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Type: Metamorphic Android
Created by: Gelsandorans
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Kamelion was a shape-changing android. Used by the the Master, he went on to travel as a companion to the Doctor.







Kamelion was the creation of Gelsandorans. (PDA: The Ultimate Treasure) Kamelion was the tool of an invader of the planet Xeriphas. When the Master was trapped on that planet, he discovered Kamelion and used him in his next encounter with the Doctor. Although Kamelion was sentient to a degree, it was also extremely weak-willed, and therefore open to manipulation by any strong personalities around it. (DW: The King's Demons)

Travels with the Doctor

The Doctor freed Kamelion from the Master's grip, and it joined the Doctor in the TARDIS. (DW: The King's Demons)

Kamelion preferred to remain in the TARDIS for fear of being taken over by a stronger personality and used against the Doctor. (MA: The Crystal Bucephalus) However, he did help to rescue the Doctor and Turlough during a trip to the moon with a Victorian lunar expedition in 1878; initially confined to the TARDIS by a force field preserving an atmosphere on a lunar park, Kamelion was later able to depart the park and rescue the Doctor as he died of asphyxiation on the surface. Later, it helped the Doctor and Turlough salvage weapons to use against the ruthless Vrall (PDA: Imperial Moon)

Kamelion eventually fell under the Master's remote influence in Lanzarote and assumed the shape of Peri's loathed stepfather Howard Foster and then the Master himself. In the end, Kamelion begged the Doctor to end its life. The Doctor reluctantly honoured that request. (DW: Planet of Fire)


A little of Kamelion's personality survived as a result of its interfacing with the TARDIS. When the ship arrived on Gelsandor, the natives gave it a new body, only for it to sacrifice itself to save the Doctor and Peri. (PDA: The Ultimate Treasure)

Later, Kamelion and the TARDIS had a child together, which was raised by the Doctor and Peri Brown. It developed into a double of Peri and took her place on Earth while the real Peri travelled with the Doctor. (ST: The Reproductive Cycle)

Other information

Behind the Scenes

Kamelion only appeared twice in the series; further appearances were made impractical by the special effects required. A scene involving Kamelion was filmed for The Awakening but was cut before transmission. As a result there are no references to Kamelion in any episodes between The King's Demons and Planet of Fire, not even in The Five Doctors which occurs immediately after the events of Kamelion's debut.

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A Chameleon pet.

The Chameleon is a pet a player may have with level 90 Summoning. Chameleon eggs can be found on Cairn Isle, west of Shilo Village; picking up an egg requires 90 summoning. Take the egg to an incubator in the pet shop in Yanille or Taverley. Chameleons eat flies, which can be purchased in a pet shop.

Unlike other pets with multiple colours the Chameleon changes to one of ten colours based on its environment. The default colour is green. It will change to brown on dirt, grey on stone, beige on sand, white on snow, blue in Zanaris, pale green in some areas of Morytania, black with red in TzHaar, orange in the Party Room and yellow with pink in Player-owned houses. While in a Menagerie, in a POH, the chameleon will turn into different colours randomly.

Party Pete received a pet Chameleon named Karma for Christmas, and can currently be seen in the party room.


Baby chameleon:

  • Baby chameleon : Hsssssss sssshsssss hssss! (You can't see me!)
  • Player : Who said that?
  • Baby chameleon : Hsssshsssss hsssssss sssshssss! (I'm so stealthy I sneak up on myself!)

Adult dialogues (needs Summoning skillcape equipped):

Chameleon: Hssshsss hsssshsss ssshsss? (You can't see me right?)

Player: See who?

Chameleon: Hssh hssssss! Hssshsshssss sssh sss. (Hah ha! I am like a ghostly shadow.)

Chameleon: Hshsssss hssss hss hsss! (From the shadows, I strike!)

Player: At what? Flies and beetles?

Chameleon: Hssshss hsss hsss... (I thought you said you couldn't see me...)

Player: I was talking to myself?

Chameleon: Hssshsshsss hssssssss. (That's okay then.)

Chameleon: Hsssh sssssss ssshssssss (I am one stealthy chameleon.)

Player: Here was me thinking chameleons were adaptable, not stealthy...

Chameleon: Hssshsss hssssh sssshssss sss. (Nobody can see through my perfect camouflage.)

Player: Errr, you know it's not entirely perfect, right?

Chameleon: Hssssss! (Shut up!)

Player: Who said that?

Chameleon: Hssh sss! Hsss hssssss sss hsssss! (Hah! I am the supreme ninja!)


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