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Species: Dwarf
Profession: Merchant
Level(s): 20


Kavan is a Merchant.

Like all merchants, he buys and sells goods at a fixed price.


Goods Offered

Kavan offers the standard assortment of goods for merchants in the Southern Shiverpeaks region:

Icon Item Cost
Dwarven Ale 200 Image:Gold.png
Vial of Dye (Gray) 50 Image:Gold.png
Salvage Kit 100 Image:Gold.png
Expert Salvage Kit 400 Image:Gold.png
Superior Salvage Kit 2 Image:Platinum.png 0 Image:Gold.png
Identification Kit 100 Image:Gold.png
Superior Identification Kit 500 Image:Gold.png
Rune of Holding 500 Image:Gold.png
Scroll of Adventurer's Insight 200 Image:Gold.png
Scroll of Rampager's Insight 250 Image:Gold.png
Scroll of Hunter's Insight 300 Image:Gold.png
Shiverpeak Key 600 Image:Gold.png
Miner's Key 700 Image:Gold.png
Lockpick 1 Image:Platinum.png 500 Image:Gold.png

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Up to date as of February 01, 2010

From the eWrestling Encyclopedia.

Shawn Runner
[[Image:File:Primo-Colon-perfil-Smackdown.jpg|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Shawn Runner]]
Real name Shawn Runner
Ring Names Kavan
Kavan the Killer
Rocky Shore
Height 6'0"
Weight 215 pounds
Date of birth October 1,1983(26)
Place of birth Canada
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Unknown
Billed from Victory Island
Trainer Nik Gulley from 1997-2001
Airbryz 2001-2003
Handled by NPG Pro 2009
Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut 2003
Retired {{{retired}}}

Shawn Kavan Runner(10/01/1983) is a Canadian professional Wrestler.He was most recently known for his brief time with TNA.He currently works for Ring of Honor,but he is injured.


National Wrestling Alliance:Japan(2003-2005)

Kavan The Killer debuted in NWA:J on his wrestling debut on June 3,2003.He defeated Kinoshyki in a Cage Match.He defeated Low Ki the next month.He won the NWA Japanese Championship on July 30,2003.He thanked Gulley and Airbryz for all his skills and the championship.Low Ki then attacked Kavan and Kavan faced Low Ki the next week.Low Ki lost.Kavan defeated over 342 opponents until losing it to Kiyoshi on June 30,2005.He resigned from NWA:J.

World Wrestling Entertainment(2005-2009)


Ohio Valley Wrestling(2005)

Kavan dropped "The Killer" after signing to WWE on August 10,2005.He debuted and defeated Matt Cappotelli.He then shot promos and WWE was impressed.Kavan wrestled his second and final OVW match defeating CM Punk.


Kavan debuted on SmackDown! shooting a promo about his imminent in-ring debut.He trash talked Khosrow Daivari as Daivari was in a slump.He debuted on October 28,2005,defeating Khosrow Daivari.Kavan then was demoted to Velocity duty.He defeated Luther Reigns after the Daivari vs Kavan feud.He was a jobber until June 7,2007,defeating Johnny Nitro.He was drafted to RAW on June 11,2007.


Kavan debuted on RAW on September 10,2007 after returning from an injury.He was put as a heel manager for Chris Masters.He was on RAW until October 15,2008.

Road Agency(2008-2009)

He was a road agent.He showed up as a security guard on ECW.Kavan came back at Royal Rumble 2009.He entered at number 12.He lasted 42 minutes before being eliminated by Dolph Ziggler.He was released on January 31,2009.

U.K. Wrestling Tour

He was touring with British wrestlers.

British Wrestling Alliance(2009)

Kavan made a one time appearance with BWA.He defeated Jody Fleisch.

National Wrestling Alliance(2009)

Kavan has now started competing with NWA.He defeated Mike Quackenbush for the NWA Heavyweight Championship.He lost the title on March 1st.2009 to Brent Albright.He has stated as of March 2nd,he will begin negociating with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling.He lost the championship on April 1st after an April Fool's by commisioner,Jack Oleander.He announced that he is done with NWA for now.

Michinoku Pro Tour 2009-2010(2009)

Kavan has started touring with Michinoku Pro since February 4th,2009.He defeated TAKA Michinoku.He has been unbeaten since the beginning.He won the Michinoku Pro championship on March 24,2009.He lost it on May 1,2009 to TAKA.NJPW wrestler and TNA wrestler,Chris Sabin,competed with Kavan.Kavan won and the wrestling crtics working for PWIllustrated had given it a 5 star rating. They quote, "The match was exciting and the two had great chemistry. Sabin and Kavan are two five star indy pros." He left in June to focus on TNA.

Total Nonstop Action Wrestling(2009-present)

Kavan debuted for TNA and defeated Eric Young on their first show in May.He returned after a leave on June 13,2009.He beat local Christian York.He appeared in the Steel Asylum and attacked Suicide.Suicide dealt with D'Angelo Dinero first.The next week,Kavan brawled until he hit the XCORE! off a storage truck.The two settled it a live show,Kavan being victorious.He changed his name to Rocky Shore due to WWE claiming rights to Kavan's name after putting him on the Alumni page.Kavan lost to Kevin Nash on September 1,2009.He was released from TNA on September 8,2009.

Ring of Honor(2009-present)

Shore was proudly presented to RoH on September 12,2009.He defeated Claudio Castagnoli.He defeated Tyler Black on September 25,2009.He recently was added to the injured reserve.

Personal Life

Kavan is a secretive man.

In Wrestling

  • Signature moves
  • Kavan Krush/Stone Fall (Reverse STO)
  • Killing Machine (Reverse Death Valley Driver)
  • Smack Off (DDT)
  • Tribute to BM (Superkick)Tribute to Brad Moore,as of 2008-present(shares with Nik Gulley)
  • No Words (Overdrive)
  • XCORE!(Frog Splash)
  • Regular Moves
  • Body Drop Bomb
  • Armbar
  • Dropkick
  • Tae Kwon Do Spin Kick
  • STO
  • Rolling Cutter

Championships and Accomplishments

  • National Wrestling Alliance:Japan and Regular
  • NWA Heavyweight Championship-2x
  • NWA Japanese Championship-1x

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Up to date as of February 04, 2010

From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.


Inner Rim[1]


Hapes Cluster[1]


Hapes system[2]


1: Hapes



Major cities



Hapes Consortium

Kavan was a planet in the Hapes Cluster. The planet featured a maze of tunnels, which the local Kavani used as emergency homes during harsh winters.

It was here that Jacen Solo, newly entitled Lord of the Sith, killed his aunt, Mara Jade Skywalker as a sort of inventory sacrifice. At first, his sacrifice was to be his parents, Leia Organa Solo and Han Solo. And then, his Hapan lover Tenel Ka Djo and their daughter Allana. But he could not find his parents, and he grew too emotionally attached to his lover and more primarily, his daughter. It was then he made the decision of Mara, and after a lengthy battle that destroyed the interior of many of the tunnels, he poisoned her body with a toxic dart, and left the place of the deed, only to return to find Mara's son Ben, his cousin, cradling his mother's body.

Three months after his mother's murder, Ben Skywalker and Captain Lon Shevu returned to Kavan to scour the crime scene for evidence that could officially reveal Jacen's part in the murder. There, Mara appeared to Ben as a Force Ghost, and tugged strands of her hair out, leading Ben to understand that hair was involved, and if he could find her hair on something of Jacen's, he could reveal the truth. As his mother turned away, Ben whispered that he loved her, to which she replied "Love you too, Ben", before disappearing.




This article uses material from the "Kavan" article on the Starwars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.


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