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Kam'lanaut, Eald'narche's younger brother.

Kam'lanaut is one of the two remaining Zilart princes in Final Fantasy XI. He is the Archduke of the Grand Duchy of Jeuno, and rules alongside his brother Eald'narche.


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In truth, he is the younger brother of Eald'narche, although he looks older due to the fact that Eald'narche came into contact with one of the five Mothercrystals, though it is not explained which of the five he came into contact with. Kam'lanaut came to power through trickery and deception. He gained the trust of Vana'diel when he introduced the power of crystal engines to power the massive airships of Jeuno and was able to unite the three main countries to defeat the beastmen army and the Shadow Lord.

When the Shadow Lord's return is imminent, Kam'lanaut orders the adventurer to infiltrate each of the three Beastmen Strongholds to recover an important item called Magicite, which he leads the adventurer to believe will resurrect the Shadow Lord. However, after retrieving the three pieces of Magicite, Kam'lanaut uses them to suit his own sinister agenda.

In the Rise of the Zilart expansion, it is revealed that after the adventurer defeated the Shadow Lord, Kam'lanaut and Eald'narche arrived and used the Magicite to summon the five Crystal Warriors (aka the Ark Angels) and uses them to finish off the Shadow Lord. The five warriors then knock the adventurer out. The basis of the Rise of the Zilart expansion is to prevent Eald'narche and Kam'lanaut from achieving their goal of opening the Gate of the Gods.

After a series of missions, the adventurer is sent to confront the Zilart prince at the very top floor of the Delkfutt's Tower (the Stellar Fulcrum), which is revealed to be where the Crystal Lines connect to send power into Tu'Lia. Kam'lanaut is fought during the eighth Zilart Mission and is defeated with the combined might of the player's character, Lion, Aldo and Zeid (although none of those three NPCs actually help in the fight).

As Kam'lanaut lies battered on the floor, Eald'narche arrives with Aldo's sister Verena in tow. Kam'lanaut cries out to his older brother for assistance, but Eald'narche merely laughs at him, saying he was no longer needed now that he could use Verena and the head of the Shadow Lord to awaken Tu'Lia. Eald'narche tells Kam'lanaut to "return to the crystal" and Kam'lanaut's body dissipates.

In the subsequent expansion, Chains of Promathia, the Jeunoan officials do not acknowledge Kam'lanaut or Eald'narche's disappearances, stating that they are either "away" or "busy," and all official matters are instead presided by the Duke Vicarious Eshan'tarl.

However, both Kam'lanaut and Eald'narche reappear in the "Apocalypse Nigh" quest (available only to players who completed both aforementioned expansion storylines and challenged Bahamut), where both are simultaneously fought in a rematch at the Empyreal Paradox. They trick the player and their companions into resurecting them and other deceased villains to achieve their goal - to become the next Keeper of the Apocolypse, bringing about the detsruction of Vana'diel and opening the Gate of the Gods. However, the combined might of the player and companions destroy them once more.


  • He is one of the only left-handed characters in the game.

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