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The Kalphite Queen is regarded as one of the most powerful monsters in RuneScape.

Kalphites are a species of monsters in RuneScape. They resemble scarab beetles and cockroaches and were created by the desert deity, Scabaras, when a few drops of his blood accidently dropped on some scarabs. See Gods for more info. Kalphites are led by a monarchy and their current leader is the deadly Kalphite Queen which, in scientific terms, is called a 'Pasha' . They can be found in the Kalphite Lair, which is located in the Kharidian Desert. Kalphites can also be given as a slayer task, any of the Kalphite varieties will count as such. They have a range of levels depending on what types they are.


Keris, the dagger which is given as a reward for completing Contact!, has a strong side-effect on kalphites. On a rare occasion, when fighting one, Keris will cut into a chink of the kalphite's chitin and do triple the damage it would normally do. However, this is a very rare thing to happen, and since it only happens to one type of monster, different weapons are commonly preferred. This weapon can also be poisoned, dealing out more damage. A hit of over 100 can be achieved by using Keris on kalphites.


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