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Real Name
Katherine Elizabeth Bishop
Current Alias



Derek Bishop (father), Elanor Bishop (mother, deceased), Susan Bishop (sister)


Base Of Operations
Bishop Publishing


5' 5"

120 lbs (55 kg)




Marital Status

Student; Adventurer; fugitive

Kate's life crossed paths with the Young Avengers by chance, and has since joined the team.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Young Avengers #1
(April, 2005)



A "normal" civilian forcibly introduced to the Young Avengers in an early rescue attempt made by the team, Kate demonstrated skill and levelheadedness in high pressure situations. Independent, tough-minded, and blunt, she was also an excellent archer. Her encounter with the young team led her to investigate them on her own, following them to Avengers headquarters. She invited herself to join to the team, donning the gear of Mockingbird and Hawkeye, as well as what may have been Swordsman's sword and Black Widow's belt. When Kate first appeared wearing Mockingbird's mask, Patriot jokingly refered to her as "Hawkingbird". She helped the Young Avengers escape after Captain America and Iron Man had locked them up. She helped them in their battle against Kang the Conqueror and has remained with the ever since.

After the team's first adventure stopping Kang the Conqueror, Captain America and Iron Man ordered the team to break-up and refused to train the team without their parents' consent. But Kate Bishop still wanted to be a Young Avenger. Thinking the worst Captain America and Iron Man could do was tell their parents, Kate took the team to an abandoned warehouse previously owned by one of her father's companies, Bishop Publishing, which became the team's lair. She also had new uniforms made for them.

She and team member Patriot may share a chemistry, but that chemistry came under strain when it was revealed how he got his powers. When first meeting Thomas Shepherd she was struck speechless. It seemed like she had some interest in the new Young Avenger. Still, she was the driving member of the team, pushing everyone to stay together and borderline leading when Patriot was not around, even giving him the occasional order.

Sometime prior to joining the team she was brutally attacked in (what appears to be) Central Park. The exact nature of the attack is unclear. At first, the incident left her traumatized, but then it spurred her to engage in intense combat training. So far the team is unaware of this incident as Kate only told her therapist and Jessica Jones.

After Patriot was injured, Captain America informed the Young Avengers that he hoped that they start normal lives. Kate told him if he had trained them, Patriot might not have been injured and it was best for him to help the Young Avengers by accepting them. Jessica Jones returned to give Kate the original Hawkeye's bow and arrows with a note from Captain America addressed to Hawkeye. Jessica told Kate that the only other person to stand up to Captain America the way Kate did was Hawkeye, and that Captain America wanted her to take Clint's codename. Kate did and became the second Hawkeye.

Powers and Abilities



Kate possesses a photographic memory and abilities similar to that of the supervillain Taskmaster, but other than that, no superhuman powers.


Skilled Athlete: Kate is very athletic.

Proficient Martial Artist: She has been trained in self-defense, and is skilled in boxing, jiu jitsu, and other forms of unarmed combat.

Master Archer: Kate is an excellent archer.

Adept Fencer: She is adept in fencing and sword fighting.

Cellist: Can play the cello.

Weaponry: She is skilled at using swords, bows and arrows and Mockingbird's battle staves.

Strength level

Kate possesses the strength of a normal teenage girl who engages in intense physical exercise.


She still has all the weaknesses of a normal human being.



Kate wields a bow and arrow, staves, and a sword. They are modeled after a variety of weapons she had obtained from Avengers Mansion before feturning them to Captain America (Rogers): Hawkeye's bow and quiver, Mockingbird's battle staves, the Black Widow's utility belt and Swordsman's sword. She also put on Mockingbird's mask.


  • Kate was jokingly referred to be several names, including "Hawkeye" for her surprising skill with Hawkeye's bow and "Hawkingbird" when she temporarily donned Mockingbird's old mask. The name "Hawkeye" was later officially given to her via her entry in the All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #5 (of 12) (May, 2006).
  • She was also referred to as Knightress in a solicit.



Kate finds the new Captain America very attractive.


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