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Real Name
Current Alias




Shayera Hol (wife); Paran Katar (father)


Base Of Operations


6' 6"

226 lbs (103 kg)




Marital Status

Police Officer; Museum curator; Crime-fighter


Place of Birth

First appearance



History of character is unknown.

Powers and Abilities


  • Alien Physiology: As a Thanagarian, Katar Hol possesses several gifts that are common to members of his race, but set him apart from normal humans. A Thanagarian's life span is significantly greater than that of a normal human being. In the prime of his life, Katar was actually older than many of Earth's senior citizens. [1] A Thanagarian is also physically heartier than the average Earth human. They are stronger, with greater stamina and a greater resistance to pain. Thanagarians also possess enhanced senses.
  • Enhanced Vision: Katar's eyesight is more acute than a normal human and his range of vision is similar to that of a bird.
  • Enhanced Hearing: His auditory senses are also particularly acute and he can perceive sounds with greater clarity than the average human.


  • Master Combatant: Katar Hol is an expert at hand-to-hand combat and employs a wide range of weaponry as part of his crime-fighting arsenal.
  • Archery: A talent that Katar rarely employs, but nonetheless he is considered an expert in the field of archery. Though his skill with a bow and arrow is impeccable, his precision is nowhere near as accurate as that of fellow Justice League Green Arrow. [2]
  • Historiography: Through the use of the Absorbascon, as well as the resources available to him at the Midway City Museum, Katar Hol is an expert in many of Earth's cultures, particularly those pertaining to medieval Europe and the Roman Empire.
  • Multilingualism: Through the use of the Absorbascon, Katar Hol is fluent in many Earth languages. His unique physiology also enables him to verbally communicate with birds.

    Strength level

Above Average: Katar Hol is several times stronger than a normal human in Earth gravity, though his strength levels are not necessarily superhuman.





Nth Metal Wings; Thanagarian Star Cruiser


Katar employs a variety of medieval weaponry which he borrows from the Midway City Museum. Among his favored items are a Kris a Mace, a Katar, a Retarius and a Cestus. Though not particularly his weapon of choice, Katar has also been known to use a bow and arrow and is an expert in the field of archery.

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  • Hawkman profile at the Unofficial Guide to the DC Universe


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