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Karaha-Baruha Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita
Taken from Vana'diel Tribune II Issue No. 6

835 - 862
Minister of the Optistery during the Great Crystal War.

Karaha-Baruha Illustration by Mitsuhiro Arita

Karaha-Baruha earned his genius reputation from his time at the School of Magic; he completed every available unit in only a year and earned multiple degrees. Following his graduation, he ignored the fierce recruiting attempts of the various ministries and eventually applied to enter the Optistery. After assuming the position of minister, Karaha-Baruha worked tirelessly with the other ministries and founded a system of mutual cooperation.

However, at the behest of the Star Sibyl, he sequestered himself within an underground laboratory and delved into the mysteries of summoning magic. After disappearing from the public eye, the name of Karaha-Baruha was eventually forgotten.

In the year of 862, as the city of Windurst stood on the brink of destruction, Karaha-Baruha reappeared to smite the invading beastman army with the forbidden art of summoning. With his own lifeforce spent in unleashing the towering energy that defeated the howling beastmen, the great genius of Karaha-Baruha was lost forever.


Karaha-Baruha studied the "Book of the Gods," an ancient Windurstian tome, on how to utilize the Full Moon Fountain and summon forth its guardian, Fenrir, as an ultimate defense for Windurst against the Beastmen Confederate. With the assistance of Zonpa-Zippa's Cardians and Warlock Warlord Robel-Akbel, Karaha prepared an incantation to invoke an ancient pact with the Great Beast. After Fort Karugo-Narugo fell to the beastmen, Windurst was left vulnerable to the Shadow Lord's army, which began marching onto the Federation.

Shortly before the siege, Karaha confronted "Robel-Akbel," having deduced that he somehow arrived from the future, and the Warlock Warlord revealed who he was: Karaha-Baruha from another timeline, in which he had failed to save Windurst from being razed by the beastmen, with the Great Star Tree withered and decayed, and the Star Sybil dead. Karaha then questioned the player, who he realized was from the more positive timeline, to know if the people of Windurst are happy in the future. With the assurances of the future of Windurst and "Robel-Akbel's" aid, he was confident in summoning Fenrir. The Star Sybil tearfully tried persuade him against it in fear of his life, but he assured her that this was necessary for the sake of the citizens of Windurst.

As the battle raged into the night, Karaha-Baruha stepped forward. Usingt his incantation, he summoned forth the full power of Fenrir, and unleashed it upon the battlefield. The besieging beastmen and demons were no match for Fenrir's rampage, and were systematically destroyed by the towering beast's form. Eventually Fenrir confronted the Yagudo leader, Tzee Xicu the Manifest in the skies over Windurst. At this point, Karaha and Robel began losing control, and were soon absorbed by the avatar. Not wanting "Robel-Akbel's" plan to fail, Lehko Habhoka tried to use the Bow of Light to shoot down Tzee Xicu, but was halted by Perih Vashai as he drew the bow. Teleporting out, Tzee Xicu beckoned Fenrir to follow to Oztroja for a final confrontation. They were not seen again.

With Windurst saved from brink of destruction, Karaka-Baruha was posthumously declared the "Hero of Windurst." This was not without a cost: the Horutoto Ruins were damaged, Sarutabaruta became withered over time, and the Full Moon Fountain was dark. Grief stricken at his death, the Star Sybil became withdrawn from public, and outlawed the teaching of the forbiddeen Summoning magic. In her despair, she had made a wish at the darkened Star Spring....for Karaha to return. Unbeknownst to her, her wish was granted: Karaha & his "Joker" cardian were slowly revived. But part of Karuha had merged with Fenrir, in a being that wandered the land. With the aid of Ajido-Marujido, the bearer of darkness was drawn back to the Full Moon Fountain, allowing Fenrir to be restored. Once more able to perform a Moon Reading ceremony, the Star Sybil wished for the blessings of Fenrir to protect Windurst.


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