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Karak was a Vulcan Starfleet officer from the 24th century. He has had two stints in Starfleet over his life time, with a twenty-three year absence during the mid-2300s. He became the Operations manager of the USS Swiftfire (NCC-76125-A) in 2373 before taking a position at the Starfleet Academy campus on Vulcan in 2376. (Star Trek: Swiftfire)


Early years

Karak was born on Vulcan in 2285. Other then that not much is known about Karak's life before he entered Starfleet. This isn't unusual, Vulcans tend to be very private species.

Starfleet Academy

Karak joined Starfleet Academy in 2310 and went through the Academy through the sciences branch. Four years later he graduated from the academy and joined the fleet.

Starfleet career

In 2314 he was assigned to the Excelsior-class, USS Berlin. Karak acted as a Science officer on the USS Berlin.

Karak would serve in Starfleet for the next twenty years before he resigned his Starfleet commission in 2334 with the rank of lieutenant junior grade.

There is little information about Karak's life from this point to when he rejoined Starfleet in 2357. It is known that in this period he fathered two children, Vela and Rema, with his wife, the first in 2334. It is possible that Karak simply left Starfleet to raise a family.

Once he finished the retraining he returned to duty as a flight controller. He later switched to operations and became the operations manager on the Excelsior-class, USS Gorkon. ("Vengeance", "Q, Time and Again") This was his tenth starship assignment in his career that also included three assignments on Starfleet facilities. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

In 2362, one of the officers Karak served with was a vocal supporter for Admiral Dalton Masters to be elevated to the position of Fleet Admiral. ("Over the Horizon")

At some point before 2373 Karak was involved in a covert operation to infiltrate a Romulan facility. The mission was a failure and Karak was captured and handed over to the Tal Shiar. He was interrograted by a Tal Shiar agent named Vekkar for an unspecified amount of time before returning to the Federation. During a meeting between the two years later Vekkar suggested that she broke Karak during his time in captivity. ("For the Federation")

Service on the Swiftfire-A

Karak was transferred from the Gorkon to the USS Swiftfire-A as the Operations manager in 2373. He was hastily transferred to the ship and arrived minutes before the vessel was launched to hunt for the USS Fury. During the mission he was able to deduce the Fury's main target by reading the lips of the Commander Todd Marshal, the Fury's first officer, and match it to a reference from one of the 57 files he read relating to the mission. ("Vengeance")

While on leave on Earth in mid-2374, Karak spent his time at a Vulcan monastery in the Gobi desert. When he contacted his wife he discouraged her from taking time off work and visiting him on Earth, falsely claiming that concern that her ship might be attacked by the Jem'Hadar was the main reason. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

Karak is an avid collector of hand weapons, which is considered an odd hobby for a Vulcan. Karak finds the interaction between mind and body through the art of wielding a weapon with skill and finesse to be intriguing. He also considers it an insight into the species who created the weapon given the design of the weapons and how it is wielded. In 2374 he got his hands on a Jem'Hadar kar'takin following the Jem'Hadar boarding of the Swiftfire-A where he uses it to get an insight into the Jem'Hadar mindset. ("For the Federation")

The Swiftfire-A was joined by a Romulan Warbird for an operation against Dominion forces occupying Nthony C and Karak came into contact with a Romulan intelligence officer from his past. This Romulan officer was Karak's torturer after he was captured in a covert Starfleet operation prior to his time on the Swiftfire-A. Vekkar managed to unsettle Karak in such a way that he was unable to properly mediate after their encounter. ("For the Federation")

During Captain Masters' apparent death Karak was able to come up with circumstantial evidence that the USS Annan was not given the crew the full truth about the situation. His finding helped Rachel Daley's case to continue to look for the captain despite what they had been told. ("Crossfire")

During the Swiftfire's mission to make first contact with the Echlans, which was Karak's ninth such mission, Karak assisted Luther Sloan (under the alias of Wendell Greer) by providing him with a method to hide his movements from the ship's internal sensors. By the end of the mission Captain Masters had become aware that Greer was not who he claimed to be but the crew remained unaware of Karak's role or his ties to Section 31. ("The Only Thing Necessary")

In 2376 Karak was no longer serving on the USS Swiftfire-A. He moved back to Vulcan where he took a position in the Starfleet Academy campus on the planet. His position as Ops manager was briefly taken by Ensign Nair. ("United We Stand")


Despite been one of the oldest beings on the ship Karak spends much of his time with some of the youngest officers. He spends much of his social time with Ensign Cole and Lieutenant Terri Letac. Karak frequently has breakfast with Ensign Cole in on of the ship's messes. ("Pressure Points")

The crew sometimes refer to him as "Smiley". This was a nickname given to Karak earlier in his career and is an obvious play on Vulcan's stoic exterior. ("Deployment")


Karak has a wife and two daughters. His wife, T'Vel, lives on Vulcan. His oldest child Vela was born in 2334 and is married and has started her own family. His other child is Rema who was born in 2348. Both of his children have careers. ("For the Federation")

When Karak contacted his wife in mid-2374 she expressed her wish to expand their family with another child. ("No Rest for the Wicked")

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3.4 meters

Chronological and political information

Rebellion era


Galactic Empire

"The Golden Sun must be for all Sedrians! We must break that shell that imprisons it and set it free!"

Karak was the Sedrian Bishop of War. He wore a blue armband with an engraved broken shell pattern. He was power hungry, wanting the Golden Sun to himself.

He helped the Empire set the Golden Sun free and stole its power, turning it to the dark side of the Force through his actions, until a group of Alliance Agents scattered the pieces of the Golden Sun and cut off his power. He was later arrested and imprisoned for his betrayal.


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