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Island Kate

  • Kate tells Sun in "Hearts and Minds" that she was actually heading to Bali, perhaps revealing that being in Australia was only an intermediate step. She had very little incentive to lie given that she did not believe Sun spoke English at the time.
  • Her true feelings lie with Sawyer, because when Sawyer told her to leave when they were in the cages she could not, and climbed back into her cage. However, when Jack tells her to leave she goes, because Sawyer is coming with her.
  • Cassidy sent Kate money and informed her that Diane was dying (after she turned Sawyer in, her money was returned to her).
  • In "Par Avion", Mikhail states that Kate is not on Jacob's list because she is "flawed". This may be a reason why Kate is not pregnant; she is unable to conceive, tying in with The Others "breeding" program.
  • kate wasn't on jacobs list, yet we know he visited her. same with john, sayeed and jack who we also know were not on jacobs list (as mentioned by both danny pickett and mikhail) but were still visited by jacob. perhaps being on the list is not a good thing, as in if you are not on the list jacob has other plans for you. maybe kate is referred to as flawed becasue when jacob visited her as a child and helped her, he told her she wouldnt do such a thing again, but we know she got in much more trouble later in life. perhaps this is why she is seen as flawed by jacob?
  • She may have used the ticket Kevin got for their honeymoon, traded it in for a ticket to Australia. Then after she was turned in by Kevin they traced her fake name to the ticket and to Australia and that's how they knew she was down there and put up posters and a reward.

Return to Island Kate

  • Clementine and Aaron are 'proxies' for Zach and Emma. Kate is unaware, but Cassidy and the Aaron were on Ajira 316, and are now on the Island.
  • Kate is pregnant.
    • Kate wouldn't risk becoming pregnant and going back to the Island, she knows what happens to pregnant women on the Island.
  • She May not know that she's pregnat
      • Claire tells Kate not to bring 'him' back to island. She never specifies who.
        • Aaron - her son, she'd rather he live without knowing his mother.
        • Ben
        • Locke - To prevent Jacob's supposed death
        • Jack - her half brother. a relationship still to be explored.
    • She wouldn't have conceived on the Island. That's the key.
    • Kate slept with Jack prior to boarding Ajira 316.
    • Hurley is seen reading a comic book prior to boarding.
      • The comic book is volume 3 of Y: The Last Man, in which two men and one pregnant woman return to Earth after being trapped on a space station but this could simply be an ad for Brian K. Vaughn's work.
      • Hurley's last comic book echoed events on the Island - here, the two men and one pregnant woman could be Jack, Hurley, and Kate, who all return to the Island after being "trapped" off the Island, in a mental institution, and in California, respectively.

Jack and Kate

  • Kate will choose Jack.
    • Kate chooses Jack because Sawyer heroically jumps off the helicopter, this means that he is not able to see her any longer because he is still on the island. However, what he whispered to her could have suggested anything, this still doesn't ruin their chances of being together.
    • Kate did choose Jack, but only because Sawyer's not there.
  • Kate is in some way related to Jack, they share a relatively rare blood type (O Negative). 6% of the U.S.A population have this according to wikipedia. It's pretty clear at this stage that they don't share the same Father. Christian and Wayne could potentially be related.
    • or possibly this will become relevant as one will be forced to donate blood to the other.

Kate Used A Fake Passport

  • During Kate's trial for murdering Wayne, the judge offered her 10 years of probation and confinement to the state of California, meaning she can't leave California for 10 years. She agreed, yet she went on a plane to Guam. I think she either used a fake passport to get on the plane, or she made some kind of deal with the judge, that we just didn't see.
    • She is not suppossed to leave the state but she's not being monitored 24/7 nor do the airlines get that kind of info so using a fake name or passport would not be neccesary.

Sawyer and Kate

  • Kate will choose Sawyer
    • Sawyer loves Kate more than Jack does
      • Kate is the only person in the world Sawyer actually cares about including himself.
      • That's not true. In the season 5 premiere, Sawyer says to Faraday, "Everyone I care about just blew up on your damn boat!" Plus, Sawyer has told Jack that Jack is the closest thing he has to a friend on the Island.
    • If Kate comes back to the island then she and Sawyer could get back together
    • She has proved to love Sawyer back in episodes like "I Do" and several others.
  • Jack left Kate, but still seems to love her
    • So they still could get back together
      • Unlikely considering that Kate clearly doesn't love Jack anymore, though she still respects him and considers him a friend, and love really does need to go both ways for a relationship to work.


  • Kate will be murdered by either Jack or Sawyer.

Kate's Father

  • Kate's father is Ben
    • Kate's mother Diane could be Ben's childhood friend Annie.
    • Kate discovers Sam Austen is not her true biological father because of his army photographs.
    • She assumes Wayne Janssen is her biological father.
      • Sam Austen's expression of surprise/bewilderment when Kate confronts him about Wayne, could be emphasizing that Kate has only discovered part of the truth.
    • When Kate, Jack, and Sawyer are captured by the others, Ben gives her one of Alex's dresses (symbolism)to wear and treats her to breakfast.
    • In 1977, Kate saves Ben's life and claims it was because Ben was still a child. I believe that this very well was her motivation, but the situation could also be an example of the timeline course correcting itself. Kate has to save Ben, otherwise she would not exist.
      • She even donated her blood to Ben, possibly symbolizing their blood relation.
    • The role of the characters' fathers and their accompanying "daddy issues" have always been a major theme throughout LOST.
      • Ben and Kate are both morally ambiguous, bending the rules when needed.
      • They both have killed their "fathers".
      • They both have a ton of fake IDs and such (I know this could be a stretch).
      • They were/are both being hunted, Ben by the freightor/Widmore and Kate by the Law.
    • Ben can't possibly be Kate's father. Kate was born in 1977. Around the same time as the incident. Ben was only 11 years old. Kate saved Ben's life because she could not let a kid die. (The reason why she came back to island in the first place , to find claire so Arron can be reunited with his mother).

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