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Location on World map
Lumbridge Swamp
Tutorial Island Kalphite Hive Shantay Pass
Bedabin Camp
Main entrance to the Kalphite Lair

The Kalphite Hive is located north of the Bedabin Camp, in the Kharidian Desert. Fairy ring B-I-Q is quite near the surface entrance to the hive. When travelling through the desert, players should have a water source (like Waterskins) and perhaps wear Desert clothing, to protect against the effects of Desert heat.

Players will need a rope to enter the hive from the surface each time they come, and another to enter the area containing the Kalphite Queen. Good food and maybe prayer potions are advised if you are to visit the queen.

There is an alternative underground entrance to this dungeon from the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon, which avoids the desert heat and the need for one of the ropes. However, players should have a light source (like a lit Bullseye lantern) when travelling through the south dungeon. Fairy ring to Dorgesh-Kaan dungeon is A-J-Q.

The entire dungeon is multi-combat.



Map of the Kalphite Hive

The 1st level

  • The surface entrance requires a rope to get down, but to get back to the surface a rope is provided that you can climb, even if you did not use a rope on the surface to enter the hive.
  • There is a tunnel to the Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon. A light source is highly recommended if you use this tunnel, or else you will be repeatedly stung by insects in the dark in the south dungeon.
  • The entrance to the lower level also requires a rope. Also again you do not need another rope when going back up to the 1st level

The upper level has many Kalphite workers and some Kalphite soldiers. Two Kalphite Guardians watch the exit to the lower level. Three Potato cactus spawn in a chamber on this level. Kalphite larva, which cannot be attacked except by Cats, roam the level.

The 2nd level

The lower level has one exit, back to the 1st level. It will have a rope you can climb.

The lower level contains the Kalphite Queen as well as two Kalphite Guardians, some Kalphite workers, and some Kalphite larva. Seven Potato cactus spawn on this level.

Items recommended

The Kalphite Queen lurking in her hive.



  • Weird Old Man can be found in the desert near the entrance.
    Weird old man outside the entrance to the hive.

Potato cactus

Potato cactus are used in:


No quests are involved with the Kalphite Hive. However, the Keris, a dagger obtained upon completion of the Contact! quest, gives special combat bonuses when fighting the Kalphites.



  • Some players use Dwarf Cannons in the lair, since it is multi-combat. The chamber on the upper level with the potato cactus spawns is a popular cannon spot, since the most Kalphite soldiers can be found there. The cannon will be destroyed by the Queen if used in her vicinity.
  • Kalphite workers often drop waterskins, so you can easily get a new water supply if you ran low when going to the lair.
  • The Kalphite Queen is very tough to fight and is best fought by a team of players rather than solo adventurers.
  • Potato cactus tend to sell for a good price on the Grand Exchange.
  • Oddly, bones can be found around the hive, and when examined, it says that they are the remains of a kalphite. None of the kalphites in the lair, however, drop bones, because insects do not have bones.
  • If entering the hive through the Dorgeshuun Dungeon entrance, there will still be a rope to get out into the desert, despite not putting one there.
  • The Fairy Ring combination to the Kalphite Hive is B-I-Q, for which a mnemonic might be Big Insect Queen.
  • On 2 June 2009, the Kalphite Lair was renamed the Kalphite Hive, to match the dungeon maps.

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