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Kate has several encounters with a black horse.

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Encounters in "What Kate Did":

Kate is in Tallahassee when a black horse causes her car to crash. ("What Kate Did")
  • Kate first encountered the horse after being captured by the Marshal at a bus station while she was buying a ticket to Tallahassee, FL. The horse was standing in the middle of the road and caused the marshal to swerve and hit a tree, allowing Kate to escape.
  • She sees the horse (or one identical to it) a second time, while picking fruit on the Island.
  • After leading Sawyer out of the Swan for a breath of fresh air (he had been close to death from septic poisoning), they both see the horse.


  • Charlie trying to convince Locke he is not using drugs anymore: "Kate sees a horse -- nothing. Pretty much everybody's seen Walt wandering around the jungle. But when it's Charlie it must be the bloody drugs, right?" ("Fire + Water")
  • Sawyer talking to Kate on the beach: "I wouldn't be surprised if Jack didn't find himself that horse of yours and start leading the charge in a big white hat." ("The Long Con")


  • When Kate approaches the horse, we see a full-length shot of it. To the right of the picture there is a hand that seems to be commanding the horse to stand still. Presumably this is the horse-trainer, and not something central to the plot (see also: Bloopers).
  • Walter Farley, author of The Black Stallion series, also wrote a book about an Island Stallion (not black), who was on an island with a secret valley and tunnels built by Spanish Conquistadors. He also wrote The Black Stallion and Flame in which the Black Stallion finds himself on the Island Stallion's island as the result of a plane crash. Walter Farley book synopses
  • Horse trainer Wendy Gooding revealed on the Season 2 DVD in the extra "Lost on Location: What Kate Did" that a three-and-a-half-year-old Georgian Grande(a crossbreed of a Friesian and an American Saddlebred) filly named Flying W Farms Princess Black Pearl played the role of the horse. It was also revealed that a copious amount of RIT dye was applied to the horse, presumably to enhance its black sheen.

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