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Karamthulhu overlord

A Karamthulhu overlord is a summonable familiar released with introduction of the Summoning skill. It requires level 58 Summoning.

The Karamthulhu overlord has three types of attacks in addition to its special attack, Doomsphere Device: a close-up attack, a small water blast, and a large, magic-based water attack. Furthermore, it is capable of using several of its attacks at once. There is also a right-click option "Drown" which prompts the Karamthulhu to instantly use its magic-based water attack at the cost of two summoning points.


Karamthulhu overlord pouch

A Karamthulhu overlord pouch is made by using a Summoning pouch on a Summoning obelisk with 144 spirit shards, a Blue charm and a fishbowl.

Doomsphere scroll

The Doomsphere scroll enables the use of the Doomsphere Device special ability for a Karamthulhu overlord. Using a Karamthulhu overlord pouch on a Summoning obelisk creates ten Doomsphere scrolls.


Doomsphere device

Doomsphere Device is an effect generated via the Doomsphere device scroll. In order to create this effect, you must first have summoned a Karamthulhu Overlord.

The Doomsphere Device effect attacks the target with a powerful water spell that can cause up to 16 damage, which is high for this Summoning level.



  • The Karamthulhu is a reference to H. P. Lovecraft's Cthulhu.
  • The first examine text is a reference to the Superman villain "General Zod", who says "kneel before Zod".
  • The second examine text is a reference to the movie Finding Nemo.
  • Before the release of Summoning, Karamthulhu was involved in a bug that allowed it to appear and walk around for a bit before disappearing.

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