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Total level: 554
karamja gloves 3
The Karamja Diary is the Achievement Diary relating to Karamja. To start this achievement diary, speak to either Pirate Jackie the Fruit in Brimhaven (the Agility Arena), Kaleb Paramay in Shilo Village (he's the bar owner) or one of the Jungle Foresters north of the Kharazi Jungle. They will be indicated by green stars File:Achievmentdiary.PNG on your minimap or the world map. To complete the entire Karamja Diary, you will need the stats shown to the right. You may use boosts for Fishing and Farming.


Easy tasks

Items needed: Pickaxe (any kind), fishing equipment, 2-3 boat fares 30 coins each (or an enchanted Ring of Charos), weapon and armour to kill level 53 Jogres and Antipotions (as a precaution).

Task Quests Started / Required Other Requirements and details
Pick 5 bananas from the plantation located east of the volcano None None
Use the rope swing to travel to the small island north-west of Karamja, where the Moss Giants are None Level 10 Agility
Mine some gold from the rocks on the north-west peninsula of Karamja None Level 40 MiningMine the gold ore in North Brimhaven, not the gold ore near the Brimhaven Dungeon
Travel to Port Sarim via the dock, east of Musa Point None None
Travel to Ardougne via the port near Brimhaven None None
Explore Cairn Island to the west of Karamja None Level 15 Agility
Use the Fishing spots north of the banana plantation None Level 5 Fishing, You need to use bait
Collect 5 seaweed from anywhere on Karamja None You can find one seaweed, pick it up, drop it, and repeat without having to wait for it to respawn.
Attempt the TzHaar Fight Pits or Fight Cave None None
Kill a Jogre in the Pothole dungeon None None


For the seaweed task, you can bring a seaweed from anywhere, drop it, and pick it up, until you complete that task.

For the cairn island one you can use a fairy code to get there fairly quick. code CKR then run south.


In order to claim the rewards for the easy tasks, once finished, speak to the Pirate Jackie the Fruit in Brimhaven. The rewards for completing all easy tasks are:

Medium tasks

Items needed: Hatchet, fares for cart, Lady of the Waves and charter ships, Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup items, pickaxe, spade, karambwan vessel, small fishing net, Gardening trowel, Plant pot, Fruit tree seed, Teasing stick, Knife, any Logs (chop near the Graahks)

Task Quests Started / Required Other Requirements and details
Claim a ticket from the Agility arena in Brimhaven None Level 40 Agility recommended
Discover hidden wall in the dungeon below the volcano Dragon Slayer None
Visit the Isle of Crandor via the dungeon below the volcano Dragon Slayer None
Use Vigroy and Hajedy's cart service Shilo Village None
Earn 100% favour in the village of Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup Jungle Potion Level 10 Woodcutting
Cook a spider on stick None Level 16 Cooking
Charter the Lady of the Waves from Cairn Isle to Port Khazard Shilo Village None
Cut a log from a teak tree None Level 35 Woodcutting
Cut a log from a mahogany tree None Level 50 Woodcutting
Catch a karambwan Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Level 65 Fishing
Exchange gems, a gout tuber, trading sticks for a machete (talk to Safta Doc in anvil house in Tai Bwo Wannai) Jungle Potion None
Use the gnome glider to travel to Karamja The Grand Tree None
Grow a healthy fruit tree in the patch near Brimhaven None Level 27 Farming
Trap a Horned Graahk None Level 41 Hunter
Chop the vines to gain deeper access to Brimhaven Dungeon None Level 10 Woodcutting
Cross the lava using the stepping stones within Brimhaven Dungeon None Level 12 Agility
Climb the stairs within Brimhaven Dungeon. They're in the north, and lead up to Greater Demons. None None
Charter a ship from the shipyard in the far east of Karamja (Southern-most dock) The Grand Tree None
Mine a red topaz from a gem rock (can be mined from Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup as well as the Shilo Village gem mine) None Level 40 Mining


  • Hidden wall is the door to the Lesser Demons
  • If Tai Bwo Wannai minigame percentage already is 100 percent you need to lower it and get it back up to 100 percent to get the task completion, to do this speak to any villager holding a trading stick in their left hand.
  • The Gems for Machete trade requires talking to Safta Doc who can be found near the anvil in Tai Bwo Wannai; select the "What do you do here?" option. (Note: you need to be in minigame mode, with favour showing in the top right hand corner of the screen, and need to have received trading sticks from Murcaily.) The cheapest deal requires 3 Opals, 1 Gout tuber and 300 trading sticks. Mine 10 opals in Shilo and trade a few to the gem store for a decent supply of sticks. Gout tuber is a rare random event when cutting the jungle in the minigame, a spade is needed to dig it up. The tuber can be traded, but the price has inflated greatly due to this diary, and the tuber now costs 255900 coins on the Grand Exchange. You can pay 300 trading sticks to have the opal machete made, then immediately sell it to Gabooty for the same price. During the lengthy jungle cutting lots of random events will attack. If necessary use prayer protections and recharge prayer at the village statue.
  • The spider on a stick, gout tuber (for Safta Doc's machete for gem trade), and the red topaz can all be done at the same time as getting 100% rating for Tai Bwo Wannai cleanup.
  • Catch more than one karambwan as you might burn one for the hard task of cooking one.
  • When doing the 3 tasks for Brimhaven Dungeon, go ahead and kill the easier Bronze Dragon for the hard task. The stair which needs to be taken to finish task is extended from the northern-most passage. The lava stones are extended from the west passage. Note that there is an agility pipe connecting the stair room and the lava road.
  • For those who have started the Legend's quest it may be easier to cut a mahogany and teak tree in the kharazi jungle.


In order to claim the rewards, go see Kaleb Paramaya who is located in an elevated building up a ladder in North-central Shilo Village while you have the Karamja Gloves 1 with you.

The rewards for completing all mediums tasks are:

Hard tasks

Items needed: High combat equipment, Oomlie wrap or Firemaking equipment to cook the wrapped oomlie at the palm tree, Nature talisman or Nature tiara (unnecessary if using Abyss or participating in The Great Orb Project) and Pure essence, Raw karambwan, crossbow and Mithril grapple, Anti-dragon shield and/or Antifire potions, pickaxe and lockpick for deathwing.

Task Quests Started / Required Other Requirements and details
Become the Champion of the Fight Pits None

High combat level recommended

Two players can start a fight, this task is easily completed by getting help from a friend in a world with empty Fight Pits.

Successfully kill a Ket-Zek (level 360) in the Fight Caves None High combat level and high prayer level.
Eat an oomlie wrap Legends Quest if you want to cook it yourself None
Craft some nature runes Rune Mysteries Level 44 Runecrafting
Cook a karambwan thoroughly Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Level 30 Cooking
Kill a deathwing in the dungeon (south west of shilo) under the Kharazi Jungle (south of the door in Shaman's Cave) Legends Quest Level 15 Woodcutting
Level 50 Agility
Level 50 Strength
Level 50 Thieving
Level 52 Mining
Use the crossbow shortcut south of the volcano None Level 53 Agility(boost may be used)
Level 42 Ranged
Level 21 Strength
Collect 5 palm leaves (south of Shilo near oomlie) Legends Quest Level 15 Woodcutting
Be assigned a Slayer task by Duradel (or his replacement Lapalok if you have completed While Guthix Sleeps) in Shilo Village Shilo Village Level 100 combat
Level 50 Slayer
Kill a metal dragon in Brimhaven Dungeon None High combat level recommended (Suggested to kill a Bronze Dragon if you haven't killed a metal dragon before.)
Level 12 Agility
Level 34 Woodcutting

Hard task tips

  • The oomlie wrap can be eaten anywhere. You also don't have to prepare it yourself (you can actually buy it off the Grand Exchange).
  • When collecting Palm leaves: You don't have to wait for the tree to spawn another 4 leaves after shaking one down, just drop it and pick it up 5 times.
  • To become champion of the Fight pits the easy way: look for a world with no one in the minigame and ask a friend to let you kill him/her (make sure to return the favour!)
  • The Ket-Zek killing requires surviving quite a few waves of the fight cave. Take a reasonable amount of supplies to deal with the situation. See TzHaar Fight Cave for more details.
  • Crafting nature runes as part of The Great Orb Project or from the Abyss will count as a diary activity. You do not need to access the nature altar from Karamja.
  • If you have completed Tai Bwo Wannai Trio, you can just buy raw Karambwan from Tiadeche in Tai Bwo Wannai.


The rewards for completing all hard tasks are:

  • Karamja Gloves 3
    • Access to a new gem mine under Shilo Village and the ability to teleport with the gloves into the Shilo Village Gem Mine, next to the ladder up to Shilo Village. (The Gloves will be needed if you wish to climb down the ladder again). This provides an easy way to travel to Shilo Village.
    • Gives 10% extra Agility experience from obstacles in the Agility Arena, and 10% extra experience when redeeming Agility tickets.
    • Free access to Brimhaven Dungeon.
  • Hard lamp - gives 10,000 experience in a chosen skill  above 50

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