. It is during the destruction that he first encounters Makenshi, whose world was also destroyed, carrying an unconscious, but otherwise unharmed, Aura, Kaze's younger sister. He also comes across Pepo, one of the surviving moogles. Disbelieving of Makenshi's claims at first, Aura regains consciousness to vouch for him.

At this point, Chaos appears to the group in "person". It is here that Kaze and Makenshi try to destroy Chaos. Utilising the lives-turned-Soil of Aura, Pepo and himself, Kaze tells Makenshi to fire the Magun for him, summoning the Gun Dragon. Throwing himself into Chaos, Kaze, through the Gun Dragon, tells Makenshi to destroy it while he holds it at bay. Makenshi does so by turning himself into Mist and summoning the "Symphony of the White Cloud" Sword Dragon. Fortunately, rather than dying from the fight, Kaze slips into something of a coma and ends up in the Wonderland.

Final Fantasy Unlimited

As of the beginning of the animé, Kaze is still in his coma, but he regains consciousness once found by Lisa, Ai, and Yu. Unfortunately, his battle with Chaos afflicted him with temporary amnesia. Only able to remember Chaos' attack and Makenshi, as well as brief flashes of Aura, his mind replaced Chaos with Makenshi as the figure responsible for the destruction of Windaria. And to add insult to injury, Kaze could no longer fire the Magun at will, but it activated automatically in response to the endangering of Ai's and Yu's lives. Though he wanted nothing to do with Lisa and the twins for a portion of their journey, he somehow ends up encountering them and coming to their aid until they all ended up in the submarine Jane. Over time, after being reunited with his old friend Moogle, Kaze regained his memory and with Makenshi, defeated Earl Tyrant once and for all by sacrificing himself and finally helping the children, as he knew he should.

Final Fantasy Unlimited After

Kaze survived the final battle with Earl Tyrant, ending up in the Tokyo sea and separated from the MaGun which is now in the hands of C2 organization. Receiving new Soil from the spirits of many Moogles that died long ago on Winderia, Kaze goes in search of the MaGun, ending up with him facing not only the C2, but Soljashy as well. He also wishes to fight Makenshi, only so they can destroy Chaos. However, Kaze's determination to destroy Chaos includes killing the twins because of their connection to it. Kaze is unable to do that due to the others' disapproval. The others had not stopped him from killing Dolk, who requested a quick death. Kaze used Dolk's soil to free Lisa before he entered the gateway she unintentionally created to finish the fight with Chaos once and for all.


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