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Also called Kandar, Members Area
Capital Ardougne
Cities and
East Ardougne, West Ardougne, Hemenster, Yanille, Seers' Village and Camelot, Catherby, Tree Gnome Village, Witchaven
Members Only Yes
No. of Banks 11
No. of Altars 5
Teleportation Ardougne Teleport, Spirit Tree (Tree Gnome Stronghold and Village), Watchtower Teleport, House Teleport (if your house is in Yanille), Camelot Teleport, Ring of duelling (Castle Wars), Catherby Teleport, Combat Bracelet (Ranging Guild), Skills Necklace (Fishing Guild), Games Necklace (Barbarian Outpost)
Guilds Legends' Guild, Fishing Guild, Wizards' Guild, Ranging Guild
Peaks Arandar (bordering Tirannwn), White Wolf Mountain (bordering Asgarnia)
Inhabitants/Race Humans, Dwarves, Gnomes, and 1 Vampire in Hemenster.
Location on World map
Fremennik Province
Tirannwn Kandarin Asgarnia
Feldip Hills
Symbol of Kandarin.

Kandarin is a members-only kingdom in the Realm of Gielinor, ruled by King Lathas of East Ardougne. There is, unlike any other human nation, a democratic government in Ardougne, the Ardougne city council. The council, however is weak compared to the monarchy. It encompasses most of the lands west of White Wolf Mountain. Kandarin is bordered by another mighty kingdom, Asgarnia, to the east, the Fremennik Province to the north, the forests of Tirannwn to the west and the Feldip Hills to the south. Kandarin is the largest kingdom in RuneScape.

Kandarin is a wealthy kingdom, as nearly as powerful as the Kingdom of Misthalin. It gathers much of its wealth through industries in places such as Seers' Village and Yanille. It also trades with many of its bordering nations. It is even claimed that Kandarin has connections to lands far to the west where not many humans have ventured to.

Despite this, Kandarin faces many problems; in 136 of the Fifth Age the former king, King Ulthas died in a hunting accident, without stating who his heir would be. His two sons, Lathas and Tyras split the city between them. The division in leadership left the city weakened and threats of ogres in the south, increased crime in East Ardougne, and even sea trolls on the North-West coast, are causing problems for King Lathas. Even more disastrously, King Tyras has abandoned his city to a terrible plague, leaving for a crusade in the Elven lands of Tirannwn. West Ardougne is now under quarantine, and many of its citizens believe King Tyras caused the plague somehow. It even turns out Lathas killed his brother deliberately and is planning to take over the rest of Gielinor.




History of Kandarin areas before its founding

Little is known about the lands of Kandarin prior to late Fourth Age. In the Second Age, the known inhabitants of Kandarin areas were elves, gnomes (known settlement was located near modern Gnome Stronghold area) and humans. The resident elves worshipped Seren and humans followed Saradomin and Armadyl. Who was worshipped by the gnomes, was unknown. Zaros, whose empire, centred in the modern Wilderness, probably did not reach Kandarin areas. It is also known that in Second Age, there was a huge temple of "one of the Saradomin's patriots" built below the ground. The temple was abandoned for unknown reasons, but a Saradominist explorer called Valdez rediscovered it with a Staff of Armadyl hidden within. This lead to series of events causing the fall of Zaros and the beginning of God Wars.

During the God Wars, the settlements in Kandarin were destroyed and elves retreated to Tirannwn. Gnomes were forced to live under ground.

During the beginning of Fourth Age, gnomes emerged from the underground, only to find out that majority of Kandarin's human populations were barbaric tribes, some of who hunted down gnomes, forcing them to live in hidden settlements. Compared to the two other large human kingdoms, Kandarin is the most recently founded one, and it took a while for tribes to settle down.

In the late Fourth Age, modern Kandarin was mainly inhabited by Elves, under the rule of King Baxtorian. In the year 1930, word reached Baxtorian of the Iorwerth Clan's treachery at Prifddinas; he abandoned his Kingdom to help the city. He saw there was no hope for Prifddinas, but when he returned, he found his Kingdom in ruins. It is said that he buried himself under a Waterfall. No Elves have dwelt East of the Arandar Mountains since.

At the midpoint of the late Fourth Age, there was a major battle between the goblin tribes: Battle of Plain of Mud. That point of time, there were little resources and goblins, who had become weaker since the end of God Wars, did not have strength to attack the ever-improving settlements of humans and gnomes. This caused the goblins to fight among themselves culminating into that major battle which took place near the modern Fishing Guild. After the battle, ended by one Narogoshuun tribe trooper, Hopespear's vision, a temple was built there, which sank into a mud, thus keeping its location secret to other races.

Founding of official Kandarin and afterwards

Ardougne's early history is written in the article on East Ardougne. This section explains the history of Kandarin. Before the founding of Kandarin, a ruined outpost north of the city was inhabited by Zamorakian mages, who raided the then still small town of Ardougne often. This period of time was known locally as the Dreaded Years of Tragedy. Eventually an army left Ardougne to fight them. The battle was particularly blood-thirsty, and eventually only two mages, who turned out to have been friends at some point years before this period, were left alive, one of both parties- though this is possibly a romanticism and seems improbable; it is certain, however, that there were very few survivors. The battle was known as The Great Battle.

It happened to be that these two ex-friends had separated at some point of their childhood because of an argument over religious beliefs (one of them supported Saradomin while the other supported Zamorak). Years later, they met again in the battle, only to find they were the only survivors, and decided not to ever argue again, both fulfilling this compromise by becoming supporters of Guthix and trying to start following his ways of balance. After the fight, one of the two friends founded the Ardougne market, where people could trade goods in equality of value, while the other created the kingdom of Kandarin, so as to rule the land while listening to their people's problems and solving them in a fair and balanced way- though sources are unclear as to whether he was merely a King of Ardougne; some say that the Kingdom was founded in the year 7 of the Fifth Age- and became the first King of the current Ardignas line. The official founding of the kingdom was in year 1967 by King Narras' ancestor.

Some years later, in the 7th year of the Fifth Age, a group of Saradominists lead by Sir Ceril Carnillean's ancestor removed "evil influences" from the Ardougne area, which may have included the banishment of Hazeel. Some say that this marked the foundation of the Kingdom of Kandarin, not the Great Battle.

After some century or so since Kandarin's founding, the rule of the Kingdom passed to King Narras. Narras was, sadly, insane, and was known to randomly execute citizens for his own amusement, in a game he called "Hangman".

After he died, Narras was succeeded by King Ulthas, who was a wise and fair King. It is believed that it was Ulthas who founded the Ardougne City Council; to take some of the strain of running the kingdom from the monarch, and to take action if a king like Narras ever sat on the throne again. In the year 132, King Arthur arrived from another dimension, along with the Knights of the Round Table. Ulthas gave them a large castle near Seers' Village. Lord Sinclair, the previous landowner and a friend of King Ulthas, agreed to move to a smaller manor, Sinclair Mansion in the north of the Kingdom, much to the complaints of his spoiled children.

In the year 136, King Ulthas died in a hunting accident, before stating who would be the new king. His two sons, Lathas and Tyras, decided to split the city of Ardougne between them. King Lathas, protector of East Ardougne, was a successful man, despite dark rumours surrounding him; whereas King Tyras, protector of West Ardougne, was negligent of his half of the city. In the year 168, Tyras left on a crusade to the lands beyond the mountains of Arandar through the Underground Pass, and came back after discovering the Elven Lands of Tirannwn. Soon after that, he took some troops and returned to Tirannwn to help the rebel elves in their fight against the Iorwerth Clan, abandoning West Ardougne to an infamous and terrible plague supposedly brought by Tyras from Tirannwn (according to Lathas), causing the poor people of West Ardougne to hate him. Lathas hired the mourners to contain the Plague of West Ardougne. West Ardougne is still under quarantine today.

Politics and government in Kandarin


The capital city of Kandarin is Ardougne, and the current monarch is King Lathas. But there are several other political leaders that live in the nation of Kandarin. Such as King Arthur, General Khazard, and even the gnomish Kings Narnode Shareen and Bolren respectively. Kandarin is one of the few, if not the only, human kingdom that houses more than one race and a variety of leaders. It is a definite possibility that unlike the much more fixed-federal governments of Misthalin and Asgarnia, where cities and regions are dependant of there nation and its leader, Kandarin is a more flexible and perhaps 'confederate kingdom', comprising semi-independent sub nations. There is substantial evidence to back this ideal: for example, while Ardougne and (most likely) Yanille (and perhaps a few other settlements such as Witchhaven) are under direct control of the Kandarin government (i.e. King Lathas), the northern area of Kandarin, which include Seers' Village and Catherby, may be under a sort of 'state or province government' of King Arthur and the knights of Camelot. The same applies for the people of General Khazard; they are apart of Kandarin, but they also function as their own sort of dependant 'state or province'. Also, the Tree Gnome Stronghold and Village (respectively), are often seen as more of an independent Gnome nation, which is plausible because of their difference in race and the fact that the Gnomes have Several Monarchs of their own.


In most of Asgarnia, Saradominism is the one and only major practised religion, and Zamorakianism is practically, if not completely, illegal. In Kandarin, Zamorkianism is apparently legal or their policies are far less strict in comparison to Misthalin and Asgarnia's because the people of Khazard are Zamorakian.

Cities and towns

Other notable locations

Quests in Kandarin


  • The Fairy ring network lists codes DKS as 'Kandarin: Snowy Hunter Area' and AJR as 'Kandarin: Slayer cave south-east of Rellekka'. Both locations are in the Fremennik Province, which is believed to be a separate country. (Jagex's Game Guide, for example, lists the Fremennik Province and Kandarin separately when covering the human race and human lands.[1] It is not known if they Fairy ring listings are a mistake, if the province was once part of olden Kandarin before the Fremennik settled there, or if modern Kandarin claims sovereignty over the province.

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