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The Karamjan Gods are a collection of deities worshiped by the tribal people of Karamja, particularly those inhabiting the southern reaches of the island. The people of Karamja tell little of their gods to outsiders, their origins and nature a closely guarded secret.

The gods are most prominently alluded to during the Jungle Potion quest, during which the elderly priest Trufitus Shakaya of Tai Bwo Wannai Village wishes to commune with them. To do this, Trufitus must prepare a ceremonial collection of herbs, which will place him in a mental state that will supposedly allow him to speak to them.

Karamja is also dotted with archaeological and cultural evidence of deity worship both ancient and modern. The Brimhaven Agility Arena, for instance, appears to have been a massive subterranean temple constructed centuries ago. Asgarnia Smith, a Varrock Museum employee and adventurer, mentions recovering an artefact known as the Golden Monkey of Tee-Tah-Toh while in Karamja, which may have been modeled after a local deity (Marimbo and Apmeken also resemble monkeys). Many ruins scattered about the island also suggest the belief in a supernatural deity. The undead broodoo victims which still wander the jungles of Karamja hint at dark religious ceremonies involving human sacrifice.

Three types of Broodoo victims, killed and tortured in an ancient tribal ritual.

The still-used idol constructed in Tai Bwo Wannai's centre is perhaps the most prominent indication, its powers imbuing those who pray at it with holy energy much like the altars of other gods.

Despite these finds, little is known of the gods themselves primarily due to their secretive past. Some speculate that the deities are actually more well-known gods such as Guthix, Saradomin and Zamorak, whose identities have been lost in their worshiping over time. Others believe them to be myths, yet still others actively search for answers. Some evidence that supports this theory include the fact that the masks of the broodoo victims follow the same colour scheme as that of the mainland gods; green is Guthix, white is Saradomin, and orange is Zamorak.

Although Karamja may have its own gods, there are references to Zamorak during the Shilo Village quest, so they may also include mainland deities in their beliefs.


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